GregHorrorShow: Game Awards 2014

Game Awards 2014 Main

Now that everyone has had time to digest their turkey and Christmas pudding, it’s a good opportunity to look back at last year’s game offerings and dole out some awards.

So let’s start at the very beginning – well, 2013 to be precise…



Game Awards 2014 AC IV

WINNER: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (PS4)

Black Flag missed out on a place in last year’s list as the PS4 launch was too late in 2013 for consideration. I was burned out on Assassin’s Creed by 2012’s title which I felt had a poor lead character and not a particularly great story. Black Flag throws the Assassin’s Creed rule book out of the window (well, not the whole book) and gives you a fun character and interesting world to explore, along with decent gameplay to compliment it. The sailing aspect is excellent and I never got bored of my crew striking up a shanty 🙂



Game Awards 2014 Innovation

WINNER: Nemesis System (Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor)

There were some cool new ideas in games last year. The prospect of a single player game being online and full of people isn’t a new one, we’ve had quite a few of those trailers over the last few years, where the game pulls back and reveals the other characters are real players (The Division etc.). Despite it’s faults Watch_Dogs was the first game that I thought handled it quite well, with other players able to hack your game and you having to force them out. Photo Mode is one of those things that you can’t believe wasn’t in games before – the ability to pause the action and be able to set up a photo opportunity might not sound that ground-breaking but it changes how you play the game and has led to some amazing in-game shots of titles like The Last Of Us: Remastered, DriveClub and Infamous: Second Son. For me though, the biggest innovation has to be the Nemesis system in Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor, which gives personality and meaning to the enemies you encounter throughout the game. Essentially enemies are named and remember the previous times you’ve met in battle. They can also be promoted through the ranks of the opposition army and it’s fun to have some history with opponents. When you clash with them the camera pans in and the enemy will taunt you or threaten you. The other cool thing about this feature is that it isn’t limited to specific characters or events – you can sometimes find yourself in a battle with two or three of these named enemies if they happen to be in the same area you’re fighting in. It’s a great addition to an open world title and gives the game world a huge boost.


  • Invasion Multiplayer (Watch Dogs)
  • Photo Mode (Various PS4 Titles)
  • Shadow Gameplay (Contrast)



Game Awards 2014 DLC

WINNER: Last Of Us – Left Behind (PS3)

The Last Of Us was my game of the year for 2013 and February saw the release of the long awaited story DLC ‘Left Behind’ in which you played as Ellie. Set before the events of the main game it was a look at Ellie’s relationship with her close friend Riley. Well written and with some truly memorable moments this is quite possibly the best DLC I’ve played. Wholly recommended and for you lucky folks who have picked up The Last Of Us Remastered on PS4, this DLC is already included on your disc – enjoy!


  • Second Assault (Battlefield 4)
  • Intercept (Killzone Shadow Fall)
  • Ignition Pack (DriveClub)



Game Awards 2014 Download2

WINNER: Transistor

I’ve never played Supergiant Games previous title ‘Bastion’, although I always loved the art style. So when the studio’s follow up for announced as a PS4 exclusive it was a title I was really looking forward to. At that stage I had no idea how much I would fall in love with the world, art, music and gameplay of Transistor. I also thoroughly enjoyed the second season of The Walking Dead and I certainly wasn’t expecting to get as much out of Resogun as I did – I’m looking forward to picking that up on Vita as well when it arrives. A title that didn’t technically land this year but arrived on Vita was the superb Rogue Legacy – if you haven’t checked that out yet then make sure you pick it up!


  • The Walking Dead: Season Two
  • Resogun
  • Rogue Legacy



Game Awards 2014 Anticipated

WINNER: Uncharted: A Thief’s End

While 2014 might’ve been a little disappointing, with lots of top tier releases being delayed into 2015. On the flip side it means that this year is already full of quality titles just waiting to jump into your PS4 as the months progress 🙂 For me the biggest of these is Uncharted: A Thief’s End. I *love* this series, which never fails to keep me entertained and I can’t get enough of the characters created by the wonderful folks at Naughty Dog. The gameplay reveal in December has left me even more psyched than ever, so roll on November! It was hard to narrow down the runners up to just three when factoring in titles like Batman: Arkham Knight, Bloodborne and No Man’s Sky. However the other three games I’m most excited for have to be Hotline Miami 2, Metal Gear Solid V and the new Rainbow Six game, which I think could be amazing if they nail it.


  • Metal Gear Solid V
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number



WINNER: Uncharted: A Thief’s End

As mentioned above I’m a huge fan of Uncharted and boy was this reveal trailer impressive. Giving a glimpse at what might be possible for PS4 in the future, even if the gameplay only looks half as good as this it’ll be a huge step up for the series. Cuphead isn’t even scheduled to come to Playstation platforms but I adored this trailer, which reminded me of all the old cartoons I used to watch as a kid – what a great artstyle! If you needed an excuse to get excited for Velocity 2x then this trailer was it, showcasing the new platforming sections as well as the ship based gameplay… and THAT music! Sadly Assassin’s Creed Unity didn’t live up to the hype but the series continued it’s great run of trailers with this gem, scored by Lorde’s version of Tears For Fears.


