Top 100 Single Player PS3 Games: Part 1 (100-91)

Rage 1

Ok, so it’s been a bit of an undertaking but with the Playstation 4 on the horizon I thought it would be a good time to re-evaluate my single player games list and extend it out to a Top 100. Games will be coming in batches of 10 to begin with and I look forward to seeing everyone’s thoughts on the games included on the list.

This list doesn’t take into account multiplayer aspects of games, it’s based solely on single player experience.

So let’s get going!


100. Payday: The Heist


We open our list with Payday: The Heist. This is a cracking downloadable game from developers Overkill, in which you take part in a series of thefts/heists involving guns, helicopters and cash.

Made to be played in 4 players in online co-op, Payday can also be played solo with three AI controlled characters. While it’s not half as much fun on your own, Payday is still a solid shooter with some interesting mechanics when playing solo.


99. Rage

Rage Main

Rage is probably closest in scope to Borderlands but rather than the cell shaded look Gearbox’s title went for, it really goes to town on the graphics front. Sure it’s also a stylised cartoon look but it’s much more realistic looking.

The shooting is solid and some great weapon design means things don’t feel too stale when choosing your armoury. Shots pop nicely, the weapons have a decent weight to them and the recoil is well balanced so that each shot counts.

Rage is an above average shooter that fizzes when at its best, unfortunately there is too much filler in the first half of the game. This means it doesn’t quite hit the lofty expectations most people had for it.


98. Enslaved: Odyssey To The West


Enslaved tells the story of Monkey and Trip as they make their way across a devastated World. After managing to escape from a ‘slaver’ ship Monkey awakes to find Trip has attached a ‘slave headband’ to him and he must do as she commands. If he doesn’t do as she says, goes too far away from Trip or Trip herself dies then the headband will inflict pain or even kill Monkey.

Enslaved is a really good game and definitely an enjoyable third person action adventure. It’s not quite up there with the Uncharted series or Red Dead Redemption but it can hold its own among the others in the genre.


97. Joe Danger

Joe Danger Guide

Joe Danger is a wonderfully charming PSN title that sees you take on the role of bike stuntman Joe Danger. Out of retirement and looking to recapture his glory days, Joe needs you to guide him through jumps, flips and other obstacles.

Easy to play and great fun. This is also a top title for younger kids who can play with only a few button presses.


96. God Of War: Ascension


The latest instalment of God Of War was a prequel rather than a continuation of the Kratos story. Control wise it’s business as usual and you’ll be dismembering figures from Greek myth all over the place.

Unfortunately, while the combat was good it meant that the story didn’t really impress and it felt a bit like filler. Not to mention the utter frustration of the Trial Of Archimedes. An enjoyable game but not Kratos at his best.


95. Dead Space 3

DeadSpace3 2

Set some time after the events of the second game, Dead Space 3 brings together the usual necromorph threat with a much higher Unitologist presence than before. And they’re armed, military units. Hell at one stage some of the necromorphs have guns!

Taking out the necromorphs still feels satisfying but the human enemies didn’t quite have that quality. I liked the story but I am a sucker for this universe.

Make no mistake, Dead Space 3 is an action game with horror parts added. The balance between horror and action had teetered with the second game but has now tilted fully in favour of run ‘n’ gun action. It isn’t a bad game at all. It’s just not what I really want from a Dead Space game.


94. Alien V Predator


Alien V Predator gives you three separate campaigns to play through; Alien, Predator and Marine. Unfortunately the Marine campaign is the best of the bunch, which feels a bit like an opportunity wasted.

The balancing of the species is handled really well, each feeling suitably powerful but having their vulnerabilities. The times when it worked with Alien or Predator it was very satisfying but more often than not the controls/mechanic let it down.


93. 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand


Despite appearances to the contrary, Blood On The Sand is actually very playable. It’s not too taxing a game, more of a run and gun than a tactical shooter. There are a few frustrating parts but overall the game is fairly well balanced.

