Wet – Demo Impressions (PS3)


I’ve been looking forward to Wet pretty much since it was announced.

The Grindhouse/Tarantino feel and having Dollhouse’s Eliza Dushku voice the character was enough to get my attention.

This is the first time I’ve gone into a demo knowing I’ve already pre-ordered the game. So I felt a sense of unease in case it turned out to be terrible.

Judging by the demo Wet is not gonna win any awards but the fact is it’s stylish, cool and very fun.

You play as Rubi Malone, an assassin for hire, who has an extensive acrobatic repertoire and can handle guns and swords with ease.

The demo essentially showcases the main parts of the game – fighting, ‘rage’ mode and on rails driving.

Let’s start with the controls before anything else. A bit complicated is the best way to describe them – R1 is shoot, x is jump, o is slide, triangle is action, square is sword and L1 is wallrun.

I suspect as you play the full game and get accustomed to the control scheme this will prove no problem at all. But for the demo it was a touch confusing at times.

So first after a brief tutorial in how to shoot/wallrun etc you’re thrown in the deep end of a Crazy 88 style fight in the middle of China Town.

Time slows down for Rubi whenever she is firing her weapon while in the air or sliding on her knees. This leads to some superbly satisfying gunplay whereby it’s possible to take out three or four enemies at a time with the gun and then finish the combo by taking down another with the sword. πŸ™‚

The fight lasts until you destroy 3 spawn points with each closing one of the doors the enemies are spawning from.

The next section sees Rubi taking out enemies in the more enclosed setting of corridors and stairwells. But first the fantastic ‘rage’ type mode is triggered.

Whenever Rubi is splashed by the blood of an enemy as she kills them she enters a mode where the screen goes red and enemies appear white. It’s a lot like Sin City, which is a good thing. During this time she has heightened abilities and can chain kill enemies well into double figures (I think I got 14 in a row). This was very, very fun and if used sparingly could be amazing. 😎

The final part of the demo sees Rubi involved in a car chase – as in on top of the cars rather than in them :surprise: A mixture of shooting at the other guys in the cars and quick time events to avoid obstacles/move vehicles, this was also great fun and really cool.

Overall I’d say despite a slightly cumbersome control system Wet is shaping up to be a really great game. It’s different to anything else out there at the moment and has enough cool features to stand out from the crowd.

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  1. I enjoyed the demo but I did feel the controls were a little cumbersome.

    Plus, I realised part-way through that time only slows down when Rubi is shooting. Consequently, I spent the first half of the demo sliding on my knees or jumping in the air, waiting for the action to slow down so I could start shooting and it didn’t, until I started shooting.

    It also annoyed me that I had to watch the same cut-scene over and over again because I couldn’t skip it when I kept on dying in the middle-section of the demo.

    However, the “Rubi Vision” section was awesome and made the demo worth a play on its own!

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