Dante’s Inferno – Demo Impressions (PS3)

Let’s cut straight to the chase – Dante’s Inferno wants to be God Of War.

And I would go on record now as saying that isn’t a bad thing.

Loosely based on the poem of the same name (which I reviewed here) the game sees a more action based Dante on the rampage as he tries to rescue his beloved Beatrice.

The cinematics are fantastic and the game looks superb, running at a crisp 60fps (frames per second).

Dante moves as you’d expect with a long range weapon and plenty of combos, along with some magic that is only briefly touched on in the demo.

One thing that is different from God Of War is the option to absolve or punish the souls you fight. Absolving builds your good karma and punishing builds your evil karma – unlocking different combos/magic like it did in Infamous.

Dante’s Inferno was a fun demo and I will definitely play it when it comes out. I just wonder whether it wouldn’t have been better to put this out in the summer when the large shadow of Kratos will have moved away.

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