  • Cuphead
  • Assassin’s Creed Unity
  • Velocity 2x







Game Awards 2014 Vita

WINNER: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

The Vita has had some great games this year, original titles like Murasaki Baby, Freedom Wars and Luftrausers as well as excellent ports like Fez and a solid version of Football Manager. I enjoyed the super addictive Rogue Legacy and Velocity 2x, both requiring a different set of gaming skills while I thoroughly enjoyed the cold war setting and espionage gameplay of CounterSpy. That being said it was a more unusual title that ended up being the one I got the most out of – Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Yes, that is a real title and yes, it’s a fantastic game! The story of a group of students who wake up to find themselves trapped in their school. The only escape is to kill another student and get away with it by beating a courtroom judgement. All seemingly masterminded by an evil, robotic teddy bear. Crazy, for sure, but a great gaming experience.


  • Rogue Legacy
  • CounterSpy
  • Velocity 2X



Game Awards 2014 Graphics

WINNER: DriveClub

Just look at that picture. Click it to see the full size version. That isn’t a press shot or some PR trick, I took that screenshot during a race using DriveClub’s Photo Mode. It is insane how good this game looked before the weather update added different conditions. And now? Well, it’s certainly one you could show to friends and family to show what the PS4 can do. Big shout outs to Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare for some ridiculously good facial animation, Destiny for a wonderful art style and Alien: Isolation for an almost perfect recreation of the original film’s world. But this year’s award goes to the DriveClub – possibly the best looking game I’ve ever played.


  • Destiny
  • Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • Alien Isolation



Game Awards 2014 Story

WINNER: TellTale’s The Walking Dead (Season 2)

The return of Clem, and the fact that you were controlling her, in the second season of The Walking Dead had me in two minds about the direction the game was taking. I loved Clem and felt that maybe she was better left behind in the first season and that the new run of episodes should feature just new characters. How wrong I was, while it stumbled at times, this season of the game was superb and I found myself with a decent resolution by the time the final credits rolled. I really enjoyed the story of Transistor, delving into the back story there was great – although I felt that game was more about the characters than a specific storyline per se. I ended up liking the story of Murdered: Soul Suspect as well, which had some interesting twists and turns. The closest game to beating The Walking Dead though was the superb DLC for The Last Of Us ‘Left Behind’, which as I mentioned earlier looks at the relationship between Ellie and Riley.


  • Last Of Us – Left Behind (PS3)
  • Transistor
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect



Game Awards 2014 Download

WINNER: Transistor

The music in Transistor is a huge part of the game and what an amazing soundtrack. The excellent Darren Korb delivers a brilliant score, with some help from vocalist Ashley Barrett and this is one of those games where you’ll be raving about the music for a long time afterwards. Destiny‘s score had some wonderful moments and the recreation/remix of original music from the Alien film gives Isolation a really strong score element. Child of Light was another title that I thought music played a big part in and the score is definitely worth checking out. Special nod to Velocity 2x as well which I thought was also a great soundtrack.


  • Child Of Light
  • Destiny
  • Alien Isolation



Game Awards 2014 Music

WINNER: Grand Theft Auto V Remastered

Adding 162 new tracks to an already huge and impressive soundtrack is a great way to help flesh out some of the radio stations in your game. Doing it with quality artists like Jackson Sisters, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Chvrches and Lorde just increases the richness of your world no end. Good lord even Bobby Brown’s ‘On Our Own’ from Ghostbusters II is in here! Just, wow. Watch_Dogs had a good soundtrack but was hampered by the fact you had to unlock tracks in game rather than them all just being on the radio. FIFA 15 delivered again, for the sake of clarity I did help shape the soundtrack to that one a little, but even the stuff I played no part in was great. And Battlefield 4 technically shouldn’t be in here but it missed out last year based on time constraints and deserves a nod for ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’.


  • Battlefield 4
  • FIFA 15
  • Watch_Dogs



Game Awards 2014 Voice

WINNER: Infamous: Second Son

I enjoyed Infamous: Second Son, although I did feel a little let down that the characters weren’t more fleshed out. Having said that what was on display here was seriously impressive in terms of voice casting, with Troy Baker and Laura Bailey doing most of the heavy lifting. Matched with some superb facial animation, Infamous gave us the best voice acting of the year. Both ‘Left Behind’ and ‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ weren’t far behind though, the latter also helped by having the fantastic Kevin Spacey on board.


