Dirt 2 – Review (PS3)

Dirt 2 Main

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed Race Driver: Grid and the original Dirt game, I was looking forward to Dirt 2, which seems to be a mix of the two game styles.

Dirt was always the slightly more serious, rally based racer, while Grid was all about high speed, fun races.

The mix certainly works here as Codemasters prove themselves to be the current kings of the driving genre.

I wasn’t sure whether they could improve on the graphics from Grid but they certainly have and both the cars and the tracks are superbly rendered, giving a real sense of speed as you hurtle down the track.

Dirt 2 1

Thankfully the rewind function from Grid returns and is a real lifesaver. The crashes are spectacular but losing a race through one bad decision would be as annoying as hell so I’m glad they brought this back.

The main game is called Tour mode and sees you entering various different race disciplines in lots of different locations. Everything you could want is all under one roof, with Rally, Rallycross, Raid and several other race types included.

You can even impress, and eventually ‘buddy’, the real life racers like Ken Block.

The levelling system adds depth and you get plenty of unlockables. The game certainly seems to have as deep a main mode as Grid, which is great.

Codemasters have done a great job on the sound front with all the cars sounding different, which is great.

Dirt 2 2

On the music front it seems a little indulgent to comment on something I worked on but the tracklisting is varied and has some real gems on it. The best thing I can say about it is that lots of people (both journalists and gamers themselves) have complimented the soundtrack so it must be doing something right 😉

Online the game is as sharp as the single player and it’s fairly quick to get a match set up. The ability to race over up to five rounds, with points dished out per race and totted up as you go along, is a godsend and really helps to build some tension online.

Overall Dirt 2 had a lot of expectation from me to live up to, especially after the excellent Grid. Thankfully it lives up to the hype and has proven itself to be my driving game of choice, for both single and multiplayer action.

Rating: 9/10

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  1. Have not really given this game the time it deserves, but am planning to get going very soon. First impressions are….WOW! Love this game…LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. […] getting hold of the full PS3 version of Dirt 2 (reviewed here) playing through the PSP version, sadly, doesn’t hold much […]

  3. Everything is done right here.
    From the UI to the physics to graphics to the sound… an absolute must-have for any car racing enthusiast.

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