A surprise then, one of those rare occasions where a game is actually quite a bit better than you thought it would be. It might not be a world beater but it caters to its audience and is accessible for everyone who plays it.


92. Crysis 3

Crysis3 2

Crysis 3 is a sci-fi first person shooter that delivers big on graphics but is slightly lacking in terms of story.

You wear a ‘nanosuit’ which delivers different abilities. You can either try to just blast your way through trouble using the armor ability to soak up more damage, use your suit’s super jump ability to get yourself out of a situation or avoid the situation altogether by activating your cloaking ability and sneaking past the enemies.

I liked some of the characterisation and graphically it looked great. It’s just that the rest of it was, well… average. This is a title that would be best suited to a rental as opposed to a purchase.


91. Dante’s Inferno


Taking it’s cue from the novel of the same name, but making it clear it’s inspired by rather than true to it, Dante’s Inferno see you play as Dante who upon returning from the Crusades finds an unsavoury fate has befallen his loved one.

The gameplay is very similar to other third person action brawlers, with a light attack, heavy attack and ‘magic’ in the form of Dante’s Holy Cross – which can be used to smite enemies and tortured souls.

Sadly while there are some great ideas in here a lot of the gameplay is lifted almost directly from God Of War. Worth a play through then but if you fancy some hack and slash you’d be better off sticking to God Of War III.




There we have it then, the opening selection of games – have you played any of these? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments below.


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7 x 7 Link Award

I have been bestowed with the honour of receiving the 7×7 Link Award from the lovely The Warning Sign.

I don’t often get involved with this type of thing but as a break from the reviews I’ve been putting up recently – here goes!




1. Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.

2. Link to one of the posts that I personally think best fits the following categories: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful Piece, Most Popular Piece, Most Controversial Piece, Most Surprisingly Successful Piece, Most Underrated Piece, and Most Pride-Worthy Piece.

3. Pass the award on to seven other bloggers.



In my younger days I once played a full 62 lap race on a Formula 1 game in one sitting – my knees literally cracked when I went to get out of the chair. Not a healthy attitude to gaming, although it was a one off!



1) Most Beautiful Piece: In terms of content I would say my Great Game Openings piece – some of those are stunningly gorgeous.

2) Most Helpful Piece: My Top 50 Single Player Games remains very popular and hopefully is still helpful to people looking to pick up some games for offline action.

3) Most Popular Piece: My Killzone 2 review went down really well and still gets plenty of views to this day.

4) Most Controversial Piece: Not a specific piece but any ‘Top’ lists usually garner some feedback on what people felt should’ve been in the list. Certainly not a bad thing.

5) Most Surprisingly Successful Piece: My review of Dante’s Inferno – the original prose as opposed to the game. Up there among my most viewed posts – still surprised by that everytime it pops up!

6) Most Underrated Piece: Sad to see that my end of year Music round up from 2011 has only had a handful of views, although it’s not a great surprise as I’m mainly a gaming blog.

7) Most Pride-Worthy Piece: Thankfully my most pride worthy was also a popular one! I really worked hard on my Top 100 Games ever articles.



Pass the award on to seven other bloggers: some of these guys haven’t blogged in a while so I’m hoping this might give them a little kick start 🙂

1) Beyond The D-Pad

2) Stacey Storey

3) renxkyoko’s space

4) What Now?

5) That’s Just Me

6) Liam’s Lions Outlook

7) Action Flick Chick.

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Dante’s Inferno – Review (PS3)

Dante’s Inferno was one of those games where I had seen mixed reviews, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Sometimes those games turn out great and other times not so much.

Taking it’s cue from the novel of the same name, but making it clear it’s inspired by rather than true to it, Dante’s Inferno see you play as Dante who upon returning from the Crusades finds an unsavoury fate has befallen his loved one.

To regain what he has lost Dante must venture through the 9 circles of hell.

This gives the game designers a chance to show off some wonderfully vivid art styles. The book is dark and the game matches it, with some of the visceral backdrops and enemies inspiring a sense of wonder and disgust – often at the same time.