  • Last Of Us DLC
  • Transistor
  • Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare



Game Awards 2014 Single Player

WINNER: Transistor

The haunting quality that Supergiant Games gave to the world of Transistor was a big part of why I wanted to explore the world and discover more about the characters but if it didn’t have the gameplay to back it up, this game would not be taking this award. Taking the time to plan out your moves before erasing them and trying a different solution was an addictive process. As you hit ‘go’ to put your plan into action there was a rush of the unknown as you desperately hoped your plan would work as desired. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t but it almost always felt satisfying. Shadow Of Mordor’s main accomplishment is taking various elements from other titles, mixing in the Nemesis system and having everything work together really well. Sadly the story wasn’t up to scratch, a problem which also hampered Advanced Warfare. Again the gameplay in Call Of Duty was strong though and graphically it was excellent. Far Cry 4 delivered more of the same goodness from the previous game and it’s emergent world was great fun to be a part of. Also a quick nod to Dragon Age: Inquisition which I’ve been enjoying but haven’t spent enough time with for serious consideration here.


  • Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor
  • Far Cry 4



Game Awards 2014 MP

WINNER: The Last Of Us: Remastered

2014 was a bizarre year for multiplayer games, with most of the year being taken up with last year’s titles like Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Killzone: Shadow Fall. There just wasn’t anything that attractive in the multiplayer space on PS4 – Xbox and PC owners had Titanfall but judging from others comments, even the allure of that wore off fairly quickly. FIFA 15 was up to its usual tricks and I got pulled back into Ultimate Team mode again. Destiny had its hooks into me for a while there as I was really enjoying the multiplayer and more recently (now that it all works) DriveClub has been amazing fun – both in terms of time challenges and straight up races. For me though it was another 2013 title that I ploughed countless hours into. The Last Of Us Remastered hit PS4 this year and with the package containing all previous online maps and the extra Interrogation mode, there wasn’t a better online experience in 2014. The meta-game with your camp remains a really nice touch – meaning that everyone always has something to play for – even if you’re having a bad round the need to get supplies means that you’ll never just write a round off. Added to that the fact the game still looks glorious despite its gritty nature and you have one hell of an online experience on your hands.

Runners Up

  • Destiny
  • FIFA 15
  • DriveClub



Game Awards 2014 GOTY

Winner: Transistor

Well, who would’ve thought in the first full year of PS4 it would be a turned based strategy game that would take home Game Of The Year? The simple truth is I got lost in Transistor in a way I simply didn’t in any other game this year. The music, the art, the gameplay… the characters… the world. Wonderful stuff and much deeper, tactically, than you might originally give it credit for. The style of the cut scenes had me hammering the screenshot button again and again. My only complaint would be that I’d have liked a bit more story told through the game rather than unlockables but it’s a small gripe in the grand scheme of things. I can’t wait to see what Supergiant come up with next.

Runners Up:

  • The Last Of Us: Remastered
  • Far Cry 4
  • Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor


So that’s 2014 done and dusted!

I’d love to hear if you agree with any of the choices above and what your favourite games were from last year. Here’s to 2015!


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GregHorrorShow’s 10 Games That Should Be Announced For The NGP (PSP2)

With the official announcement of Sony’s NGP (Next Generation Portable – a working title if ever I heard one :lol:) the gaming world (mainly) rejoiced at what appears to be a gaming handheld for the hardcore market.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to your handheld to extend your PS3 experience or not, you can’t deny that a line up featuring original games (not ports of existing titles) from the universes of Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance and Call Of Duty to name a few is targeting a specific market.

For me there were immediately a whole host of game series swimming around my head that I’d love to see on this new device.

And just to clarify I’m not talking about ports of existing games – what I want to see are fully fledged spin offs or games that bridge the gap between a PS3 game and it’s sequel.

In no order whatsoever –



Borderlands was a fantastic game. With it’s cell shaded style and outrageous weapons you couldn’t help but be impressed. I know Gearbox has released a whole heap of DLC for it so some people may have had their fill but I’d love to see a version on NGP.



Football? Yep. Hockey? Yep. American Football? Yep. There was no point trying to choose a specific sport here – needless to say with twin analogue sticks sports games should be able to step up to the next level on NGP. (Also on a side note… EA surely must be supporting the NGP and yet there was no sign of them at the announcement? Perhaps there will be a big EA reveal at some stage – I certainly hope so.)



The Dead Space universe is well fleshed out with books and films as well as the games. I would love to see an NGP game with an existing character that somehow ties into the main game series. There is certainly enough material to work with.



With Killzone and Call Of Duty confirmed the shooter genre is fairly well covered on the NGP but that doesn’t stop me hoping to be able to play Battlefield on the go. C’mon DICE tie it in nicely with Battlefield 3 and we’ll be up and running!




As much as I love Football Manager on the PSP it is pretty limited and the makers have said they have reached breaking point on the current hardware. I’d love to see you be able to run a full reserve team, work on your team’s ground and have more detailed interactions with the media/fans/players. The developers recently said they were looking into making a console version of the game so I’m crossing my fingers.



Can you imagine a game like Fallout *in the palm of your hand* Probably nothing else would get played as I ploughed hour after hour into it 🙂 With the games being as buggy as they are anyway surely they’d be no problem bringing a new tale from the Capitol Wasteland or New Vegas to the NGP.



