Fragged Out: Is the FPS genre reaching saturation point?


Having watched some of the recent trailers for upcoming first person shooters Medal Of Honor and Call Of Duty: Black Ops I was struck by the realisation that I may be suffering from some kind of FPS burnout.

Despite both titles looking decent I’m finding it hard to get excited about them.

I already have Battlefield Bad Company 2, Killzone 2 and MAG to keep me entertained and if I fancy something completely different there’s always Borderlands.

Just a brief look at upcoming first person shooters in the next 6-9 months throws up the following list:

– Medal Of Honor

– Call Of Duty: Black Ops

– Killzone 3

– Brink

– Bulletstorm

– Bodycount

– Duke Nukem Forever

– Crysis 2

– Homefront

– Rage

From that list only Killzone 3 is a given as I’ll be trading up from the second game.

                                                                   Homefront’s tale of an occupied US makes for something different.

I also think Homefront looks interesting and everyone who has seen/played Rage is tipping it for Game Of The Year so that’s one I’m keen to check out.

Apart from that the others will more than likely be titles I’ll try at some stage but I’m not greatly excited by the majority of them, especially in terms of multiplayer.

So is this feeling of disinterest a sign of a lack of innovation in the genre? I’m not sure if that’s case – Bulletstorm certainly looks like shaking things up, although at its core it’s essentially the same as any other shooter.

                                                                                   Call Of Duty: Black Ops – good enough to see a switch from the games we are playing now?

Am I the only one out there that’s feeling this? Perhaps it’s a personal preference in that I feel Battlefield Bad Company 2 has pretty much nailed multiplayer for FPS.

I’m watching footage of Medal Of Honor and Call Of Duty: Black Ops and just thinking am I actually going to play this over Battlefield or Killzone? The answer currently is ‘no’ and as time has gone on other titles like Crysis 2 and Brink have lost their appeal.

I was relatively impressed with both of them early on but the more information I’ve seen on them the more generic they seem.

                                                                            Brink brings the new S.M.A.R.T movement system but is that enough?

The main culprits though are the current period warfare titles – Medal of Honor in particular. All of these titles seem to be merging into one from a multiplayer perspective but I’m still looking forward to the single player campaigns.

We’ll see I guess. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong and the multiplayer sections of these games will be unique and different. I certainly hope so because as it stands I’ll be sticking with what I have.

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  1. The FPS genre is definitely an over-subscribed one, but I do think the upcoming slew of shooters will be catering for different tastes.

    I kinda look at shooters like films: the ‘Medal Of Honor’s and ‘Call Of Duty’s (even the ‘Bad Company’s to a certain extent) are Michael Bay films – big, loud, and, for the most part, vacuous; all style over substance. On the other hand, the ‘Killzone’s, ‘Brink’s and ‘Rage’s feel to me more like David Cronenberg films – yes, they have massive guns and explosive sets pieces like the Michael Bay films, but beneath the glossy veneer there’s a sense of something more going on; a subtext that alludes to a deeper understanding. When broken down like this, I play different shooters for different reasons.

    As far as the online is concerned, there is very little that will drag me away from BFBC2 until ‘Killzone 3’ comes out, however, I will play ‘Medal Of Honor’ and ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops’ in the meantime, but it will be for the campaign only. Also, don’t forget that the way you see ‘Killzone’ (trading up the second one for the third come 2011) is the same way that alot of people see ‘Call Of Duty’ – the only difference is they have to do it twice a year, instead of once every two years. Thankfully, I don’t think the saturation of shooters by franchises like Call Of Duty, in particular, will have an effect on the games that I actually want to play.

    Ultimately, will I end up playing all the titles on the list above? Probably. Will aspects of the them all be the same? I expect so. Personally, I’m really looking forward to ‘Brink’ and ‘Rage’, and of course, KILLZONE 3!

  2. Comment taken from PS3vault on this article:

    Darren, on September 14th, 2010 at 1:19 pm Said:

    “I think ‘GregHorrorShow’ makes a good argument here. I have Borderlands, Bad Company 2, Modern Warfare 2, and it does feel like the market is swelling with too many FPSs.

    However, I am excited for one of these upcoming games: Black Ops. Why? It’s CoD with skill. No Stopping Power, no Juggernaught, no Commando, no One Man Army, no killstreak hoarding (can you tell I’m SICK of MW2?)… and the maps, customisation and gameplay features on offer put it in good stead to be the best CoD title to date.

    The Medal of Honor beta disappointed me. Killzone isn’t my bag. The other games I feel are too far away to comment on. But Black Ops is looking like it will do very well come November.”

  3. Comment taken from PS3Vault on this article:

    Antman217, on September 14th, 2010 at 9:48 pm Said:

    Yeah i got bored with realistic shooters last year i only played modern warfare 2 for like two months before going back to KZ 2. Same thing with simulation races like gran turismo… i like burnout and nfs lol.

  4. Great article! On a personal level i really came round to the FPS genre mainly due to the online multiplayer. Sometimes there’s nothing quite as exhillarating as all out real player pandemonium (and of course the headset banter!). In terms of single player campaigns,sometimes it’s nice to have that ‘hollywood’ no-brainer fun action from time to time. Although I do agree it’s really over saturated out there!

  5. I agree with you guys in terms of single-player, I’m interested in the stories these titles have to tell. I was referring more to multiplayer. That seems to be where my issue is.

  6. I’m just not sure where the issue is. I think the thing with multiplayer is that you’re not supposed to play them all because there is just too much. To that end, I think you just find the one or two games that hit the sweet spot and just play them until something better (or more suitable) comes along.

    Same works for other genres too: if I want some online third-person-shooter action, I’ll go for ‘Uncharted 2’ everytime. ‘Kane & Lynch 2′ was gonna have to be frickin’ awesome to compete and, in my opinion, it fell short by a long way.

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