Dirt 2 Demo Impressions (PS3)

I liked Colin McRae’s Dirt. It was a really impressive driving game but the thing that held it back for me was that it was all rally. That and the fact that online multiplayer was essentially a bunch a time trials 😦

Then came Race Driver: Grid and blew me away. It’s been an office favourite for a long time and although we are all quite appalling at it we continue in the vain hope of getting our team to the top.

So I am looking forward to Dirt 2 as it appears to be a very nice mix of the two games.

The demo showcases two races (I was ok on the Baja race one but sucked at the Morrocan rally stage 😆 ) and I have to say the graphics are really impressive.

But graphics don’t make a game and I’m pleased to report the handling of the cars seems to have been fine tuned very well. However you’re only given one car to choose from in each race so it’s difficult to tell how different each one will handle.

Dirt 2 now uses Grid’s excellent ‘rewind’ system, allowing you to rewind the action by 4 or 5 seconds and try to get that corner right second time around. You only get four per race and that is a nicely balanced amount.

There’s not much else to comment on really – the menus are another stand out feature which have been made pretty interesting.

Dirt 2 is the kind of the game that if you liked the previous racers from Codemasters is a no brainer and it should draw in plenty of racing fans who are looking for some car action with a bit more bite than the sometime staid Gran Turismo.

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