Dark Void – Demo Impressions (PS3)

Dark Void is one of those games that I thought looked pretty cool but with delays and an unimpressive hands on (at Eurogamer last year) has slipped off my radar.

So I was looking forward to firing up the demo to find out whether Dark Void is going to be one to pick up or avoid completely.

And the answer is… neither. The best way I can describe it is ‘meh.’

I feel like all I’ve been doing the last few weeks is beating on demos (Army Of Two/ GT5) that haven’t quite been up to scratch. And I’m afraid Dark Void is another.

You take control of a character as he learns how to fly the jetpack – it’s quite a cool system though I struggled at times with the aiming. The auto-lock on just shows you where the nearest enemy is as opposed to aiming at them, which is a bit weird.

The actual flying is good and the animation on the character is excellent.

After jet packing around you have to infiltrate an enemy base and disable a shield. The gun play is fun though the enemies feel a tad spongy and take a few too many shots to die.

Overall, Dark Void held a lot of promise but it seems to have been unable to follow through on it.

I certainly don’t take a demo as the be all and end all – look at Batman: Arkham Asylum – but for me Dark Void is a title that I will probably give a shot if a friend gets it but it isn’t something I will be picking up.

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  1. It certainly wasn’t brilliant but I still think Dark Void could end up being alot of fun. Just hope they’ve ironed out the flight controls because they were, by far, the demo’s weakest aspect.

    I’ll see how it plays out but think I’ll pick this up when it comes down in price……..alot.

  2. I haven’t played the demo just yet but some of the early reviews aren’t good. I too was looking forward to this game and still may pick it up like Hollow said on the cheap. It is still early so my thoughts may change, I also may very well be sent a copy.

    Not many stand out demos as of late, I agree. Keep up the great work mate. Cheers!

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