Yes, yes after two games in two years (and another one in 2011) some of you will be sick of stabbing people with the hidden blade but there is real potential here for a full Assassin’s Creed spin off with an entirely new ancestor instead of Ezio or Altair. Sheesh I’d even take a modern day take with Desmond that features proper action/stealth. Maybe breaking into Asbergo etc.



Syphon Filter was a great little PSOne title that spawned a sequel or two and then branched further on the original PSP with two more games. Held back by the lack of duel sticks and some questionable A.I could the NGP see the return of Gabe Logan?



I’m talking Bioshock Infinite as opposed to Rapture, despite the fact I enjoyed the first two games. It would be great to have a handheld game that could maybe set up some of the story for the forthcoming game. I wouldn’t object to a title set in Rapture (perhaps during it’s heyday?) but that world needs to be done a little differently to avoid feeling stale.



Come on you know you’d love to see this. At this stage I’d even take a Robin spin off 😆 After Arkham Asylum and the upcoming Arkham City, Batman is definitely back in vogue and perhaps a darker grittier version of another classic hero (Spiderman? Superman?) could also work. There are a wealth of comic characters out there if the feeling is that Batman has been over saturated.


So there you go – food for thought on the NGP front. Would welcome any comments or games you guys would like to see on the NGP. Or even just to know if you’re gonna pick up an NGP?


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GregHorrorShow’s Top 100 Games: 30-21

Operation Wolf

Right, here’s another installment of GregHorrorShow’s Top 100 Games.

A quick recap on how I decided who came where:

I decided, as so many games mean so many different things to me, I should come up with a fair way to judge them. This is what I came up with:

Time Spent Playing




Ground Breaking?

A few provisos before we hit the next ten games…

Firstly this is my list of my Top 100 games. I certainly don’t expect you guys to agree with it (though hopefully you’ll agree with some of the choices) and would welcome any comments.

Secondly, I’m not planning on putting the scores or totals up, just listing the games in the order they came out in.

Lastly, I never owned a Nintendo or Microsoft console so my experiences on these games were limited to friend’s houses etc – bite me 🙂

Let’s go!


30. GRAND THEFT AUTO (Playstation)


I remember picking this game up after hearing good things and just loving the absolute comedy of it all. As you try to make your way up the criminal ladder in this top down action/adventure game you come across all kinds of weird and wonderful sights. The squeaky voice they used for talking always used to crack me up. I seem to recall it being a bit of a pain to control the vehicles occasionally but most of the gameplay was spot on. Paved the way for future trips to Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City.


29. RAINBOW SIX VEGAS (Playstation 3)

Rainbow Six Vegas

I thoroughly enjoyed this tactical first person shooter. It made a change from the usual run and gun – In Rainbow Six Vegas if you went in all guns blazing you were usually dead in about 5 seconds so you had to think things through and use your team to the best of your ability. Controlling two other characters as well might sound daunting but it was easy and really helped shape your tactical ideas. Also it meant you cared a bit more about their well being as it was you who was telling them where to go. Some of the set pieces the game designers led you to were awesome spectacles and I still have my fingers crossed for a third game in this great series.


28. BIOSHOCK (Playstation 3)


Having had this recommended by a friend (cheers Oggy 🙂 ) as one of the best games he’s played I picked myself up a copy and immersed myself in the underwater world / hell of Rapture. Bioshock is a dark, dark game. While you always feel like you’re just trying to survive there is a really nasty undercurrent running through the game world. The plot is immense and I won’t even try to get into here but needless to say this is gaming at it’s finest, taking a chance on some outlandish, yet astoundingly brilliant, story ideas. The Little Sisters 😦


27. LITTLEBIGPLANET (Playstation 3)


I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this game as I helped with the music on it and it was so much fun, so addictive that I’d completed it before it even came out in the shops. Sackboy has become a wonderful mascot for the Playstation 3 brand and this game really shows why. Customising your character and playing through the various crazy levels (loved Uncle Jalapeno!) Is great fun. That’s not even mentioning the comedy of multi-player or the fact you can build your own level and upload it online for everyone to play. *Shameless Plug* My created level is called ‘Kitchen Kaper’ by GregHorrorShow. Had a lot of compaints it’s too hard, let me know what you think.


26. ROAD RASH II (Sega Mega Drive)


Where do I start? I suspect most people reading this will have played this game (or at least the first one). This was in my Mega Drive for a very long time back in the day. What I loved about the sequel was that it had more freedom with regards to buying and selling the bikes. So it really felt like a choice when you rolled up to the start line. Nitros were awesome and I think everyone and their mum wanted to bag the chain as a weapon. Man if you could time that swing, you could almost take people down in advance. I’d love to see this updated for the next gen or even give us a fully online version of the old game – would love to play my mates at this online.


25. SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS (Playstation 2)


When people talk about games as art two names invariably crop up. Ico is one (I have yet to play it) and Shadow Of The Colossus is another. To bring your sweetheart back from the dead you are tasked with defeating the massive beasts known as The Colossi. Off you go on your trusty steed with a bow and arrow & sword to fight monsters which are in comparison as tall as skyscrapers. The tragedy of all this is that it’s you waking the Colossi up to kill them. They aren’t on a murderous rampage. Essentially you’re taking their lives to get your girlfriend back. Harsh. This is a beautiful game that is quite rightly revered as one of the best gaming experiences out there.


