LittleBigPlanet – Review (PSP)

When they announced that Sackboy would be coming to the PSP I was pretty pleased. Having really enjoyed the PS3 version, even going so far as creating my own level (Kitchen Kaper – look it up if you fancy a challenge) I was looking forward to some wi-fi multiplayer action.

Only LittleBigPlanet PSP doesn’t have multiplayer 😥

It seems to be a pretty big omission for a game that is so wonderfully social. I suppose looking at it from another direction – I’d rather they left it out if they can’t do it justice.

So you have the single player story modes and a surprisingly deep create mode – after which you can upload/download new user created levels to play.

Technically this means the game may never end – like it’s PS3 counterpart, once you’ve finished the story the vibrant LBP community are almost certainly gonna have some great levels ready and waiting for you.

And the story mode isn’t to be scoffed at – it’s not particularily long (under 5 hours) but it is EXTREMELY good fun.

The fact the game is so basic (run, jump, grab) means that the levels are the stars and they have done a fantastic job brining this world to life on a handheld platform.

The series of Tinsel Town levels, in which you take on the part of an actor in several film productions, are among my favourites from either game. Brilliant stuff 😎

I suspect this is a game that will be worth it’s price as time goes on and more user levels are available.

As a straight story mode it’s definitely worth playing but if you’re not gonna touch on the create/share stuff it might not be worth paying full price for.

Rating: 8/10

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