50 Cent: Blood On The Sand – Review (PS3)


I’m not a 50 Cent fan, like a few of his tracks but never bought an album or anything. So wasn’t sure what to make of Blood On The Sand – especially as his previous game, Bulletproof, was widely condemned as poor.

The story of Blood On The Sand is one of the most ridiculous I’ve ever heard but I suppose is in keeping with the hip hop/rap fantasy these guys peddle.

Fiddy performs a concert in the Middle East but the promoter claims not to have the agreed fee afterwards. Luckily he has a rare diamond encrusted skull instead which Fiddy accepts. Then they get ambushed and the skull is stolen by a militia group. You are then tasked with killing lots of people to retrieve the skull. Yes, really. 😕

50Cent 2

While all this is of course pure nonsense, the game itself is actually very playable. A pleasant surprise, as I was expecting something akin to Terminator Salvation with rappers shouting.

I got rappers shouting (there is even a taunt button for Fiddy to use) but the gameplay here was more similar to The Bourne Conspiracy – it even features (more violent) takedowns.

The main story mode clocks in at around 6/7 hours which, although a touch short, isn’t too bad.

It’s not too taxing a game, more of a run and gun than a tactical shooter. There are a few frustrating parts but overall the game is fairly well balanced.

50Cent 3

Blood On The Sand is not something I’ll ever play again or really recommend to friends. It was a good laugh and if you’re stuck for something to play this is worth a rent.

A surprise then, one of those rare occasions where a game is actually quite a bit better than you thought it would be. It might not be a world beater but it caters to it’s audience and is accessible for everyone who plays it.

Rating: 6/10

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