Brink – Review (PS3)

Brink wanted to fuse the online and offline worlds to create a seamless gaming experience. Whether you were online or not, the way you played the game would remain the same.

So did Brink deliver on the promises it made?

The verdict is pretty mixed.

Does the gameplay feel the same online as offline? Yes.

Is it a smooth experience overall? Some of the time.

Does it make the game better? No.

Fighting for control of The Ark (a city surrounded by the ocean following flooding) are the resistance and the security force. It’s up to you to pick a side and the story progresses from there.

There is a wealth of customisation for character creation and a whole heap of unlocks, although it seemed slightly odd with such a deep system that there was no female gender option included?

Once the game starts you’ll be set a main objective (‘blow open the doors’ etc) but in a great touch you can bring up a weapon wheel style selector that allows you to choose from another one or two sub-objectives.

You get points for doing any of them and it is a clever feature that would be welcome in other titles.

Another great idea that is implemented well is being able to go to a ‘command post’ and then change your class on the fly, as opposed to having to wait to respawn to do so. It really allows for an element of freedom as you play.

The plot isn’t anything spectacular but the difference in the two sides of the story (with both parties believing they are right) is clever. At one stage the security forces have to stop a viral bomb but when you play the story from the resistance side you are told it is a vaccine for an illness they are suffering from.

One of the issues facing this title is that it doesn’t matter if you’re playing against the computer or with other people, the experience is the same. That’s as they promised but it ends up hindering the game for the most part.

Essentially Brink is like a round of Operations in Killzone 3 – several objectives are to be met, one after the other, by the ‘attacking’ team but the round can stopped by the ‘defending’ team if they prevent the opposition from completing any of the tasks.

And that for me is the major problem with Brink. The Operations mode of Killzone 3, while on a smaller scale handles this better.

If you lose the round you get a cut scene that rounds out the small ‘story’ and you go on to the next round.

With Brink if you lose you’re expected to replay the entire section. I think Splash Damage almost stumbled across an awesome game. It would’ve been stunning if they had allowed the story to flow ala Heavy Rain.

You lose a round? You get a cut scene that shows the repercussions. You lose every round? The story progresses to the end with the worst possible scenario for your side.

Sadly, as I was sitting playing Brink and an objective wasn’t met that meant ‘game over’ I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was an opportunity missed. It’s not a bad game by any means, it’s just that I can get almost the same experience, done better, elsewhere.

Rating: 6/10

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  4. Thank you for the great review. I have Brink in my Blockbuster Movie Pass rental queue. I was just going to run out and buy it. I love just about every other game Bethesda touched, however I have heard a lot of mediocre to bad reviews of the game. I was so excited by the initial premise of the free running shooter, having 360 degrees of environment to traverse. Everything I have seen shows that its free running element wasn’t implemented very well, the maps and game play kind of look like any other shooter out there. In the end I am kind of torn on this game until I get it in my own hands. That’s why I got the Blockbuster Movie Pass from my TV provider/employer DISH Network. I got sick of paying $60 for a game that turned out to be junk. Often if the game was any good, it turned out to be very short. Either way that was $60 down the drain. Now for just $10 per month I can rent as many video games as I like and take my time to find out if I like them or not. If not, back they go.
    I use my rentals mainly for games but I also enjoy their streaming service on my TV and computer. In addition to games they also have thousands of DVDS and blu rays to choose from. Now I just sit back and wait for Brink to show up in the mail. We will see if it’s any good.

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