The gameplay is very much God Of War with a light attack, heavy attack and ‘magic’ in the form of Dante’s Holy Cross, which can be used to smite enemies and tortured souls.

My initial problems with the game were mainly due to a challenging difficulty level that I found led to some repetitive early battles. I expect the makers were aiming for ‘epic’ but for me it was just too frustrating and boring to keep hitting square repeatedly. Switching down to easy meant the enemies took less hits which helped make the game flow better (in my opinion).

Graphically the game is superb and the cut scenes have to be seen to be believed. The first half of the game was really impressive and while it felt like an extension of a God Of War title due to the similar controls/gameplay Dante’s Inferno was holding it’s own against Kratos huge adventure.

Unfortunately from around halfway through things began to get a little tired in more ways than one. Some of the environments started to appear less and less engaging and more like traditional versions of hell.

The boss battles were interesting at times but silly things like timing jumps and leaps accounted for more than a few unwarranted deaths and the last level smacks of laziness. I won’t spoil it for you but to battle through a game like this only to be met by a completely uninspired and tedious final level killed my enjoyment of the game.

Overall then for me this is all about context – if this game had come out last year it may have scored more highly but in a year when I’ve battled my way through Bayonetta and God Of War III, Dante’s Inferno just feels a little bit like too much of the same.

Sadly while there are some great ideas in here a lot of the gameplay is lifted almost directly from God Of War. Worth a play through then but if you fancy some hack and slash you’d be better off sticking to God Of War III.

Rating: 6/10

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Dante’s Inferno – Demo Impressions (PS3)

Let’s cut straight to the chase – Dante’s Inferno wants to be God Of War.

And I would go on record now as saying that isn’t a bad thing.

Loosely based on the poem of the same name (which I reviewed here) the game sees a more action based Dante on the rampage as he tries to rescue his beloved Beatrice.

The cinematics are fantastic and the game looks superb, running at a crisp 60fps (frames per second).

Dante moves as you’d expect with a long range weapon and plenty of combos, along with some magic that is only briefly touched on in the demo.

One thing that is different from God Of War is the option to absolve or punish the souls you fight. Absolving builds your good karma and punishing builds your evil karma – unlocking different combos/magic like it did in Infamous.

Dante’s Inferno was a fun demo and I will definitely play it when it comes out. I just wonder whether it wouldn’t have been better to put this out in the summer when the large shadow of Kratos will have moved away.

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Dante’s Inferno by Dante Alighieri – Review (Book)

I thought seeing as I was looking forward to playing the game of Dante’s Inferno (which arrives in February 2010) I maybe ought to check out the literary classic that it’s (loosely) based on.

Being honest I was a little nervous upon seeing the size of the hardback book and the fact it was a poem didn’t inspire confidence either.

But how wrong I was.

Of course the subject matter is dark and twisted (it is a journey through hell after all 😆 ) but it was a very pleasurable read.

The fact it is a poem didn’t hinder my enjoyment and the entire thing weighed in at around 200 pages.

Written in the early 14th Century, Dante’s Inferno tells the story of a man (Dante) who finds himself lost in a wood on Good Friday of 1300 with seemingly no way out. Then a spirit called Virgil comes and explains he can help him but the two of them will have to travel through the nine circles of hell: Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Avarice (hoarding of material possessions), Wrath & Sloth, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treason.

Virgil acts as the man’s guide on behalf of Beatrice – a beautiful goddess who wants an audience with the man.

Beatrice is believed to be Dante’s real life childhood sweet heart, who lived next door to him but died aged only 24 years old. 😦

And so begins their descent through hell, meeting lots of well known historical figures and also some of the people from Dante’s life (presumably those who really annoyed him :smile:)

This really was one of those books that I couldn’t stop reading. Don’t let the fact that this is classic literature put you off, it’s a great read.

Now I’m looking forward to playing through the nine circles of hell in the new year!

Rating: 8/10

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EA – A Serious Return To Form

Electronic Arts was a powerhouse of great gaming during my formative gaming years. Classics such as Road Rash, Desert Strike, FIFA, the Mutant League series, PGA Tour Golf and James Pond to name a few, were always innovative and a delight to play.

