FIFA 10 – Demo Impressions (PS3)


I’ve been a PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) player for several years but since the move to next gen consoles FIFA has made up more and more ground with every release. (See here for an article on the decline of PES)

It’s generally accepted that FIFA 09 was better than PES 09 but I stuck with Konami and the game was above average.

But little things began to grate – things that have been in the last few games without being fixed and so for the first time FIFA has looked like an option.

As I downloaded the FIFA demo I was quite excited to see what it offered as I’d heard good things.

Everything looks very nice and the practice arena returns, where you get to warm up between, and before, games – it’s a cool little feature which is good fun.

You don’t have a wealth of teams to choose from (5) but each are good enough to give you a feel for the game.

fifa10 2

The tackling took me a while to get used to and I conceded a LOT of fouls in my first few matches šŸ™‚

Shooting feels natural and I seemed to have a lot more control over where the shot was actually going, which was great.

Passing was good and felt realistic, as did the refereeing decisions with some really clever play on choices displaying a great AI.

Overall I’m fairly sure this has done enough to switch my allegiance over to FIFA.

The fact is that FIFA has shown a lot of new features and got a persuasive demo out while PES has basically released a few videos about sliding tactical bars and a stat based card system.

FIFA has just taken a 1-0 lead in injury time at the end of extra time. It is going to take a heroic performance from the new PES to recover and pull this one back.

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  1. PES looks like it could be left behind here. The FIFA demo is very good (as long as you change the controls to PES configuration) Konami could lose some of their customers this time around. Happy to eat my words if PES comes back even better….just can’t see it though! Also, It’d be nice to not have to use players like Rolando and Von Nastilraay ;o)

  2. I’d agree with that. Think it’s gonna take a little time to get used to (still finding the dribbling a little difficult). And, in all honesty, I’m still reluctant to go over to the ‘darkside’ because, as far as actual game-play is concerned, I still think Pro Ev poops all over FIFA.

    However, ultimately it’s going to come down to numbers ā€“ no point me buying PES2010 if everybody else gets FIFA 10.

  3. […] regular readers will know from my FIFA 10 and PES 2010 demo impressions blogs, FIFA 10 is my football game of choice for […]

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