24. MAD DOG MCCREE (Arcade)


This one takes me back. Everytime we go near an arcade I’m on the look out for this bad boy. Me, my dad and my brothers love Mad Dog McCree. The hammy Western acting is unparallelled and the Undertaker… Absolute classic. The premise is simple. Using a light gun blast your way through the wild west. You even get a choice of where in town you want to go (by shooting the wooden signpost 😎 ). Heard a rumour it’s coming to Wii – if the motion sensor is up to the task maybe we’ll all chip in and get one 😉



Operation Wolf 2

“You have sustained a lethal injury. Sorry but you are finished here.” Another light gun game but again what a stunner. Operation Wolf had you busting into enemy territory S.A.S style in an attempt to rescue hostages. The best thing about this was that the gun a) was attached to the cabinet not held in your hand, b) had some sort of recoil as you fired and c) wasn’t a pistol it was a MACHINE GUN 😎 We had this on the ZX Spectrum as well but obviously it was better in the arcade – just wasn’t the same using the cursor keys and the space bar to fire 😦



Football Manager PSP

Football Manager on PC has never really been one for me as I never had a PC at home and our laptop now isn’t used for gaming really. However when this dropped on PSP I was onboard straight away. I don’t think I need to pick a particular version but if pressed I’d go for Football Manager 2008 as it’s the latest one I have and it has some cool features – such as interacting more with players/media. The stories this game creates are unreal and it’s always great to get stuck into. Guided Wycombe Wanderers from League 2 to the Premiership (it did take 20 years though!) And we just won the Carling Cup 😎 It’s 2027 on the game. Oh happy days.




Definitely the weakest of all the 3D Grand Theft Auto games, San Andreas was nonetheless still a great game. In my opinion it might have been too big – I’m all for a sense of scale but at times it became a chore getting from place to place. The story line was pretty good and the music was spot on. It certainly had it’s moments and this is one of those games a lot of people started but never finished. It was certainly worth finishing to see the plot play out and the last few missions were cool. I liked it when you got to the last island with the casinos etc. Great stuff.


And so another ten games pass us by as we head into the Top 20!

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Top Ten: Franchises I’d Like To See On PS3


I was thinking the other day about what a great set of games we as PS3 owners have coming up with the likes of Uncharted 2, Assassin’s Creed II, Modern Warfare 2, God Of War 3 etc.

And then I thought back to some of the older games I used to play and how cool it might be if some of them were re-imagined, brought into the 21st Century and onto the PS3.

So here’s the 10 franchises I’d most like to see on the PS3…


10. Kingdom Hearts


Kingdom Hearts squeezes onto the list because I feel sorry for my wife who has had to make do with Kingdom Hearts II since 2006 🙂 It’s been a while since I had to sit and watch Sora, Goofy, Donald et al jumping and hacking their way across my TV.

For such a big title, which has been a success in Japan, the US and Europe it’s surprising a next gen title hasn’t been announced, although it’s been hinted at that the upcoming PSP game will tie in with a ‘future title.’

I would imagine they’d give the graphics a lick of paint but the gameplay would stay the same and although I don’t play the games myself I do find it interesting to see which Disney characters they have included as we go through the levels.

However I expect with the PSP game yet to appear Kingdom Hearts fans may be looking at a late 2010/early 2011 release date for Kingdom Hearts III – unless those scamps at Squre Enix have been hard at work without releasing any info at all. All I’ll say is stranger things have happened!


9. The Helicopter ‘Strike’ Series 


Sega Mega Drive classic ‘Desert Strike’ and the pretty good follow up ‘Jungle Strike’ (but we’ll leave it at those two I think 😆 ) were both games that lots of people will remember.

You were in control of a US army helicopter and after choosing your co-pilot got dropped in at the deep end – with a bunch of mission objectives and a host of M.I.A’s (Missing In Action) to track down.

The gameplay was really strong and while the content (a war with the Middle East) was sensitive at the time I was too young to understand all that and just wanted to blow some stuff up. 🙂

There are plenty of games that have used flying for it’s mode of transport and the recent Tom Clancy Hawx went down the simulation route but I think with a touch of ‘Mercenaries,’ a hint of ‘GTA IV’ and a splash of ‘Battlefield: Bad Company’ a new “Strike” game could be really great.


8. Manhunt


I would imagine a PS3 version of Manhunt is in the works but we haven’t had any sort of announcement from Rockstar about a next gen title in the series.

Obviously any new Manhunt won’t have the original’s twisted story to fall back on and I sincerely hope a new version wouldn’t be relying on ‘shocking’ close up kills to sell the game.

Manhunt, for me, was always about the character not the kills. The fact that this guy (or in fact, you) was being forced to kill was a real mindbender. Sure the guys he was taking out were evil thugs but still…

Perhaps the newer version could give you normal people to kill (or not, depending on your choices) although I suppose that might be taking it too far.

