Infamous: Festival Of Blood (PS3) – Review

Having thoroughly enjoyed both Infamous and Infamous 2, I was really interested in seeing what Sucker Punch would come up with for this stand alone downloadable game (which doesn’t require a copy of either game to play).

Festival Of Blood tells the story of Cole’s night as a vampire. The story is told by Zeke, Cole’s friend, as he looks to keep a woman in a bar interested in him.

The game takes place during ‘Pyre Night’ a festival held in New Marais every year as a way of warding off vampires and celebrating the death of ‘Bloody Mary’ – a vampire allegedly burnt at the stake long ago.

While investigating screams from the catacombs under a church, Cole is bitten by Bloody Mary herself and he only has until sunrise to find a cure.

If you’ve played either of the Infamous games previous to this you’ll find yourself in familiar territory as Vampire Cole parkours his way across the terrain of New Marais… but there is a nice twist in traversal because Cole can now transform into a swarm of bats to travel extremely quickly over the city.

You’ll need blood to activate this ability though and Cole is able to feed on the citizens of New Marais as often as you need/like. Slightly troubling after I’d played through Infamous 2 as a hero but it’s set me up nicely for my second playthrough as an evil Cole 🙂

Cole can also use a type of Vampire radar that allows him to enter an x-ray vision mode – normal humans are shown with red internal organs and a beating heart while fellow Vampires in disguise are just a blue skeleton. Cole can then attack the Vampires with a one hit kill if you’re close/quick enough.

This is a fantastic downloadable game, one of the better ones I’ve seen – certainly in terms of scope/gameplay. It seems crazy to me that you don’t need a disc to run it but Sucker Punch have done a great job here.

Clocking in at under 4 hours and with a price tag of £7.99, I’d recommend this to anyone. Obviously it’s not as long as a full Infamous title and one of the main elements (player choice re: Karma) is missing but Infamous: Festival Of Blood is well worth a playthrough.

Rating: 8/10

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Infamous 2 – Review (PS3)

The original Infamous wasn’t without it’s problems but ended up being one of my favourite single player games on the PS3.

Having only heard good things about the follow up I was excited to step back into the shoes of Cole McGrath.

Cole was just your everyday, run of the mill, package courier at the start of the first game before a series of events saw him take on electrical superpowers.

So at the start of this game Cole is fully powered up and preparing to take on The Beast, a huge multi-storey enemy who is wreaking havoc on the east coast of the USA.

The first thing I noticed about the game was how fluid Cole’s movement is. Dodging feels a lot more natural and taking cover is quick and efficient (for the most part).

The game itself is a more polished version of the original – if you’re looking for a vastly different game then this isn’t it. But with the first game being so enjoyable why change the formula?

My one gripe with Infamous 2 is, at times, the positioning of enemies all around you. While no doubt more realistic than other games it can be tough when surrounded to survive, even with the powers Cole has.

The Karma system returns and for the big choices is as obvious as before but it’s a nice touch to have the choice of approaching a handful of missions as either good or evil, regardless of your current karma level. I must say the final choice of the game had me sitting there for about 5 minutes fighting with myself over what to do.

I thought the story was excellent and the characters feel a lot stronger than the original. As before you can upgrade your powers depending on various factors and there are certainly some fun ones in there.

There is also the ability to create your own missions, using the assets from the game, that you can upload and let others play. These appear as green missions icons on your map and while some are fun, a lot of them are fairly poor. Thankfully you can switch them to ‘recommended by the game developer’ or even turn them off completely.

If you liked the first game you will love this. If you haven’t, you don’t need to have played the original (though I’d recommend it) to get the sequel. One of the stronger single player games I’ve blasted through this year.

Rating: 9/10

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“When Choosing Between Two Evils, I Always Like To Try The One I’ve Never Tried Before…”


Well I have just done something in gaming that I have not done since my Sega Mega Drive days.

Completed a game a second time.

In this day and age, with the continued spread of Trophyitis and a veritible banquet of trophies for replaying a game, I often feel like I’m in the minority in that once I finish a game that’s it for me.

Obviously I’ll play multiplayer but not really single player.

Some games with alternate endings, like GTA IV for example, I have loaded up the penultimate mission and just played through the last mission to get the different ending.

I think I’m going back to Sonic The Hedgehog when I try to remember the last game I completed then started over.


But that all changed with the arrival Infamous – a game I wasn’t even that fussed about initially but is now a strong contender for my game of the year.

It’s the first game in a long time that I was up for replaying literally as the credits were rolling at the end of my first playthrough.

The final decision you make in the game locks you as good or evil so the only way to fully experience Infamous is to play it all the way through as good and then again as evil.

I always try and do whatever I think I would do when confronted with a karmic choice in gaming – I rescued every Little Sister I found in Bioshock 🙂 – and my first playthrough of Infamous was great. The people of the city loved me, taking photos etc.

But being evil was a lot more fun.


I didn’t have to worry about anything at all. Running down the street? People in the way? Just melee attack them as you plough through them. Eventually no-one got in the way as they were all so scared of me they ran off screaming as soon as they saw me.

Cole’s powers were better when he was evil – a lot more destructive and explosive.

There were a few missions that were a chore just as much as the first time I played it but overall it was a great experience to see Empire City from both sides of the moral standpoint.

The overall story didn’t change but lots of details and character interaction did, which was awesome 😎


It was quite nice to have this to fall back on during the notoriously quiet summer months for gaming.

Infamous made it in at number 50 in my Top 100 Games List and that was based on one playthrough.

It would be higher now and given how much enjoyment I got out of replaying it, mixed with the fact the differences in the storyline were really impressive (though subtle) I am upgrading Infamous from an 8/10 to a new rating:


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