Eat Lead: The Return Of Matt Hazard

I liked the idea for this game as soon as I heard it: a self aware computer game character is trapped in a new game by an evil games company CEO and has to fight to survive.

Eat Lead is a game for gamers – with plenty of nods to the frustrations and quirks of various different genres and even specific titles.

Throughout the game you will hear Hazard churn out some funny lines (“A vault over cover button? Can’t I just have a jump button?”) but can the game sustain the joke for a full playthrough?

Sadly Eat Lead turns into a joke itself as it bows down to everything it mocks. Boring repetitive enemies – check, frustrating terribly designed boss battles – check, poor controls – check, glitches – check and, the worst of all, freezing up your console – check (three times!).

At first I thought maybe it was supposed to be this bad – like it was making a point. However there are much better ways of making these points than a deliberately terrible experience.

For example the enemies – I get some of them are supposed to be from Matt’s early games in the 80’s but surely as the game progressed more intelligent enemies could have gradually appeared? As it is half the time they stand there aiming at you but not shooting, or taking cover standing behind something that only comes up to their waist.

And rather than just alluding to the games the enemies came from why not have us play a level from each of his early games at the beginning to get a feel for the character/enemies?

It’s not all bad – the story, while cheesy in places is ok and the other characters are fairly funny send ups of well known game characters.

Unfortunately the story and in jokes simply can’t carry the rest of the game. The most disappointing thing about Eat Lead is that this is actually a decent idea for a game. I imagine this could’ve been a blast in the hands of the right developer/publisher but sadly we have this messy title.

I don’t say this lightly but Terminator Salvation was better than this in gameplay terms and the only thing lifting Eat Lead above that title is the fact that the story was enjoyable and, for quite a bit of the time, funny as well.

One to avoid I’m afraid.

Rating: 4/10

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