Fallout: New Vegas – Review (PS3)

Fallout 3 blew me away when I finally got round to playing it (it made No.7 in my Top 50 Single Player Games countdown) and when they announced another title in the series I was excited. Although it was being outsourced to another developer, it just so happened that the developer in question was Obsidian who made the underrated Alpha Protocol. Win-win, I thought.

Fallout: New Vegas sees you play as The Courier, a… ahem… courier who has his package stolen, is shot in the head and left for dead in a shallow grave. Saved by a passing robot you end up, not only conscious, but looking for revenge.

Make no mistake New Vegas is almost exactly the same as Fallout 3. You are saved (as opposed to being born in 3), create your character and then set off out into the big, wide, world.

However the same could be said for almost any open world RPG so you can’t be too hard on the game for that. In fact this is a game that refines what has come before it rather than making sweeping changes to the existing formula.

Graphically it’s the same engine so everything feels familiar. It’s not necessarily a big negative but it does mean that you will recognise animations etc from the previous game.

VATS returns, so if (like me) you’re an appalling shot in real time you can pause the action, choose a limb and let loose that way instead. Thankfully my favourite aspect from Fallout 3, the ‘Mysterious Stranger’ perk, is present and correct here as well – which helped me out on many occasions.

One feature that has been expanded on is the use of factions. In New Vegas there are various groups that you can align with – The New California Republic (NCR), Caesar’s Legion, Mr. House, The Boomers, The Great Khans and The Brotherhood of Steel to name a few.

You can play factions off against each other up to a point but as you get towards the end of the game you’ll need to decide where your loyalties lie. Fortunately for me I had sided with one group throughout and stuck by them all the way.

As is the case with the previous game the story is what you make of it by discovering locations and taking on side quests – though the urgent nature of the main quest meant that the story (for me at least) felt a lot more driven than that of Fallout 3.

In a way that was a good thing as it meant the game progressed at a more even rate but unfortunately it also meant that I didn’t quite get the same level of immersion out of the side quests – or maybe I just missed the best ones while pursuing the main quest?

Overall Fallout: New Vegas is a very good game. While it doesn’t do a great deal of new stuff it delivers a worthwhile experience that will tide fans of the series over until Fallout 4 arrives.

Rating: 8/10

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