Mortal Kombat – Review (PS3)

After a fair few lacklustre versions, culminating in the widely derided Mortal Kombat Vs DC, Nether Realms Studios decided to go back to basics for this, the ninth Mortal Kombat game.

I loved the original and put a fair bit of time into MK II but I was never a massive fighting game fan. For me it was all about the social experience of being round a mate’s house and taking people on.

With the increase in online functionality you now have no reason to play on your own ever again… or do you?

For the first time in a long time the storyline of a fighting game ties together nicely. Rather than choosing a fighter and playing through their story, in Mortal Kombat you play as various characters (usually for 3 or 4 fights each) as the story progresses.

This is a great idea. Firstly because it means the overall story is the focus as opposed to one character, and secondly because it forces you to use characters you may never have chosen and therefore before a better all round player.

There are several additions to the combat system which involve blocks and different strength attacks – unfortunately my knowledge only extends as far as X-Ray moves. These are the moves you get by filling your special bar and hitting R2/L2 to perform. Simple to activate, but also easy to block if you’re quick enough, these bone shattering moves can be deadly and can easily turn the tide of a fight.

The finishing moves are back with a vengeance and this definitely isn’t a game for the faint hearted. It’s gory and violent but most of them have their tongue firmly in cheek, much in the same way as Bulletstorm handled its excessive violence.

As well as the story mode there is the traditional challenge tower, online and a great mode called Test Your Luck – in which you are handicapped in various ways before the match. These can be funny things like turning the screen upside down, disabling jumping or even real hindrances like not being able to use your arms or legs! 😆

Mortal Kombat is probably the most well-rounded and feature packed fighting game I’ve ever played, certainly in recent years. If you’re into fighting games make sure you pick it up and for more casual fans of the genre this is definitely a game you should rent, even just to play through the fun and impressive story mode.

Rating: 8/10


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  1. I absolutely love the MK reboot. This was exactly the shot in the arm that the fighting genre needed, especially with Capcom’s stranglehold on the market lately with the various Street Fighter IV iterations and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The upcoming Capcom-published Street Fighter x Tekken crossover won’t do any favors in giving fighting game fans more variety, but at least MK provides another option!

    The biggest reason why I prefer this MK reboot to SFIV, is largely because the combat feels more visceral; when you land a blow, it feels “meaty.” The combos are a thrill to execute, and the visuals are a wonderful cross between realism and the cartoonish violence of the original games. The developers said this project was a labor of love, and it definitely shows. No current-gen fighting game has this much content, nor is there a fighting experience quite like the game’s story mode.

    I can’t wait for the sequel!

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