Manhunt is certainly a series that would sell well if another game was released but they would definitely need to come up with a great, clever story to juxtaoppose the over the top violence that most people remember the games for.


7. Chase HQ


Chase HQ for me was a brilliant little game that, though limited in gameplay, never got tired – mainly due to the fact that once you caught up with the criminal you were chasing you lent out of the car window and popped one of those awesome stick on police lights on the roof 😎

I admit they may need to up the gameplay – as it was you were given a target, had a time limit to catch them then had to run them off the road.

On the plus side they could check out the updated versions of Out Run for how to do a good job of bringing Chase HQ into the next generation of gaming.

With a graphical overhaul, some new modes and online multiplayer this could be a good little game. Plus the siren is cool anytime 🙂


6. Football Manager


As someone who loves the PSP version of Football Manager but would like a bit more depth and interaction it would brilliant to see Football Manager make the step over onto PS3.

Obviously they released one a few seasons back on XBox 360 so I guess at some stage this could become a reality although possibly their ties with Microsoft could end up keeping it a XBox 360 console exclusive.

On the flip side I fear if this actually happened I might never play anything else ever again 😆

I’ve tried the PC version which was cool but I just can’t game on the PC – even with something point and click based like Football Manager, I just feel like I need a pad in my hand. 😐


5. Road Rash


Road Rash was a big fixture in my gaming childhood as I spent hours racing and fighting through the wonderfully colourful terrains created for this awesome game.

The idea behind it was simple – get a bike and take part in illegal street races. The difference here being the fact that you would fight with your rival racers as you made your way through, knocking each other off your bikes.

You’d start off with a terrible bike and earn cash from races to upgrade and get better bikes. It helped that you could also grab weapons from the other racers (like clubs and chains) that were devestating to wield.

You’d obviously have to flesh out the gameplay a bit for the next gen as people expect more bang for their buck but perhaps adding some different weapons and features for the bikes, along with the option to race against other online and a graphical overhaul, might just be enough to see this brought to a new audience.

I’d certainly pick it up as an PSN game even if they just touched up the graphics and made it multi-player online. Imagine 16 or 20 racers all online – just hope I can get the chain and hang on to it 😆


4. Speedball


Speedball has had various updates over the years as several different games companies have attempted to bring the game into 3D.

I’d love to see someone like Rockstar have a bash at this and make it a really dark, gritty game. Would be awesome to see it as a story/career based game where you have to work your way up through the leagues/teams.

Kind of like a TOCA Race Driver type of story mode, only a lot more improved and with some sinster undercurrents 🙂

Speedball was always on the dark side – a brutal undeground sport where you could seriously injure your opponents and scoring goals after racking up the points multiplier was all that mattered. Imagine the people that brought you GTA, Manhunt and Max Payne working on a PS3 version! 😎


3. Twisted Metal


Rumours have been floating around for ages that David Jaffe’s (creator of Twisted Metal/God Of War/Calling All Cars) latest top secret project for PS3 is a new Twisted Metal.

He refuses to confirm (or deny) the rumour so this remains on the ‘ones I’d love to see’ list.

The original Twisted Metal on PSOne was a brilliant game of astute driving and absolute carnage. The weapons were well balanced and the drivers/vehicles likewise.

The amazing cast of characters also helped – everyone remembers Sweet Tooth (the psychotic clown with the Ice Cream Van) but all of them had their own back story and everyone had their personal favourites… mine were Crimson Viper and Spectre btw. 😎

Twisted Metal Black on the PS2 continued the high standard but didn’t quite have the same impact (for me at least, the game itself was very well received) although I suspect that might’ve been because it came at a time when I wasn’t gaming all the time.

Twisted Metal will be brilliant on PS3 and I hope the fact Jaffe hasn’t denied the rumour is an indication that this could be coming in 2010.


2. Syphon Filter


Having played and loved the original Syphon Filter on PSOne and working through the PSP games as well, I’m all for a return to the big stage for Gabe Logan. With the Splinter Cell series spiking off exclusively to XBox 360, PS3 is a man down in the stealth/gadget war and Gabe could be the man to rectify the balance.

Syphon Filter has always been about the gadgets, whether it’s Thermal Googles or explosive dart ammo for your sniper rifle. And of course the trusty EDT – a brilliant device that effectively tasers your opponent. Without the need to stay within the confines of usual laws you could keep it held on until your opponent was literally smoking. Extravagant? Perhaps, but when you were out of ammo it was a god send 🙂

The comparisons to Metal Gear Solid were inevitable but really Syphon Filter plays a lot like the more action based Metal Gear Solid 4 than the original stealth classic.

I think this would be a great addition to the PS3 catalogue of games.


1. Hitman


Ah, Agent 47 – where the hell are you?!

2006 was the last time we got to use Agent 47’s skills to carry out some (and some not so) stealthy assassinations. And there is still no new word on a next gen version.

