Games Dropping Off The Radar…


Looking through the release schedules a few days ago I noticed a few games I was quite looking forward to have slipped or are still down as having a release date of ‘TBA.’

Always disappointing to see games fall away so I thought I’d see what the latest is on a few of these projects:




I really liked what I had heard about Hei$t, a game in which you not only carry out the heists but plan them as well.

Wikipedia lists this as for release in September but we’ve seen nothing of it – no new trailers or game info for months and months, so I’m presuming that date is incorrect.

On the plus side it’s still listed on Codemasters site so fingers crossed after it’s development hell it will actually make it out.

STATUS: Faint outline on the radar


I Am Alive

I Am Alive

There has been pretty much nothing on this since last years jaw dropping trailer (see below) and that is never a good sign.

Despite rumours of a cancellation for PS3 last week (which were denied officially by Ubisoft) the game appears to be on track for a Q2 release next year.

If we still haven’t seen anything by Christmas I’ll be concerned but Ubisoft have a decent track record so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

STATUS: On the radar but off course


Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens Colonial Marines

Colonial Marines has been bugged by rumours of cancellation throughout the project and has been overtaken by Aliens Vs Predators (which is due out early next year).

I’m hoping that maybe Colonial Marines is loads better than A Vs P and Sega (who make both) don’t want to show off Marines until the other game is out… I can dream can’t I? 😆

STATUS: Faint outline on the radar


DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online

Making a console MMO is always going to be a challenge and a project the size of DC Online – especially one with so many recognizable characters – is always likely to run into difficulty somewhere along the line.

This game gives you the chance to create your own superhero/villian and fight alongside the good guys or the bad guys from DC comics. I know a lot of peeps who are excited about this one.

Originally expected Q4 of 2009 it seems DC Universe Online has been pushed back to Q2 2010 – hopefully the delay will give them extra time to polish the experience.

STATUS: On the radar and heading straight for us (in 2010)


L.A Noire

LA Noire

This game has been floating round since 2004 and it seems 5 years might just be enough development time.

Set in the 1940’s L.A Noire is a detective story in which the player must solve various crimes.

Team Bondi have, according to Wikipedia, confirmed that the game is in the final stages and it’s hoped the game will arrive in 2010.

This is a Rockstar product so I expect it’ll be excellent but the extremely long development time leave me wondering…

STATUS: On the radar but off course


The Outsider

The Outsider

I thought this title had lots of promise when I first heard about it.

Basically you play as an (ex?) CIA agent on the run from the government. Player choice is huge and effectively the story is set up depending on your actions.

Everything points to this being in development and there’s no reason to suspect it will be dropped.

However with no info released on it for ages and no release date even announced, I suspect we’re looking at least Q3 2010 before we get our hands on The Outsider.

STATUS: Faint outline on the radar


So there we go, all is not lost even if a few of these games are off course for the time being…

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