Dirt 2 – Review (PSP)

Dirt 2 PSP 1

After getting hold of the full PS3 version of Dirt 2 (reviewed here) playing through the PSP version, sadly, doesn’t hold much allure.

Graphically the game isn’t too bad for a PSP title but pales in comparison to something like Gran Turismo PSP. The backgrounds and tracks are well done though and you get a varied mix of locations to keep things interesting.

The game is made up of challenge modes and a World Tour, similar to the full mode in the PS3 version just on a smaller scale and without the personality.

Dirt 2 PSP 2

You have the chance the customise your vehicle but not as often as I’d have liked. Sadly almost all the vehicles use the same whiny engine noise, which is a shame.

Having no damage and no real penalty for hitting anything means that you can bash and smash your way through races willy nilly.

My main problem with the PSP version is that it’s a little too easy. The AI drives like a maniac for 20/30 seconds then stops to a near crawl for 20/30 seconds. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re behind them or in front of them.

It means you can never rest on your laurels but it also means that you can be miles out in front and have the others catch you up without making any errors. Just seems a little unfair.

Dirt 2 PSP 3

But as I said even with this happening the need to retry races was few and far between. Which leaves the World Tour mode as almost a series of single races tied together for no reason.

Why not have you level up like in the PS3 version? At least to just have something to work towards and keep you playing.

Overall then a playable driving game but one that leaves you longing for a cohesive single player mode.

Rating: 5/10

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