Eidos did announce Hitman 5 back in 2007 and I’m hopeful that Eidos money trouble and the take over by Square Enix won’t harm the chances of this one coming out *crosses fingers* but I would’ve thought we would have had some more info by now.

Hitman: Blood Money was the only title in the series I played but that was enough to give me a thirst for a next gen version – the way you had such choice in the assassination was outstanding.

You could make it look like an accident – rig a BBQ to explode etc or just get in and carry out an old skool hit. Alternatively you could resort to trying to blast your way in and blowing your target away but you were unlikely to succeed.

Also the fact you got the front page of a newspaper reporting on the murder as an indication of how well you performed was a stroke of genius.

I dread to think of the options and advanced AI the power of the next gen consoles could provide and I think Hitman could be a real stand out title if they nail it.

It would be a real shame if my last memories of Agent 47 were from the mediocre ‘Hitman’ film of a few years back 😦

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GregHorrorShow’s Top 100 Games: 70 – 61

Motorstorm Pacific Rift

Here we go, 70-61 in GregHorrorShow’s Top 100 Games!

A quick recap on how I decided who came where:

I decided, as so many games mean so many different things to me, I should come up with a fair way to judge them. This is what I came up with:

Time Spent Playing




Ground Breaking?

A few provisos before we hit the next ten games…

Firstly this is my list of my Top 100 games. I certainly don’t expect you guys to agree with it (though hopefully you’ll agree with some of the choices 😆 ) and would welcome any comments.

Secondly, I’m not planning on putting the scores or totals up, just listing the games in the order they came out in.

Lastly, I never owned a Nintendo or Microsoft console so my experiences on these games were limited to friend’s houses etc – bite me 🙂

Let’s get going…


70. BLACK (Playstation 2)


Black was the first real ‘Hollywood’ first person shooter. Presentation took over from gameplay as they squeezed every last drop of graphical power from the PS2 – proving the console wasn’t quite on it’s last legs as predicted. This game packed in some amazing set pieces and at times it honestly felt like you were playing a film. The level in the shower room was among the best I’ve played in a FPS and I was always surprised a follow up never emerged.


69. RESIDENT EVIL 5 (Playstation 3)

Resi Evil 5

Chris Redfield returns, only this time he’s scooted across to Africa to deal with an outbreak. Teaming up with Sheva the player has the option to play co-op or with an AI buddy in tow. That’s the main addition to the game following on from Resident Evil 4. That and the fact a lot of it takes place in the sunlight. The game was well paced and finally the zombies got machine guns 😆 I really enjoyed getting back into the Resident Evil universe but I wasn’t really blown away by the fifth in the series.


68. SPACE HARRIER (ZX Spectrum)

Space Harrier

I used to love Space Harrier on the Spectrum. Flying round with your awesome rocket / jet pack shooting stuff 😎 Again same as the other Spectrum games you had to casette load between levels 😦 Not really sure if there was a story but you’d blast through serious amounts of enemies while using flight to avoid incoming enemy fire. I remember playing this for ages on a little black and white TV and then seeing it in the arcade – it was soooo colourful! Not that a colour TV would’ve helped at home, the Spectrum version didn’t quite have the same look as the arcade one 😉


67. MOTORSTORM: PACIFIC RIFT (Playstation 3)

Motorstorm PR

One of the best racing games I’ve played. This truly is fun. The risk/reward of the boost adds a lot to the game and the addition of heating up/cooling down your boost bar makes for some tactical driving. Sadly the online part has never really worked for me so I haven’t had quite the happy experience I did with the first Motorstorm. But this is an improvement in almost every way, on an already impressive game.




Often called the ultimate first person shooter Goldeneye revolutionised the genre to such an extent it’s often the first game on many lips when talking multiplayer. I never owned an N64 but I had plenty of long sessions at mates houses during university. They really struck a near perfect balance between the weapons and the level design was brilliant. This is a game everyone should have played and it has helped shaped FPS’ers ever since.



Football Manager

Oh the joys of a football (soccer for my US chums) management game. 🙂 This was the first major management sim I remember and regardless of the (loveable) stick men graphics the gameplay was addictive as any title out there now. I don’t recall having much success, despite several signings and no real save feature meant a season usually had to take place in one sitting *gulp* But that was cool with us! Good times had by plenty with this one and despite being wholly unsuccessful it whetted my appetite for further spells in football management 😎


64. MARIO KART (Super Nintendo)

Mario Kart

Mario Kart was a staple of most kids gaming lives in the 1990’s and I was no different. The vibrant cartoon graphics and the wonderfully thought out weapons made this a stand out title. How many of us have been leading only to be hit by a red turtle shell? Or indeed benefitted from a burst of invincibilty? Many others have tried, and failed, to replicate this formula – in fact Twisted Metal probably came closest and that is way too dark for kids 😆


63. SOS: FINAL ESCAPE (Playstation 2)

SOS Final Escape

A fantastic idea and one I feel disappointed didn’t make it to a wider audience. Effectively your character survives an earthquake and it’s up to you to help him get back to civilisation without succombing to the many death traps the disaster has left in your way. There are no guns or violence here, you’ll be using your wit and puzzle solving skills. I’m not a big fan of puzzle games but this was presented really well and it felt like a proper adventure.


