GregHorrorShow: The Music of 2010

So it’s time for the musical instalment of my look back at the year.

I’ve broken this down into tracks and albums, with recommendations for each – in no particular order:




  • Ellie Goulding – ‘Lights’
  • Laura Marling – ‘I Speak Because I Can’
  • Kanye West – ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’
  • The Courteeners – ‘Falcon’
  • Johnny Flynn – ‘Been Listening’
  • Red Dead Redemption OST
  • Mumford And Sons – ‘Sigh No More’
  • Detroit Social Club – ‘Existence’

Lots of great albums this year, with Laura Marling and Ellie Goulding being stand outs for me – along of course with the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack. Kanye West makes a late appearance with what could be, in my opinion, his best album yet ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.’ The Courteeners and Detroit Social Club bring a little UK swagger to proceedings, it’s been a great year for UK music overall.




  • Katy B – ‘Katy On A Mission’
  • Eminem Feat. Pink – ‘Won’t Back Down’
  • Jose Gonzalez – ‘Far Away’
  • B.o.B Feat. Hayley Williams – ‘Airplanes’
  • Blood Red Shoes – ‘Don’t Ask’
  • Ellie Goulding – ‘Starry Eyed’ (Jakwob Remix)
  • Taio Cruz – ‘Dynamite’
  • Jamie Woon – ‘Night Air’
  • Metric – ‘Help, I’m Alive’
  • Mumford And Sons – ‘Little Lion Man’
  • Fan Death – ‘Phantom Sensation’
  • Interpol – ‘Barricade’
  • Crystal Castles Feat. Robert Smith – ‘Not In Love’
  • Johnny Flynn – ‘Barnacled Warship’
  • Chase and Status Feat. Liam Bailey – ‘Blind Faith’
  • Detroit Social Club – ‘Kiss The Sun’ 

Again some great stuff out this year but my track of the year has to be Katy B ‘Katy On A Mission.’ Totally reminds me of my younger days listening to dance music and this track presses all the right buttons for me. I’m a Paramore fan anyway so with Hayley Williams featuring on B.o.B’s ‘Airplanes‘ I was always likely to give that a spin.

Eminem was back on form and his track ‘Won’t Back Down’ with Pink was the highlight of his album for me.

Best remix has to go to Jakwob for his huge mix on Ellie Goulding’s ‘Starry Eyed.’ Incidentally Ellie was the best gig I’ve seen this year – at Shepherd’s Bush Empire she put on a great show.

Taio Cruz wouldn’t normally be my first choice but ‘Dynamite’ is a great tune. I know I’m late on Metric as that was last year but I heard it in 2010 and if you haven’t heard any of their stuff check them out – a vastly underated band.

Fan Death could be one to watch, ‘Phantom Sensation’ is a brilliant little track. A touch of genius from Crystal Cstles to get Robert Smith involved – consequently ‘Not In Love’ comes off as a stunning tune.

‘Blind Faith’ by Chase and Status, with the vocal talents of Liam Bailey, is a haunting track with a great sound and likewise ‘Night Air’ by Jamie Woon delivers something different.

Overall a strong mix of genres and tracks have meant 2010 has been another brilliant year for music.

I’ve put together as many of these tracks as possible on Spotify, so if you have that then head over HERE to have a listen through.

Roll on 2011!

So there we go some tunes for you to check out, as usual throw any recommendations you have my way in the comments.

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Bands worth checking out…

In no particular order, a few artists that are well worth checking out if you haven’t heard them…


Laura Marling

“Alas, I Cannot Swim”
Tracks: Cross Your Fingers, Ghosts

It’s hard to believe that Laura Marling is just 19 years old when you hear some of the beautiful vocals and haunting themes of her album ‘Alas, I Cannot Swim’.

I suspect her next album will determine where she goes from here – crossover into the mainstream consciousness? Or remain under the radar putting out critically acclaimed but little known albums?

Only time will tell – I always think great music should be heard by as many people as possible but it’s amazing to listen to such fanstastic music knowing not many people have experienced it.

Hopefully this will help spread the word on Laura Marling a little further than it exists at the moment.


Friendly Fires

‘Friendly Fires’
Tracks: In The Hospital, Paris, Strobe

Coming on like a slightly more chilled version of the Klaxons, Friendly Fires sort of came from leftfield for me in that I somehow missed the intial buzz and ended up having the album without actually hearing any of it.

It’s a great little album though, very cool and ‘In The Hospital’ has a brilliant little sing-along refrain that will be stuck in your head for ages!



Tracks: Paris Is Burning, My Delirium, Dusk Til Dawn, Professional Suicide

This was a huge album for me last year – Ladyhawke’s brand of 80’s influenced synth-pop-rock saw her gain critical acclaim and make her way onto several of my itunes playlists 😀

First single ‘Paris Is Burning’ is a real foot stomper and ‘My Delirium’ is a great tune. Ladyhawke is superb live, overcoming her struggles with Asperger’s Syndrome to put on some impressive, if subdued, performances.


She And Him

‘Volume One’
Tracks: Sentimental Heart, Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?, Sweet Darlin’

NB. This video contains Itchy and Scratchy style cartoon violence so avoid if (very) easily offended.

My favourite album in absolutely ages 😎 – and with the amount of music I listen to (at work and in my spare time) that is saying something. Even more surprising is the fact that one half of this duo is actress Zooey Deschanel (Elf, The Happening). Usually anything an actress releases is given a wide birth but this is top quality old school pop – lovely harmonies.

And how cool is that video above? 😀


La Roux

Album TBC
Tracks: In For The Kill, Quicksand

Saw these live last week and I thought I’d driven a DeLorean into the venue 😆 – great 80’s style synth pop. With a great look to match. They have been on too many ‘one’s to watch for 2009’ lists but hopefully that’ll be a help rather than a hinderance – looking forward to seeing what the general public at large make of it!

Nice remix of ‘In For The Kill’ available here:


Blood Red Shoes

‘Box Of Secrets’
Tracks: You Bring Me Down, I Wish I Was Someone Better, ADHD

Sometimes I’m handed an album that just rocks. This is one of those albums – fast paced indie pop rock that you can’t help tapping your feet to. I saw them live last year and they blew the crowd out of the water. Looking forward to hearing some new matrial soon from this boy/girl duo.

If you like your guitars fast and loud – this is a band for you.