Turtles In Time: Reshelled – Demo Impressions (PS3)

Turtles In Time Main

I spent a night recently at a friend’s house where his housemate has made an arcade cabinet that plays whatever MAME/Roms he loads up.

One of the highlights of that evening was blasting through Turtles In Time. Seeing those wonderfully hammy cartoon interludes and then kicking the hell out of Shredder’s foot soldiers was a wonderful blast back to my childhood. 🙂

This experience certainly hasn’t helped the case of the new HD skinned version of the game.

Upon firing it up you are greeted with some nice looking cut scene visuals and then when the game kicks off you’re met with (nicely rendered) new style Turtles animation which just doesn’t cut it for me.

Turtles In Time 1

I don’t understand the need to keep redoing graphics on old games. Sure, tidy things up but did this really need a facelift? Are the people downloading this new Turtles fans or old skool Turtles fans? 😕

The gameplay is repetitive and boring to be honest, if they were updating the graphics surely they could’ve upped the gameplay?

When you play something old you often expect it to be limited in a ‘aw, remember when games were like this?’ type of way.

With this game they appear to have spruced the graphics to next gen and left the gameplay in a 1980’s arcade somewhere on Blackpool beach. 😦

Maybe I’m just getting old myself, maybe the ‘kids’ will love it and buy it in their droves.

Not worth downloading unless you REALLY love those Turtles.

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