Bodycount – Review (PS3)

Bodycount tells the story of an American soldier recruited by ‘The Network’ – a slightly sinister operation that handles, and resolves, events where others (such as the UN) have failed.

It’s not the most original of plot devices but I’ve heard a lot worse and despite a few reservations I was looking forward to giving the game a try.

One of the biggest selling points of Bodycount was the destructability of the environments and while it can be fairly impressive at times – with bullets ripping through enemy cover – it was equally frustrating in tandem. I could shoot through walls and sheet metal that patched up the wall but when faced with some corrugated metal sheets my bullets (and grenades!) did no damage whatsoever.

The shooting itself was fairly enjoyable and the auto aim meant things didn’t get too annoying. When suddenly faced with 10 or 15 enemies, and with the controls not being quite as responsive as I’d like, it certainly helped to keep the game flowing.

One hindrance with regard to the shooting is the fact that there are no iron sights on the zoom/aim. The camera pans in slightly and your weapon moves off to the side. It’s not ideal and I think a lot of people may be disappointed to play in this style.

On the plus side there are a few good missions and some of the art design is great. Especially the Target stuff, which I won’t go into for fear of spoilers. So it’s a shame the rest of the game feels bland despite being nice and colourful. The fact you only seem to be shooting the same four or five enemies for the majority of the game is also a bit of a let down.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to play the mutliplayer – on both occasions I tried I spent a good 10 mins looking for a game but no-one else was playing it.

Bodycount feels like a missed opportunity – the twist in this story could’ve been really cool if handled right and set up correctly. Instead it felt like the game played it’s hand too early and left you to graft through the same level after level.

Bodycount is playable for sure but it’s tough to recommend a game that felt like going through something from about 5 years ago. With a different setup I feel this could’ve been a decent shooter, sadly somewhere along the line it lost it’s way.

Rating: 4/10

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Fragged Out: Is the FPS genre reaching saturation point?


Having watched some of the recent trailers for upcoming first person shooters Medal Of Honor and Call Of Duty: Black Ops I was struck by the realisation that I may be suffering from some kind of FPS burnout.

Despite both titles looking decent I’m finding it hard to get excited about them.

I already have Battlefield Bad Company 2, Killzone 2 and MAG to keep me entertained and if I fancy something completely different there’s always Borderlands.

Just a brief look at upcoming first person shooters in the next 6-9 months throws up the following list:

– Medal Of Honor

– Call Of Duty: Black Ops

– Killzone 3

– Brink

– Bulletstorm

– Bodycount

– Duke Nukem Forever

– Crysis 2

– Homefront

– Rage

From that list only Killzone 3 is a given as I’ll be trading up from the second game.

                                                                   Homefront’s tale of an occupied US makes for something different.

I also think Homefront looks interesting and everyone who has seen/played Rage is tipping it for Game Of The Year so that’s one I’m keen to check out.

Apart from that the others will more than likely be titles I’ll try at some stage but I’m not greatly excited by the majority of them, especially in terms of multiplayer.

So is this feeling of disinterest a sign of a lack of innovation in the genre? I’m not sure if that’s case – Bulletstorm certainly looks like shaking things up, although at its core it’s essentially the same as any other shooter.

                                                                                   Call Of Duty: Black Ops – good enough to see a switch from the games we are playing now?

Am I the only one out there that’s feeling this? Perhaps it’s a personal preference in that I feel Battlefield Bad Company 2 has pretty much nailed multiplayer for FPS.

I’m watching footage of Medal Of Honor and Call Of Duty: Black Ops and just thinking am I actually going to play this over Battlefield or Killzone? The answer currently is ‘no’ and as time has gone on other titles like Crysis 2 and Brink have lost their appeal.

I was relatively impressed with both of them early on but the more information I’ve seen on them the more generic they seem.

                                                                            Brink brings the new S.M.A.R.T movement system but is that enough?

The main culprits though are the current period warfare titles – Medal of Honor in particular. All of these titles seem to be merging into one from a multiplayer perspective but I’m still looking forward to the single player campaigns.

We’ll see I guess. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong and the multiplayer sections of these games will be unique and different. I certainly hope so because as it stands I’ll be sticking with what I have.

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