Deadfall (1993) – Review (Film)


I’ve always been a Nicolas Cage fan and despite a few stinkers over the years I can usually rely on him to at least bring something to the table.

Sadly Deadfall isn’t one of those cases. His role of drug crazed Eddie is seemingly free reign to go mental every few minutes, regardless of whether the plot calls for it.

With all the memebers of his family involved in the film (I counted two Coppolas on the credits) perhaps his involvement was more of a favour? ๐Ÿ˜•

Fortunately although he features heavily on the cover of the DVD he isn’t actually in much of the film as it concentrates on the story of Joe (Michael Biehen), a con man who whose life is ruined when a con goes wrong.

The situation leads him to look up a relative and eventually get involved in another con – the biggest of his career.

Deadfall was a bit like a poor man’s Matchstick Men, which I thought was a great little film – so that isn’t a major slight on Deadfall.

It was one of those films that really would’ve been more suited as a 60 minute TV movie as opposed to a 90 minute film.

Add in the fact that the twist was so obvious I was doubting whether they would go with it – although having said that they didn’t see it through exactly as I had envisioned.

James Coburn puts in a pretty good performance, and don’t get me wrong the film was certainly watchable, but the story wasn’t very strong and everything felt a little false and unbelievable.

Even the appearance of Charlie Sheen doesn’t lift things and to be honest I’d think the film might’ve worked better with Sheen and Nic Cage switching roles.

Overall I don’t think I could honestly recommend Deadfall, if you fancy watching a con film with Nicolas Cage I’d suggest checking out Matchstick Men instead.

Rating: 3/10

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