Fight For Your Right… To Shoot Some Fools


I’ve just been reading a disturbing news story from last week in which German game developer Crytek has said that they may be forced to relocate to another country if the German government ban mature games.

And I’m not talking about banning youths from playing them – the German government want to ban mature rated games full stop! 😕

So effectively German citizens won’t even have a choice of whether they’d like to play these games?

Games like God Of War, GTA IV, Manhunt wouldn’t even be released in Germany? 😡


Surely the German people have the right to choose whether they play these games? They are mature games that are rated as such but are no different to an 18 rated film.

I would hate to think any government would restrict the freedom of choice of their people.

Certainly don’t allow kids to play them but grown adults?

It reminds me of the media here in the UK – always banging on about how bad games are for people. If you sit in a dark room for 18 or 20 hours a day playing games of course it’ll have a detrimental effect on you. But the same can be said of any media.

I know the Australian government have been strict on games in the past, particularily the Grand Theft Auto series but this seems to be on a massive scale.


Where will they draw the line? What about titles like Resident Evil? Or Killzone? Call Of Duty? Bioshock? Just seems like insanity to me.

And surely at the end of the day gamers in Germany will just be able to import the games anyway? Driving sales underground isn’t the answer here – better education is.

I remember being in Game browsing the shelves and overhearing a conversation between a woman in her fifties and the sales advisor where he was having to explain to her that the ratings on the games ‘were like film ratings, not like the ratings you’d get on a puzzle.’ This woman actually thought the rating was how difficult the game was, not about the content 😦

That is the kind of thing that should be public knowledge – surely some sort of TV ad campaign could highlight this to the parents that don’t understand games? 

Is there no one who could bring the German government up to speed on games?

This is something that could have a knock on effect for the rest of the World’s gaming industry – hopefully German gamers will kick up enough of a fuss to stop this being pushed through by the government.

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  1. Well said, how stupid that they will bad computer games but not graphically violent films. They are 18 rated for a reason, that step enough as long as it is adhered to should not damage a “normal” adults attitude towards violence and crime. Let’s hope this isn’t the start of some serious Big Brother type censorship

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