But somehow over time EA became the ‘bad guy’ – the heartless corporation who were happy to churn out yearly updates of average games, often with little or no improvement.

Suddenly we had Burnout, Need For Speed, Harry Potter, SSX, the Def Jam fighting games 😡 and a host of annual sports updates. The difference being that these games (possibly excluding a few Burnout titles) were just not that great.

They started buying smaller, rival studios and created big rifts in the industry by often closing the studios down and taking their best talent.

And then all of a sudden things changed a few years ago – as well as the usual updates they announced two games which turned people’s impressions of EA on their head: Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge.

Two games which were highly polished, innovative, produced to an extremely high level… and were original ideas. Not a sequel or prequal – or even a film tie in. Just cleverly made great games.

Now I’m the first to admit that maybe Mirror’s Edge had it’s faults but that isn’t the issue here – what I’m talking about is EA’s willingness to take a shot at launching a new brand, based on something no-one had tried before.

Brutal Legend is another fine example – while the game appears to have tanked at retail, which is a shame, EA backed it all the way with marketing and promo. Not all of their new ideas come off so to speak.

The other shift was that the year updates, sporting especially, got good again. The Fight Night series was a serious return to form, culminating in Round 4’s superb simulation of the sport. Likewise FIFA – which has now overtaken long standing champion PES as the best football game around.

With Rock Band they are looking to take on Activision (the new ‘bad guys’ apparently) and Guitar Hero, a battle which will rage for years to come.

The standard of games forthcoming as well looks really positive with Army Of Two: 40th Day, Dante’s Inferno, Mass Effect 2 (not for us PS3 folks… yet :wink:) and Battlefield Bad Company 2 (the Beta of which is truly stunning) all arriving in the first quarter of 2010!

When I think back to 5 or 6 years ago it seems insane that EA of all people would be pushing the envelope and delivering top quality, fresh and innovative titles – long may it continue!

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Eurogamer Expo 2009

Eurogamer Main

Wow! What a fantastic gaming experience.

First of all a big shout out to everyone who put this Expo together – it was one of the smoothest run I’ve been to.

I got to see and play so many upcoming games it was a well spent £6. 🙂

Only disappointment was not playing Assassin’s Creed 2 as it was rammed all day. That meant wait to play it or skip it and probably play 2 or 3 other games.

Left 4 Dead 2 (XBox 360) and Tekken 6 were also extremely busy but I could take them or leave them so didn’t mind missing them too much.

Was surprised to see Army Of Two: 40th Day only have two TV’s showing the game and then be taken away well before the end of the day – would’ve liked to have given that a spin.

But there is a hell of a lot of stuff I DID play to get through, so let’s get to it…



I’ve been looking forward to this game (and Aliens: Colonial Marines) since it was announced.

The hands on was multiplayer only, with the choice of Marine, Alien or Predator. With words of Private Hudson ringing in my ears “game over man, it’s game over man!” I chose Marine. 😎

Mainly to see how the game plays compared to other FPS’s but also because I wanted to try my luck against the more fancied non-human characters.

I’m glad to say it holds up very well indeed and being a Marine isn’t as weak as I expected. You land a round of fire on a Predator he’s going down, likewise with the Alien but he’s so quick landing a round on him is an achievement.

They have captured that sense of panic you feel for the Marines in the film really well and it will be interesting to play the game without the background noise of an Expo going on! 😆


BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY 2Battlefield Bad Company 2

Totally didn’t expect to see this at the Expo but it was a very pleasant surprise.

I’m looking forward to this more than Modern Warfare 2 (meh, so sue me fanboys) and this hands on has increased the feeling this could be a special game.

Again it was multiplayer only and at times I had trouble finding the opposition but Battlefield Bad Company 2 looks astounding and plays really well.

The use of vehicles is a great touch and well handled, while the weapons had a reassuring kick to them as well. Could be massive online.



