God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta – Review (PSP)

Ghost Of Sparta takes place after the events of the original God Of War game and sees Kratos going in search of his brother Deimos.

Ready At Dawn have already shown themselves to be masters of the PSP with the previous God Of War handheld release, Chains Of Olympus, and they do not disappoint here.

This is a God Of War title so expect the usual mix of hack ‘n’ slash & puzzle solving. Those looking for something new will be left wanting, despite a few additions in terms of weapons and magic Ghost Of Sparta is very much God Of War by numbers. For me personally that isn’t a big issue as I enjoy the gameplay style and light puzzle sections.

Graphically the developers are wringing everything possible from the PSP and some of the set pieces are spectacular. God Of War is also fortunate in that the camera problem that usually arises in 3rd person adventure games on PSP is negated by using a fixed camera view. Less freedom but also a lot less frustration.

While the story had a few twists and turns the fact that it’s set before most of the other titles in the series meant that if you’ve played the later games you had a good idea of who would survive this part. On the other hand it’s always nice to have recognisable characters from the series drop in and cause a bit of havoc. đŸ™‚

The combat is good and follows the standard template, with combos and ‘fire’ attacks that help break enemies armour. QTE’s return and are used at a decent enough interval that they don’t feel too stale. They are as gory and violent as ever, really giving you a feel for Kratos’ thirst for bloodshed.

Magic has been given some new varieties and can be a welcome assistance at times, especially when trying to handle multiple enemy types all at once.

Overall then, Ghost Of Sparta is an awesome PSP title and the developer has done a great job of pushing the PSP to it’s limit. If you liked Chains Of Olympus (or are a God Of War fan) then you will enjoy this game – it’s more of the same but when it’s this good that won’t be a problem for most people.

Rating: 9/10

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