Manhunt 2 – Review (PSP)


I enjoyed the original Manhunt on PS2, it was one of those games I never finished but I saw friends playing it and finishing it. I thought the storyline and the way they handled the subject matter was excellent.

What with all the uproar over the sequel (see here for more on that) I was expecting this to be the most gruesome, gory game I’d ever played.

In a sense it was but I can’t help feeling that Rockstar bottled it a bit by adding the weird negative film effect over each kill – often making it difficult to see what’s going on.

I suppose I can kind of see the thinking behind it and while I have no real desire to see those kills in glorious technicolor anyway, it meant I felt a little cheated at times.

The gameplay itself is similar to the original with a few improvements in that you can now carry out executions with guns and also while dropping down on an enemy from above.

Manhunt2 2

The AI is fairly poor on enemies, whether this is due to the limitations of the PSP I don’t know. However it does mean that often it’s a case of just running round the corner into shadows and seeing your enemy not bother to come look for you – even though you’re in a tight enclosed space with no means of escape.

Manhunt 2 is an advert for why the PSP needs a second analogue stick – or at the very least why all games should adopt the Syphon Filter/Resistance face button scheme.

The camera is horrible, often leaving you needing to switch to the cumbersome first person view to work out what on earth is going on.

It was frustrating and led to numerous undeserved deaths – where I was spotted while trying to turn round to look at something else.

Manhunt 2 isn’t a terrible game by any means and perhaps I was expecting too much from it – having had it recommended by friends and having liked the first game.

Manhunt2 3

The story is a good one and the conclusion a nice touch – especially with the bonus mission which is essentially an alternate ending.

Another problem was repetition – once you got a gun the game became one firefight after another, which soon grew tiresome, though the gun based executions were pretty good.

Overall I can’t shake the feeling of disappointment and I’ve been left with a sense that Manhunt 2 might have been an opportunity missed. However the decent storyline means it’s worth a go, just prepare to be frustrated by one thing or another on your journey through.

Rating: 6/10

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