Paul Blart: Mall Cop – Review (Film)

Paul Blart

The problem with this film is it’s essentially a children’s film dressed up as something it’s not.

It seems like whoever was making it couldn’t decide what market they were going for and hedged their bets.

Kevin James (King Of Queens, Hitch) stars as Paul Blart, a ‘security officer’ at his local mall whose hypoglycaemia is stopping him from joining the real police force.

He lives with his mother and his daughter and has no interest in dating until he meets Amy (Jayma Mays) at the mall one day and the two strike up a friendship.

Paul Blart 2

Paul Blart had some genuinely funny moments but the majority of jokes revolve around how fat Blart is, which is fine as a source of comedy but did become tedious after a while.

The fact is it got stuck in the middle of being an out and out kids film and something more adult.

For example the scene where he was drunk was obviously more adult oriented and yet the actual battle with the bad guys in the mall was almost Home Alone-esque.

I would rather it went down the kids route to be honest, maybe bringing Amy and his daughter into it more.

Paul Blart 3

One thing I did notice was the film had a very positive message regarding bullying. There were several characters who picked on or abused Blart and he refused to bow down to them and ended up showing them who the real man was by sticking to his guns and doing the right thing.

This was one of those films you wouldn’t turn off if it was on TV but I suspect a lot of people won’t be going out of their way to see it… and I don’t blame them.

Rating: 5/10

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