X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Review (PS3)

Wolverine Origins was one of those games that I picked up ages ago with the intention of playing it not long after.

The trouble being that a whole heap of other great titles came out and shunted Wolverine down the pecking order.

With the hacking of the PSN taking online play out of the equation, Wolverine was one of many in my game backlog to benefit from the downtime.

The clue to the story is in the name of the game, with this telling the story of how Wolverine came into being before he became one of the X-Men.

Graphically the game looks good and the cut scenes in particular have a great resemblance to Hugh Jackman. Origins isn’t a stunning looking game but, bearing in mind it was released over 2 years ago, it can still hold it’s head up against some of today’s titles.

The gameplay is fairly straight forward and is reminiscent of God Of War or Dante’s Inferno. It’s a button masher for sure but you have the ability to level up your attacks/combos etc.

Unfortunately I found the game to be plagued with bugs/glitches. A lot of them weren’t too troublesome – Wolverine getting frozen in an animation (taking no damage) for example meant a reset of the game. The game occasionally froze up completely, which was fairly annoying but again not a gamebreaker.

Sadly neither of those were the worst of my troubles, as I discovered a problem that did turn out to be a gamebreaker. On one of the puzzles that required the use of weighted platforms I just couldn’t get over quick enough to the next platform before it returned to it’s original position.

After a frustrating 40 minutes or so I ended up looking on youtube and discovered that the platform was no longer fully extended – which was why I didn’t have enough time. After a reset it happened again until I managed to avoid the glitch on the fourth attempt.

Other people I’ve spoken to that have played the game didn’t have as rough a time as I did with the glitches but this game also fell foul of one of my pet hates in gaming – no subtitles.

As a gamer who plays when his small children are in bed I can’t have the volume very high but also can’t have headphones in case they call out. Quite how deaf or hearing impaired gamers are supposed to enjoy the joy is beyond me and in this day and age it shouldn’t be something that’s missing from a game.

Wolverine is a decent enough game that is certainly worth a play through, unfortunately the problems I encountered meant after the first few hours it felt too much like a chore to get through.

Rating: 5/10

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  1. Shame, sounds like it had potential – film tie-ins are almost always rushed so we end up with these glitchy unfinished affairs. pity.

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  4. A noteworthy article, thanks from a huge gaming lover!.

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