Not being a big fan of the Devil May Cry has meant that Bayonetta hasn’t really been on my radar other than a few trailers I’ve seen here and there.

Having the chance to play through a couple of levels has seen my interest rise but I get the feeling this would be more of a rental than a purchase.

However if you liked Devil May Cry you will probably want to pick up a copy.



Again, Borderlands was a game that I thought looked quite interesting but didn’t get when it was released a few weeks ago.

I feel that was the right decision – not because of how the game played, it was really good, but because this game has to be played in online co-op.

So for that reason, in the crowded pre-Christmas schedule, I won’t be picking this up.

However come the new year (or even the traditional summer drought) I’ll be persuading a few mates to get it and we’ll blast through it together.



As you’ll see further down the list, God Of War III was also on display at the Expo and unfortunately for Dante we played Kratos’ demo first.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Dante’s Inferno – this is a game that looks good and has some varied imagery on display.

However there is also A LOT in this hands on that is lifted directly from God Of War III. 😦

Having played both if I had to pick it’d be God Of War but hopefully Dante’s Inferno’s story will be gripping enough to warrant a playthrough.



This one was my biggest disappointment on the day.

It wasn’t exactly clear what we were supposed to be doing and there seemed to be a bit of an issue with the vertical climbing and cover system not quite working.

As this is a demo and is also probably a few months old I will give Dark Void the benefit of the doubt but from that hands on it reminded me of 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand just with a jetpack.



We kicked the day off with a playthrough of God Of War III and what a start to proceedings!

Graphically lush and with some great new visual effects, this is a game that manages to be even more brutal than the previous instalments.

Blood gushes everywhere, including all over Kratos himself, and stays wherever it’s landed – adding a touch more realism to the mythological world.

This will be a must have for any PS3 owner (who’s over 18 :lol:)



Much has been made of Heavy Rain and how amazing it could be. Everything I’ve seen of it points to something special so I was desperate to give it a go.

It took a while to get used to the controls (best described as like a driving game – R2 moves you forward and you use the left stick to dictate which direction) but it was a triumph when you did.

Graphically it was stunning, though the Junkyard level didn’t look as good as the Shop level.

What we enjoyed most about the demo was that for both parts we had different outcomes. 😎

The fact that it isn’t game over if you don’t make it through a sequence in one piece is awesome and the amount of options/choices for you means the game should have strong replay value.

I think Heavy Rain could be something very special if it can live up to the promise shown in these demo levels.




M.A.G is one of those games that I was undecided on going into the Expo.

256 multiplayer sounds amazing but all the footage I’d seen so far hadn’t been overly impressive.

However having actually played it I can confirm it’s great fun and well worth playing.

Sure we had no context of the squad depth or anything like that – just a set of objectives – but the actual gameplay itself was really strong.

Recoil was massive (may be realistic?) which meant you had to really aim you shots or you end up firing at the sky.

Definitely one to pick up and get involved in come January 2010.


THE SABOTEURThe Saboteur Expo

Another game I was looking forward to that didn’t quite live up to the promise shown in the trailers.

I do think The Saboteur will be an absolute blast to play (pardon the pun) but people looking for a polished, deep gaming experience may need to look elsewhere (Heavy Rain perhaps? :smile:)

Coming from Pandemic I expect this to be more in the vein of their previous title Mercenaries 2 – which is no bad thing, I really enjoyed that title.

The main problem here is that the AI seemed completely moronic. It shatters the illusion of getting past them in disguise when you can stand in front of them in your normal get up, aiming at a gun at them and they do nothing.

So, judging from the hands on, if you go into The Saboteur expecting a masterpiece you may be disappointed but if you’re looking for a fun title to blow some stuff in – then this could be the one for you.



Was not expecting this at all.

Thought I’d check Split/Second out as I liked the idea from the trailer of destructable scenery etc.

This game was an absolute blast – a cartoon style rampage through an airport race track in the style of Mario Kart but with stunning HD visuals.

From what I could gather you fill up your ‘special’ bar by driving fast and drifting around corners. Once the bar is full you have two options.

