PES 2011: Bouncebackability?

After a few years of disappointment, with titles recycling the same animations and commentary, I switched from PES to FIFA.

I documented the change at the time in several blogs, here and here. It was not a switch made with a light heart – after a decade with PES I’d lost heart and FIFA had essentially caught up.

Looking at the latest released gameplay trailer for PES 2011 it seems a lot of the problems I’d had with the game have now been rectified. Check it out:

The issues I had with the game were as follows:

– The computer deciding where I should pass instead of letting me do what I want.

– No control over the through balls.

– Poor, poor goalkeeper AI (repeatedly just pushing the ball into the path of the oncoming striker etc.)

– Bad referee AI

– same animations as last few versions

– The commentary

If they can fix these then perhaps a return to former glories is on the cards.

Now until we have a chance to actually play it I’ll be reserving judgement but the intial signs are very promising and with rumours of an online Master League (Linkage) also making an appearance might my defection to EA’s juggernaught be short lived?

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  1. Well, it’s mostly confusing (not sure what all that Game Plan stuff is about), but some of the passing at the beginning is sublime (finally got a passing-metre too!). Really liked the feint button mapping as well. Could never really get on with some of the finer controls in FIFA; being able to map different feints and tricks to the ‘R’ stick is definitely is inspired.

    I have to ay, nothing would make me happier than to go back to PES, but I’ll reserve judgement until the autumn. Note to Konami: if you’re going to put out a demo, make sure it’s finished!

  2. Have you played the demo yet? I’ve decided to switch back to PES this year. It’s not perfect, but it’s a huge leap in the right direction.

    • I agree PES 2011 is definitely a big improvement but as someone who skipped FIFA World Cup I’m enjoying the subtle improvements of FIFA 11. I think next year I’ll have a real choice to make.

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