Wet – Review (PS3)


I’d been eager to play Wet since the initial trailers surfaced and finally got my hands on the game when it was released earlier this month.

It takes on the style of Tarantino / Rodriguez’s Grindhouse films – a sort of knowing nod to the original genre, with a scratchy film reel effect over the action which adds to the feel of the game.

Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) lends her voice to main character Rubi – an assassin who is highly skilled with guns, swords and even crossbows 😎

With Rubi’s heightened ninja-like senses time slows down whenever she is firing her weapon while in the air or sliding on her knees. As I said in my Demo Impressions blog, this leads to some superbly satisfying gunplay whereby it’s possible to take out three or four enemies at a time with the gun and then finish the combo by taking down another with the sword. πŸ™‚

Wet 2

Overall the presentation in Wet is wonderful, Bethesda really have nailed a stylish feel and the voice acting is strong – helped by the memorable (yet cliched) characters.

The main problem I found with the game was the camera and control system. The basic controls were fine but often Rubi wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted her to do – sometimes when attempting a wall run she’d just back flip off the wall. Sounds like a little thing but when it results in death and a horribly long restart it became frustrating.

And when I say horribly long restart I don’t mean load times. For some insane reason you could often go through a lengthy gun fight move onto the next section and die then have to do both sections again.

At times the camera would swing wildly, leaving you with no idea of where you were about to jump or what you were aiming at.

Wet 3

That’s really it for the bad stuff and none of that was frustrating enough to not make me want to play the game.

Having said that the finale of The Opera House chapter almost beat me. It was 1.30am. I’d been trying to beat this boss / spawn door room for an hour. I was almost ready to quit 😦 but my gaming pride wouldn’t let me and eventually I made it through.

The levels are well designed and you do get a variety of internal and external locations so it never feels too samey. Graphically the game doesn’t stand up against a lot of next gen games but it’s better than Fallout 3 and several others – it’s certainly not really an issue.

Wet 4

The highlight of the game, graphically at least, is the awesome ‘Rage Mode’ – a Sin City style section, where the screen goes red and enemies appear white. In these sections enemies are easier to kill as Rubi is more powerful and it’s possible to rack up huge chain kills – 31 being my personal best 😎

There are also a few car chase sections, with the twist being that Rubi ‘car surfs’ as opposed to drives. A mixture of shooting at the other guys in the cars and quick time events to avoid obstacles/move vehicles, this was also great fun and really cool.

So Wet is a fairly diverse game. I suspect casual gamers who pick this up may find it a little too difficult control-wise to really get into but for your average gamer the controls are mastered fairly quickly.

For all the annoyances and frustrations that you’ll have when playing this game it is definitely still worth playing.

Wet 5

It depends if you’re willing to give a game with flawed camera/controls a shot or if you’d rather just pass on it. Personally I’d rather play a slightly broken but extremely fun game. (Hiya Kane and Lynch :smile:)

At one point, as I got towards the end of the game, I ran along the side of a parked truck firing in slow motion, shot a far off enemy manning a Gatling Gun in the head, flipped off the truck and killed two more enemies on the ground and then, while coming down to land, slashed a remaining enemy with my sword to kill him. It. Was. Cool. 😎

Rating: 7/10

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  1. If it’s flawed fun in the same vein as Kane and Lynch, then count me in. I think I’ll pick it up when I finish The Beatles Rock Band.

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  3. Good review.

    I have to say, while there were elements of the demo I thought were frickin’ cool, I did think the crappy control system got in the way of my enjoyment a bit. I can see me giving it a spin, then dropping it as soon as BrΓΌtal Legend and Uncharted 2 comes out…

    …just over two weeks people!

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