Modnation Racers Closed Beta – Impressions

As I write this I’ve just finished a race in my custom made car that contained my custom made driver. It’s unlikely anyone else in the world has either the exact same driver or car. 😎

This is the big appeal of Modnation Racers for me – the complete customisation of the experience. Whether it’s car, driver or even tracks you are in control.

LittleBigPlanet meets Mario Kart: it’s the laziest and yet most accurate way to describe Modnation Racers.

You will create yourself a driver and car from a blank canvas. It sounds daunting but you could do that in 10 minutes because of the easy to use interface. You probably won’t though because once you start you feel an investment in them and before you know it an hour has passed. 😆

For the beta you don’t have access to all the items in the ‘creation station’ (the place where the genius happens) but for now you won’t need them. For example, 8 sets of eyes are enough to choose from, let alone the 260 that will be in the main game.

The track editor is superb – effectively letting you drive around an open space creating the track layout behind you. It’s so easy to use when you get used to the menu layout that it’s possible to put together a great track in about 15/20 minutes.

Once you are set up you’ll be able to challenge people to a race if you see them driving round the lobby areas or head into the time trial or main races.

The main races feature weapons, all of which seem to be fairly well balanced, and it really adds a depth to the racing action.

Let’s not beat about the bush – Modnation Racers is the best kart racing game since Mario Kart… having said that there isn’t much of a challenge in that area.

It’ll be interesting to see how the feedback from the beta shapes the final product but for me this is so much fun and so expressive that it will be a definite purchase.

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