If you’re directly behind someone you can press X to trigger a more personal takedown, or at certain points trigger a short cut. If you prefer the bigger showpiece you’ll also have the option to press O at specific points on the track to trigger a major event, like the control crumbling and smashing down onto the tarmac. 😮 😎

Can see this being awesome fun in multiplayer.


So there you have it – a monster round up of a fantastic event. Having been lucky enough to play through the games of the future I think it is an amazing time to be a gamer.

And with a lot of great stuff being PS3 exclusive we’ve got a lot of brilliant games to look forward to.

With inFAMOUS and Uncharted 2 already impressing you can add MAG, God of War III and Heavy Rain to the list.

Good times. 😎

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So here’s Part Two of the Most Wanted Games 2009/10 and in this part we are going to look at some of titles that will be coming out the back end of the year, early next year and even a few that don’t have official release dates yet.



Uncharted 2

Release Date: TBA 2009

The return of Nathan Drake is very welcome and it will be great to step back into the shoes of the plucky adventurer.

Graphically I suspect there will be only minor improvements – the first game was stunning visually and was the first time I felt a game did HD justice.

But it was the gameplay that hooked everyone and Uncharted 2 looks to maintain the same level of brilliance – the game will be set in different environments but most of the gameplay will be similar to the first game.

One big change is that multi-player will feature in the new game, both co-operative and competitive. See the trailer above for more on that.

Again this is one that will be a huge release and is a game I am really excited about. If you haven’t played the first game get it now in preparation for the next installment.


Bioshock 2

Release Date: TBC 2009

I’ve only just started playing the first Bioshock and am really enjoying it so far.

If it carries on at this level and turns out to be as great as everyone says then obviously the second game will be one to watch out for.

Looks like the theme this time is sand rather than water but I’m too scared to dig any deeper in case I uncover something that will spoil the first game for me 😳



Release Date: Sept 2009

Well that’s certainly a departure from the previous direction of the Colin McRae Dirt game. Last time out it was strictly a point to point rally racing game which was enjoyable but not a huge amount of fun online.

This time they’ve gone all ‘off road’ on us and I think it could really take the series to the next level.

Graphically it looks amazing so fingers crossed we be enjoying some quality racing come September!


Dante’s Inferno

Release Date: TBA 2010

I loved Dead Space so I was immediately interested to see what the guys that made it are working on next.

Dante’s Inferno is the story of the Divine Comedy, a piece of literature revered around the world.

Dante must fight his way through the nine levels of hell, encountering plenty of fiendish opponents on the way.

Could this be a possible rival to God Of War 3? I suspect it’ll be different enough not to go head-to-head, in fact it reminds me more of a much darker Devil May Cry – which may not be a bad thing.

No gameplay as yet but I will be hoping for some more details soon.


Assassin’s Creed 2

Release Date: Jan/Feb 2010

Not a great deal is known so far about Assassin’s Creed 2 but I am just glad the game is on it’s way as I thoroughly enjoyed the first game after a few niggly bits (having to unlock so much of the map :mad:).

There was nothing better than carrying out an assassination successfully and the game gave you plenty of different ways to do it.

Check out some kills from the first game on the video below:

There aren’t many games you could do that on (not that I could do all of them anyway :grin:) and my hopes are high for the sequel.

Hopefully they have created more varied means of locating your target rather than the three methods in the first game but either way this should be a brilliant title.

I’m looking forward to seeing some actual gameplay footage.


I Am Alive

Release Date: TBC 2009/10

I’m always slightly dubious with games that release a stunning trailer and then nothing.

I Am Alive appears to be a survival game in the same vein as ‘S.O.S Final Escape’ on the PS2. You’ll be tasked with making your way through the aftermath of a natural disaster (earthquake in this case) and doing you best to survive.

Hopefully this is the case and it’s not a government conspiracy/alien invasion (delete as appropriate) because S.O.S was an awesome game and it would be great to have a similar experience in HD.

Fingers crossed that it lives up to the promise of the trailer and hopefully we’ll have some gameplay footage or more details soon.


