Aliens Vs Predator – Review (PS3)


I’d been looking forward to Aliens Vs Predator for quite a while and having had a (brief) hands on at Eurogamer last year I was pretty excited to finally pop the disc into my PS3.

Sadly what followed didn’t live up to my high expectations.

Let me begin by saying Aliens Vs Predator is not a bad game. It’s decently sized (around 9 hours) and well paced. The story is ok and you get to experience the campaign from 3 totally different perspectives.

So why the disappointment?

As insane as it sounds I think Rebellion gives the player too much control over the characters – and by that I mean in terms of what you can do and how, often, it’s damn awkward to actually pull off.

Playing as the Alien holding down R2 allowed you to traverse walls and ceilings, which of course in theory is awesome but the reality was basically me ending up completely confused as to where I was. Or more importantly where my prey was.

As the Predator it’s often hit and miss as to whether you can jump to a higher ledge and it felt like you had to be in a hidden ‘sweet spot’ before you could jump up to ledges. Very annoying when trying to escape oncoming attacks and when you can see the Predator would blatantly be able to jump such a paltry distance… but the game won’t let you.

The Marine campaign didn’t really suffer in this respect as it’s a standard ‘bug hunt’ so to speak. I enjoyed this the most as Rebellion have done a great job recreating the feel of the films.

The balancing of the species is handled really well, each feeling suitably powerful but having their vulnerabilities. The times when it worked with Alien or Predator it was very satisfying but more often than not the controls/mechanic let it down.

Playing a game like this you want to feel empowered but not invincible – Batman: Arkham Asylum did this almost to perfection last year, here half the time it’ll bodge what you are trying to do and you’ll end up just killing everyone in the fallout.

The multiplayer has severe connction issues but if you can get a game it’s quite good fun. Problem being 9 times out of 10 I couldn’t get a game and was stuck with a ‘searching for games’ screen for 10 minutes at a time.

All three campaigns have their moments of brilliance and Alien Vs Predator, while frustrating at times is a fun game to play through – especially if you are a fan of the films.

Rating: 6/10

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Eurogamer Expo 2009

Eurogamer Main

Wow! What a fantastic gaming experience.

First of all a big shout out to everyone who put this Expo together – it was one of the smoothest run I’ve been to.

I got to see and play so many upcoming games it was a well spent £6. 🙂

Only disappointment was not playing Assassin’s Creed 2 as it was rammed all day. That meant wait to play it or skip it and probably play 2 or 3 other games.

Left 4 Dead 2 (XBox 360) and Tekken 6 were also extremely busy but I could take them or leave them so didn’t mind missing them too much.

Was surprised to see Army Of Two: 40th Day only have two TV’s showing the game and then be taken away well before the end of the day – would’ve liked to have given that a spin.

But there is a hell of a lot of stuff I DID play to get through, so let’s get to it…



I’ve been looking forward to this game (and Aliens: Colonial Marines) since it was announced.

The hands on was multiplayer only, with the choice of Marine, Alien or Predator. With words of Private Hudson ringing in my ears “game over man, it’s game over man!” I chose Marine. 😎

Mainly to see how the game plays compared to other FPS’s but also because I wanted to try my luck against the more fancied non-human characters.

I’m glad to say it holds up very well indeed and being a Marine isn’t as weak as I expected. You land a round of fire on a Predator he’s going down, likewise with the Alien but he’s so quick landing a round on him is an achievement.

They have captured that sense of panic you feel for the Marines in the film really well and it will be interesting to play the game without the background noise of an Expo going on! 😆


BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY 2Battlefield Bad Company 2

Totally didn’t expect to see this at the Expo but it was a very pleasant surprise.

I’m looking forward to this more than Modern Warfare 2 (meh, so sue me fanboys) and this hands on has increased the feeling this could be a special game.

Again it was multiplayer only and at times I had trouble finding the opposition but Battlefield Bad Company 2 looks astounding and plays really well.

The use of vehicles is a great touch and well handled, while the weapons had a reassuring kick to them as well. Could be massive online.



Not being a big fan of the Devil May Cry has meant that Bayonetta hasn’t really been on my radar other than a few trailers I’ve seen here and there.

Having the chance to play through a couple of levels has seen my interest rise but I get the feeling this would be more of a rental than a purchase.

However if you liked Devil May Cry you will probably want to pick up a copy.



