Army Of Two: The 40th Day – Review (PS3)


I liked the original Army Of Two, it was a fun, no holds barred shoot ’em up. I was quite impressed a sequel was being made as the first game wasn’t that well received critically but strong sales meant we would be back in the mercenary groove.

We still follow the exploits of Salem and Rio, picking up a few years after the first game ended. This time they are in Shanghai as the city burns around them having been invaded by a terrorist force.

So far, so Army Of Two – the real draw here is that the entire story is available to play co-operatively online with a friend.

This leads to some interesting tactics. Aggro – the system whereby whoever is taking fire is the focus of the enemies while the other person can sneak around and ambush them – returns along with several new ideas, such as mock surrendering and timing your sniper shots.

You can essentially ‘spot and mark’ targets for each other which helps but if all else fails it’s a case of hide in cover, shoot enemies, advance, take cover, shoot enemies and so on.

That isn’t a problem as such, it might not be that innovative but it certainly is fun.

Until you start to run into the fatal flaws which threaten to ruin the game completely. Essentially, aside from the odd case of dodgy AI, there are just three major problems.

Firstly there are some appalling checkpoint placements. I don’t want to have a 10 minute firefight, die on the following section and then have to do both again 😡 Then there’s the terrible EA Online connection which meant regular disconnects. Finally there are a couple of points in the game with insane difficulty spikes that are extremely frustrating.

Individually these are problems you could overlook but sadly when you put them all together it’s *almost* a game breaker.

It says a lot that I still enjoyed the game and had plenty of fun during my playthrough.

The story is pretty nonsensical and at times I had no idea what was going on. One nice touch were the Morality Decisions where you had to make a choice on how to deal with certain enemies/characters. These often played out differently than expected which was a welcome twist.

This isn’t a game I would recommend to everyone but if you have someone online to play through with there are plenty of worse games you could try.

Army Of Two: 40th Day isn’t a great game but is most definitely great fun, especially if you like blowing things up.

Rating 6/10

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