Gran Turismo – Review (PSP)

Gran Turismo PSP Main

I’ve never been a big fan of the ultra realistic Gran Turismo games. The effort of having to drive in completely real terms just never grabbed me.

Until I played the PSP version.

Polyphony Digital’s masterstroke is creating a game that not only concentrates on the racing but, effectively, makes the cars collectable.

Every ‘day’ in the game (usually after a race or two) you get four different car manufacturers in the dealership. These appear completely randomly. Often the cars in these four lists change as well, and there are over 800 cars in the game.

This means you’re often wondering whether to splash what little cash you have on various cars – ‘in case they don’t come up again.’ You can share and trade some cars online with your friends which just adds to the fun.

Gran Turismo PSP 1

Graphically the game is amazing, however playing it on an original PSP 1000 there is occasionally some tearing on the screen which is disappointing.

Going back to what it’s (supposed to be) all about, the racing is good but pretty taxing in that a lot of goes against the driving skills I’ve aquired so far in my gaming career.

You slam on the brakes to take a corner and you’ll find your wheels locked, with you heading straight ahead instead of taking the turn. On the plus side there is a good set of challenges for you to hone your skills on before the racing itself.

Gran Turismo PSP 2

The races are all single races, there is no career mode as such. It’s all about beating your own times (Time Trial) and obtaining the best rank on each track – every time you win on a track you unlock the next rank up.

Overall Gran Turismo is a game you will get a lot of value from if you invest in the car side of things. I am not even a car person but have found the entire thing to be very enjoyable.

The lack of a single player career may put some off but the deicision to give the player control over where, and in which of their cars, they are racing is a good mechanic for a game of this style.

Rating: 9/10

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