Motorstorm Apocalypse – Review (PS3)

As a fan of the first two Motorstorm titles I was really excited when Apocalypse was announced.

My excitement was tempered when I heard it was set in a city – I’d preferred the stunning vistas of the original and the colourful foliage of the sequel.

The more I saw of the game the more that excitement came back and Apocalypse did start to look like it really had that ‘Motorstorm’ spirit that encapsulated the other games in the series.

Then came the demo which I found to be disappointing, the handling felt off and I didn’t really enjoy it much. At the time I attributed that to Gran Turismo 5 having been the only driving game I’d played in the previous 6 months.

So I was hopeful upon picking it up that I could adjust myself to the handling of Motorstorm again and get stuck in to some great racing.

Thankfully this was the case.

The racing was just as madcap as I remembered and the destruction of the city around you is simply spectacular.

Whilst the graphics have taken a more cartoonish twist Motorstorm Apocalypse is a great looking game

For the story mode you play through the festival three times with different characters and each character finds the city progressively worse than the last character did.

The story mode, while not actually featuring much in the way of story, is a great way to learn the tracks and prepare yourself for online carnage.

Sadly I only managed about three sessions online before the PSN outage but I played enough to know that this will be a title I’ll revisit regularly.

Evolution Studios have brought the customisation, rank and perk systems familiar from titles like Call Of Duty and Uncharted 2 to the driving genre which should also increase longevity.

Overall then it’s not quite as stunning visually as the previous games but when you find yourself boosting through a building as it collapses around you, you’ll be having so much fun you won’t care.

Rating 8/10

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