Army Of Two: 40th Day – Demo Impressions (PS3)

Well that was hard work. 😦

And I didn’t even finish the demo.

After freezing my PS3 for the second time during play I decided to leave it there.

Army Of Two: 40th Day plays pretty well, the mechanics seem improved from the first game and there are plenty of new co-op moves to get stuck into.

The aiming was more sensitive than I’d like (even at the lowest setting) but after a while I found I’d adjusted to it ok.

But it seems to be pot luck as to whether you can actually play the demo or not.

Initially I decided to play with a friend and about 5 minutes into the demo we both got kicked off the EA servers. So I tried again yesterday with a random onliner and we made it to the pre demo loading screen where I was met with a please reconnect controller 2 screen until I quit out and reloaded the demo.

Then I managed to get into the demo – only for the game to freeze up about 5 minutes in. 😡

One last try I thought and this time made it a fun filled 15 minutes in before it froze up.

At that stage I gave up.

I love the idea of a great co-op game with loads of cool ideas and tactics to use against your enemies. But if the full game is as blighted with connection/freeze issues as the demo is I certainly won’t be picking it up – or if I do I’ll be playing it offline.

*EDIT* Appears I’m in the minority with the issues I had on the demo. As I said above the actual gameplay was really good so fingers crossed everything will be good for the final version!

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