Red Dead Redemption

Release Date: TBC 2009/10

I thought Red Dead Revolver on PS2 was an excellent game and it highlighted an under used environment in gaming recently – the Western.

In the same way InFamous and Prototype are clashing so are Red Dead Redemption and Call Of Juarez (see Part One).

But the games appear to be fundamentally different.

We’ve seen footage of Juarez but not Red Dead however my interest really peaked last week as a journalist set the internet on fire when he twittered about having the Rockstar guys in the office and said he couldn’t say what they’d been shown but that ‘it could be GTA5’.

Most people presumed it was GTA5 but it turns out it was likely Red Dead Redemption.

So GTA set in a Western environment – hell yeah!

The story would presumably be a lot less linear than the first game and I think if that is the way the game is going it could really reboot the franchise in a positive way.


Alien Vs Predator

Release Date: TBA 2010


So that’s where Aliens: Colonial Marines went 😉

Very little is known, the screenshot above is one of the few bits of info we have.

This could be a fantastic game with (hopefully) a brilliant multi-player aspect.

Not sure whether the game will take it’s cue from the old PC game or feature a brand new story but either way excitement levels, especially among fans of either film series, will be reaching fever pitch through the rest of this year as we get more info.



Release Date: TBA 2009/10

Again, not a huge deal is known about this game but I think it looks pretty cool based on the trailer above.

Wet sees you take on the role of a female assassin.

It doesn’t seem to be too fussed with an Agent 47 methodical style of killing the victim and getting away with it, more a sort of Angel Of Death bloody rampage type of thing.

Shooting someone while sliding on your knees is the rock n roll of the assassin world 🙂 so let’s hope the game can provide plenty of stand out moments alongside the shoot to kill gameplay.


The Agency

Release Date: TBC 2010

Sony’s multiplayer extravaganza is shaping up to be great fun.

Each player takes on the role of a spy and has to complete various objectives within a 24 hour real-time online world.

Effectively there will be no single player mode, only challenges against or with the help of other players.

There will be non-playable characters who players will have to do missions linked to – and they can enlist the help of fellow players online if they want.

There will also be player v player missions, although we’re not sure yet if that means team v team or individual v individual.

I would guess maybe one person would have ‘guard this paper with your life for 15 minutes’ while a numerous amount of others would be trying to track them down and get the paper.

Sounds cool as long as enough people are playing it and I look forward to trying it out.


Formula 1 2010

Release Date: 2010

I’m not a huge fan of F1 but the games of the past have been fairly straightforward affairs – always enjoyable but never really impressing.

Now that Codemasters have the licence I honestly think they can do great things with the game. Their pedigree recently, Dirt/Grid/TOCA, has been rwally good and I’m looking forward to seeing what this game turns out like.


Deus Ex 3

Release Date: TBC 2010

Deus Ex on the PS2 was one of the best games I’ve ever played.

The amount of choice you had and the amazing story was so awe inspiring I was gutted I never got the chance to play the follow up.

Now it appears they are bringing the third installment to PS3 – with the increased AI the PS3 is capable of, not to mention the leap the graphics, this is one game I can’t wait for.


Gran Turismo 5

Release Date: TBC 2009/10

The Real Driving SimulatorTM returns for it’s fifth installment sometime in the future – although nobody seems to know quite when it will be ready.

Expect the usual race based realism with lovingly recreated vehicles. I’ve never really been a huge fan of Gran Turismo – the last one I played seriously was GT2, the others I dipped into.

The difference here could be online, which could really make things interesting. Real life races and championships are a must and I think GT5 will offer a completely different driving experience to both Dirt2 and Formula 1 2010.

I’m sure it’ll look amazing but I will want a lot more info on the different game modes before committing to this one.


So there we go, that should be enough to keep you all busy for a while.

I know that not all releases are covered here, this isn’t a definitive list by any means – just stuff I’m looking forward to that I thought it would be cool to share on the off chance you haven’t heard of it.

Thanks for reading!