Again, Borderlands was a game that I thought looked quite interesting but didn’t get when it was released a few weeks ago.

I feel that was the right decision – not because of how the game played, it was really good, but because this game has to be played in online co-op.

So for that reason, in the crowded pre-Christmas schedule, I won’t be picking this up.

However come the new year (or even the traditional summer drought) I’ll be persuading a few mates to get it and we’ll blast through it together.



As you’ll see further down the list, God Of War III was also on display at the Expo and unfortunately for Dante we played Kratos’ demo first.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Dante’s Inferno – this is a game that looks good and has some varied imagery on display.

However there is also A LOT in this hands on that is lifted directly from God Of War III. 😦

Having played both if I had to pick it’d be God Of War but hopefully Dante’s Inferno’s story will be gripping enough to warrant a playthrough.



This one was my biggest disappointment on the day.

It wasn’t exactly clear what we were supposed to be doing and there seemed to be a bit of an issue with the vertical climbing and cover system not quite working.

As this is a demo and is also probably a few months old I will give Dark Void the benefit of the doubt but from that hands on it reminded me of 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand just with a jetpack.



We kicked the day off with a playthrough of God Of War III and what a start to proceedings!

Graphically lush and with some great new visual effects, this is a game that manages to be even more brutal than the previous instalments.

Blood gushes everywhere, including all over Kratos himself, and stays wherever it’s landed – adding a touch more realism to the mythological world.

This will be a must have for any PS3 owner (who’s over 18 :lol:)



Much has been made of Heavy Rain and how amazing it could be. Everything I’ve seen of it points to something special so I was desperate to give it a go.

It took a while to get used to the controls (best described as like a driving game – R2 moves you forward and you use the left stick to dictate which direction) but it was a triumph when you did.

Graphically it was stunning, though the Junkyard level didn’t look as good as the Shop level.

What we enjoyed most about the demo was that for both parts we had different outcomes. 😎

The fact that it isn’t game over if you don’t make it through a sequence in one piece is awesome and the amount of options/choices for you means the game should have strong replay value.

I think Heavy Rain could be something very special if it can live up to the promise shown in these demo levels.




M.A.G is one of those games that I was undecided on going into the Expo.

256 multiplayer sounds amazing but all the footage I’d seen so far hadn’t been overly impressive.

However having actually played it I can confirm it’s great fun and well worth playing.

Sure we had no context of the squad depth or anything like that – just a set of objectives – but the actual gameplay itself was really strong.

Recoil was massive (may be realistic?) which meant you had to really aim you shots or you end up firing at the sky.

Definitely one to pick up and get involved in come January 2010.


THE SABOTEURThe Saboteur Expo

Another game I was looking forward to that didn’t quite live up to the promise shown in the trailers.

I do think The Saboteur will be an absolute blast to play (pardon the pun) but people looking for a polished, deep gaming experience may need to look elsewhere (Heavy Rain perhaps? :smile:)

Coming from Pandemic I expect this to be more in the vein of their previous title Mercenaries 2 – which is no bad thing, I really enjoyed that title.

The main problem here is that the AI seemed completely moronic. It shatters the illusion of getting past them in disguise when you can stand in front of them in your normal get up, aiming at a gun at them and they do nothing.

So, judging from the hands on, if you go into The Saboteur expecting a masterpiece you may be disappointed but if you’re looking for a fun title to blow some stuff in – then this could be the one for you.



Was not expecting this at all.

Thought I’d check Split/Second out as I liked the idea from the trailer of destructable scenery etc.

This game was an absolute blast – a cartoon style rampage through an airport race track in the style of Mario Kart but with stunning HD visuals.

From what I could gather you fill up your ‘special’ bar by driving fast and drifting around corners. Once the bar is full you have two options.

If you’re directly behind someone you can press X to trigger a more personal takedown, or at certain points trigger a short cut. If you prefer the bigger showpiece you’ll also have the option to press O at specific points on the track to trigger a major event, like the control crumbling and smashing down onto the tarmac. 😮 😎

Can see this being awesome fun in multiplayer.


So there you have it – a monster round up of a fantastic event. Having been lucky enough to play through the games of the future I think it is an amazing time to be a gamer.

And with a lot of great stuff being PS3 exclusive we’ve got a lot of brilliant games to look forward to.

With inFAMOUS and Uncharted 2 already impressing you can add MAG, God of War III and Heavy Rain to the list.

Good times. 😎

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