Medal Of Honor – Review (PS3)

The Medal Of Honor series has been around for decades and had usually focused on conflicts in World War II. However when EA announced it was rebooting the franchise we discovered players were heading to modern day (well, 2002) Afghanistan.

As often happens in these types of games you find yourself controlling multiple characters across different missions. You’ll start off as Rabbit, a member of AFO Neptune before stints as Deuce, of AFO Wolfpack, Dante Adams of the 75th Ranger Regiment and Captain Brad “Hawk” Hawkin, an Apache helicopter pilot.

It’s not as confusing as it sounds and actually I found the way Medal Of Honor weaves the characters and story together to be amongst the best in the genre. It certainly puts both Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops to shame. It was always clear which of the characters I was controlling and that is a big plus.

Graphically the game is impressive during cut scenes and in-game with regard to the levels and with things like explosions etc. However the character models are pretty poor, especially having recently played Killzone 3 and Dead Space 2.

My main problem came with enemy AI, which was awful at times. On several occasions enemies would have their backs to me firing blindly off into the distance or would be hiding behind a rock/wall facing the wrong way, waiting to be killed.

The gameplay itself is generally good and while missions were mainly brief, there were some good set ups and set pieces to get stuck into.

Speaking of length, Medal of Honor is a short game, make no mistake. I finished this in under 5 hours, which is extremely short – even for a first person shooter.

With regards to multiplayer it’s a bit of a mess. The maps are mostly tiny and the spawn points are poorly thought out. Most of the time you would spawn and just get killed straight away. Having said that the spawn point issue isn’t exclusive to Medal Of Honor, it’s something Call Of Duty also suffers from.

The shooting feels a little light, with the weapons not really having much in the way of weight or presence. The melee kill is disappointing (especially compared to the awesome Battlefield Bad Company 2 one) and most rounds descended into a mixture of spawn camping and rocket launching.

As is always the case with multiplayer I could’ve just been really unlucky in getting paired up with ‘bad’ players but judging by the amount of it going on I don’t think so.

It feels very much like EA just said to DICE “You know how Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is different to Call Of Duty and based on teamwork over large scale maps? Well scrap all that for Medal Of Honor – just copy Call Of Duty.” Which quite frankly is disappointing.

Overall then Medal Of Honor is a decent title to rent. Although enjoyable the campaign is too short and the multiplayer is just a poor man’s Call Of Duty.

Rating 6/10

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