The Saboteur – Review (PS3)


The Saboteur held much promise – I remember watching the trailers and seeing developer diaries/reveals on and thinking this could be amazing.

As I mentioned after my brief hands-on at the Eurogamer Expo prior to the game’s release, it seemed that it wouldn’t quite hit the heights expected.

And that proved to be the case with the full version of The Saboteur.

Pandemic Studios, who also made the fun but flawed Mercenaries series of games (among others) has since been shut down by parent company EA and The Saboteur certainly feels like a little more time to polish may have helped matters.

The game takes place in and around Paris in the 1940’s with the Nazis occupying the majority of the city and its surrounding areas.

You control Sean Devlin, a race driving Irishman, who gets involved with the French resistance following a traumatic experience at the hands of the Gestapo.

The characterisation in the game seems to be laid on a little thick with regards to accents and stereotypes with your character in particular suffering from some ridiculous dialogue. However as long as you appreciate that the game isn’t taking itself seriously this isn’t too much of a problem.

The story is your usual resistance takes on controlling power type affair and you’ll find yourself in numerous scrapes across a campaign the spans almost 11 hours of gameplay.

In the positive you will almost always have a choice in how matters play out – although limited to stealth (disguising yourself as a Nazi to infiltrate a target) or force it’s nice to have the chance to mix things up.

And the presentation style is fabulous – occupied areas remain in black and white except for the red of the Nazis, with colour coming back to the area whenever the resistance sees them off.

The Saboteur is a game that I feel should be played but if you are looking for a high quality experience, this isn’t it. The odd bug here and there and a general unfinished feeling hamper the general gameplay but if you’re willing to give it a shot The Saboteur is worth a rent.

Rating: 7/10

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