62. WWF SMACKDOWN 2 (Playstation 2)

WWF Smackdown

As I mentioned earlier I was into WWF when I was a kid in the late 80’s / early 90’s but it was a wrestling game in the late 90’s that I ended up playing the most. WWF Smackdown 2 had one of the deepest career modes I’ve ever seen. It was great fun creating your wrestler and seeing them go through the various stroylines etc. It was almost like a role playing game. I had no idea who most of the other wrestlers were tbh, other than the famous ones like The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin but that didn’t matter because it was all about your created guy. And that made this a quality, fun title.


61. TRACK AND FIELD (Arcade)

Track And Field

This was an absolute arcade classic – hitting the buttons as fast as you can while taking part in various athletic based events. I’m sure more than a few kids were left with crippling hand/finger injuries after extended sessions on this! And how cool was the guys moustache 🙂


Our next batch covers 60-51 and then it’s time for the Top 50 GregHorrorShow Games!

Stay tuned…

PSP Go!ing To Be Reborn?


Well while the dust is settling on E3 I thought now would be a good time to do a piece on the PSP that I’ve meant to do for a few months.

My PSP gets plenty of use, I have a long journey into work (2hrs each way) so I have lots of time to play.

I would say 85% of my time has been spent on Football Manager. Firstly because it’s addictive as hell and secondly because there isn’t much else I’m bothered about playing on PSP.

Most of my friends with PSP’s barely use them nowadays and they sit unused and unloved in a corner somewhere.

Basically us PSP’ers get a handful of shoddy PS3 ports and loads of retro games (which I love but bloody hell could Midway squeeze any more of the same games on a slightly different compilation?! :mad:).


The last decent game was God Of War: Chains Of Olympus which was short but immensely awesome 😎 That was released in 2008. 😦

Then all of a sudden a few months back a shedload of games were announced:

Assassin’s Creed Blood Line


Motorstorm: Arctic Rift

Indiana Jones: Staff Of Kings

Madden 10


I honestly thought it was joke. At this late stage in it’s lifecycle (almost 4 years in!) we are being treating to a plethora of excellent games? 😐

There were even a few other games that didn’t interest me but some people would be excited about (Final Fantasy and the like).

I googled and checked my favourite game sites… It seemed to be a genuine announcement. As a last precaution I checked the date wasn’t April 1st.

Nope, it was true. Brilliant. 😎


And then further down the line the rumour mill went into overdrive about a new PSP – ‘PSP Go!’ It doesn’t need UMD’s – it’s completely digital. I saw the mock up photo (which was pretty much what the final product looks like) and I liked it very much 🙂

Since then we’ve had E3 and the full PSP Go! announcement.


My reaction had many stages:

1) Seeing it – Yay! Looks great 🙂

2) Closer inspection – Ah, it doesn’t have a second analogue stick 😦

3) Hope and digital confirmation – Still looks great and I’m used to one analogue stick now. Digital is cool, don’t care how I get my games and longer battery life is sweet. Think I’ll replace my old (original) PSP with one of these 😎

4) Epic fail – $250???!!!!!!! 😡 That’s £150 directly converted but I imagine it will retail at £200 here in the UK. For a new digital version of a device I already own? FAIL 😥

If you don’t already own a PSP and are cool with getting your games digitally this (possibly) isn’t so bad.

I certainly won’t be getting one until it drops dramatically in price (I’m talking dropping to £120 at least) and I should think even people who want a PSP and don’t have one may think twice about a handheld that costs more than an XBox 360!

PSP Go! looks like a lovely piece of kit but the price has killed it for me (for the time being). Maybe if I get my hands on one and it’s loads more comfortable etc I might reconsider.

But that wasn’t the only PSP news at E3, we also had the following announced:


Gran Turismo


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Oh yes.

A new Metal Gear game 😎

I’m not a huge fan of Gran Turismo on PS3 – it’s ok and 5 looks sweet but I don’t have the commitment to stick with it. But PSP could be a different matter as I could (technically) play it everyday.

These games (and the inital list above – except Madden) aren’t ports, they are being specifically designed for PSP.

Jade Raymond confirmed in an interview that Assassin’s Creed on PSP will reveal the link between Ailtair and Enzo. This is exactly the kind of content and side story that is perfect for the PSP platform.

We’ve also had the (slightly) limited but very fun Resistance Retribution in the meantime – again not a port but a Resistance game in it’s own right.


So to put it bluntly after nearly 4 years of moaning that there are no decent PSP games on the horizon I find myself excited to own a PSP going through the rest of this year and into 2010 – rumours of another God Of War game make me smile and I hope they are true but even if they aren’t there is enough coming up to keep me satisfied.

And Football Manager 2010 should be out towards the end of the year as well 😉