3D – The Future Of Gaming?

Most of the hype surrounding this year’s CES in the States was about the forthcoming availability of 3D to your home.

One of the things being talked about was 3D in games and being completely honest it’s not something I’m particularly fussed about.

The main benefit I see would be in driving games whereby you could get more of a sense of the track and increase the experience of overtaking cars etc.

Motorstorm: A title that could really utilize 3D

For me personally I don’t want to have to deal with 3D as well as everything else.

After intense sessions of Killzone 2 online when I close my eyes to go to sleep I often am replaying moments of the game – as if my brain was overloaded and is still trying to work it’s way through what just happened.

I know several people that have also had this happen and my concern is that by complicating things further are the game companies putting too much strain on the gamer?

I have no idea if anyone has done any sort of scientific testing to find out whether a 3D experience does effect people more.

For film you have set boundaries – 2 hours (ish) – to confine the experience to. But with a game you could be playing for 12 hours straight, or longer (as some people often do).

That is unhealthy enough as is but it must be even more of a strain on the body in 3D. Whether it’s just the strain on your eyes or more intense things like blood pressure/stress levels etc.

Heavy Rain: More fun as a fully interactive 3D world?

And at what stage does a game stop being fun and become a realistic life simulator?

Imagine, say, Heavy Rain for example – perhaps in the future the technology will advance enough for you to walk around your living room investigating a crime scene as if you’re there.

Sounds kinda fun but it hits the same problem I have with Natal – I don’t want to walk around while playing.

I have a job in real life, with a lengthy real life commute. When I get home and stick a game on a few hours I want to enjoy myself and get wrapped up in a good story or play online with friends. Sitting down. With a control pad.

According to those who have seen it in action, Wipeout is great in 3D

Will 3D really change the way we play? Will it bring new experiences to the medium?

I would ‘never say never’ as the saying goes but I don’t hold out much hope – and when 3D does arrive I hope it comes with the option to switch it off and play the game normally.

To be honest I’d really rather the games industry worked on raising the standard of story/characters in games before worrying about whether or not they can shoehorn 3D into their game.

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  1. I’m with you. I don’t know what the fuss is about regarding 3D gaming – I personally don’t care like you I want to enjoy and relax while playing. I am perfectly content with the current state of game graphics and feel there is much more developers could do to increase the immersion of games. Things like PSN/Xbox live can also be improved but I have no doubt 3D gaming will come…

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