Call Of Duty: Black Ops II – Review (PS3)


I’ve really enjoyed the last few campaigns in the Call Of Duty series so when I heard that Black Ops II had the best one yet I was pretty excited to give it a shot.

Unfortunately my initial time with the game did not go well. During the opening hour I got trapped in a game breaking glitch and after getting through that my PS3 froze up. I also had some pretty weird instances of character models getting stuck where they shouldn’t be and the game just felt really unpolished.

When I powered down my PS3 for the night I thought ‘if the next hour is like that I might not bother finishing this’, which is a pretty rare thought for me. Thankfully it seems that opening hour was just downright bad luck and the game ran fine from then on.


And the campaign *is* the best in a Call Of Duty game to date. I know a lot of people just buy the game for the multiplayer but really you should check this story mode out. It flits between the 80’s and 2025 but is far less confusing than previous games. I always had a sense of which character I was controlling, something that hasn’t always been the case in former iterations of the titles.

The story is formed (and endings chosen) as you go through the game and the coolest thing Black Ops II pulls off is that half the time you’re not even aware you’re making a choice or triggering something that will change the story. Very refreshing.

The mulitplayer is as it has always been but the new loadout system (where each item – guns or perks – is worth a point and you can have up to 10) gives new players a clearer picture of what they are taking into rounds and allows more flexibility to customise a loadout to your particular tastes/skills.


Of course this doesn’t level the playing field, people that have been playing the game series for years will still have the upper hand but it does give you a chance to play to your strengths. I’ve actually found the game to be a lot less frustrating than previous titles and am enjoying it online. It’s not going to drag me away from Battlefield 3 permanently but it’s certainly a nice change of pace.

Zombie mode returns and for fans of that mode you’ll find a campaign as well as the usual survival horde mode type affair. I’m not really into that mode to be honest but it’s a nice addition and shows Treyarch are trying to cater for as much of their audience as possible.


Overall I really recommend Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, despite the issues I had early on with the game. The online is fast and frantic but definitely feels a little more welcoming than previous COD games. I think without the branching campaign it might have felt a little stale at this stage but Treyarch are keeping it relevant by tweaking the formula… Infinity Ward take note.

Rating: 9/10

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  1. That’s weird about your early glitches. Didn’t come across any myself, thankfully. Agreed on all of your other points — this game was a lot better than I expected.

    • Yeah I haven’t heard of others having lots of problems so I think I was just really unlucky!

  2. […] would like to start this review by saying that Declassified does not capture much of the Call Of Duty experience. This is more like an upgrade of Nihilistic’s last Vita FPS ‘Resistance: Burning […]

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