E3 2010 – The GregHorrorShow Wrap Up


So E3 has been and gone, leaving us to pick through the huge mass of info and game news that it’s left in it’s wake.

Not all of us were lucky enough to go to the actual show but fortunately Gametrailers.com and the like have managed to bring us footage and interviews from the show.

For a more in-depth look at some of the games from someone that was at E3, check out @Zvolen’s website Beyondthedpad.com

Well there’s a hell of a lot of stuff to get through – so let’s get started!



Looks pretty interesting, especially in single player. On the multiplayer front it seems very similar to Battlefield, which is a good thing in one way but slightly disappointing in another.



More of the same from Issac Clarke and this is one I can’t wait for. Not a fan of jumpy horror stuff but the whole Dead Space universe is so rich I’m in!



Make your own games? Sounds like a win to me. Hopefully another decent story mode to work through before downloading loads of great user generated content.



I’m fairly hopeful that this reboot will be decent enough – it looks great but it’s hard to tell without having actually played it. Looking forward to some sort of demo at a later date.



Oh Sucker Punch. What have you done to Cole? 😡 The brooding, cool badass of the original has been replaced with a boyband reject – not a good look. Hopefully the game itself will live up to the standard of the first.



Really pleased about this announcement, been waiting for a new Twisted Metal for a long time and the team based mechanics look solid. Could be very cool indeed.



Looks like the clash between the ISA and the Helghast continues apace, which is great news for us fans of Killzone. 😎 3D has been added as well, though that isn’t of much interest to me.



I was sceptical about shifting the series to a city but am glad to have been proven wrong. With the option to drive under, over and even through buildings Motorstorm Apocalypse is one to watch out for.



Great trailer huh? Initially shown off back in December, Spec Ops: The Line has stepped up to the plate and looks to have some nice tricks up it’s sleeve.



Wasn’t 100% sure how multiplayer would work in Assassin’s Creed but having seen some of the footage from E3 it seems to be pretty well implemented. Story wise we play as Ezio again which is definitely ok with me.



Gran Turismo 5 – we’ve been waiting for this for about 6 years 😮 Hyper realistic driving sim – graphics do look truly amazing.



Was not sold on this game at all previously but the stuff I’ve seen from E3 looks cool as a single player game. Still not interested in this as a multiplayer experience but I’ll wait and see how it develops before making a decision on whether it’s one I’ll pick up.



Hadn’t heard much about this but I’m a sucker for alternate timelines so this ‘US-has-been-invaded’ story sits well with me. One to watch.



Motion control has obviously played a big part at E3 this year with both Microsoft (Kinect) and Sony (Move) looking to gatecrash Nintendo’s (Wii) party. In my opinion Move is already head and shoulders above Kinect, and probably Wii, with regard to proper games… Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Heavy Rain (patch), SOCOM 4, Resi Evil 5 and Time Crisis all confirmed. Even if I don’t wanna play them with Move at least the option is there and they are REAL GAMES that don’t involve sports resorts or yoga.



More interested in this than previous instalments, mainly because they have boosted the single player aspect (ie there is one :lol:) and also the fact that via Battlefield: Bad Company 2‘s multiplayer I’ve learnt the value of teamwork. Could be a really good experience.



Quite excited to get my hands on this one as the first game was an XBox exclusive and I’ve only heard good things about it. My only concern is will there be enough variation to keep me playing?



I lost 25 hours of my life to Fallout 3 – I’ve already pencilled in at least another day for New Vegas 😆



I’m not a huge fan of fighting games but I loved the original Mortal Kombat and this new reboot is taking it back to the franchise’s darker, gory roots. Expect plenty of fatalities upon release.



Like Bulletstorm, I pretty much had no interest in this prior to E3 but the thing that’s hooked me here is the potential for online co-op play. The gadgets look pretty cool as well. 😎



Still not sure on this game – looks like Borderlands? Guess that’s not a bad thing but how many Mad Max type games can you have?



This looks pretty sweet as a single player experience. Liking the style and the graphics are great.



VALVE even being at the Sony conference was a shock, especially having Gabe himself up there after all his slagging off of PS3 in the past. But Portal is a hugely respected game so I’ll make sure I work my way through that before approaching the sequel.



NB. This trailer features graphic sword cutting – avoid if easily offended!

Metal Gear: Rising looked brilliant. Looks like a better version of WET‘s sword mechanics. Raiden as a bad ass? Who’d have thought it back in the MGS2 days 🙂



Wow. Ready At Dawn look set to continue where they left off. Ghost Of Sparta looks tasty and I suspect will be full of awesomesauce (as DK money shizzle might say :lol:)


Disapointment-wise, I’d say CASTLEVANIA which I thought might be cool but looks like a poor man’s Bayonetta/God Of War 😦

DRIVER, with it’s car jumping mechanic looks a bit too gimmicky.

I was very disappointed there is no sign of a new HITMAN game 😥

Also whilst CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPs looks good graphically I’m not sold – especially as that rappel bit from the trailer was nicked wholesale from RAINBOW SIX (now that’s a game I’d like to see announced! :cool:)

Would’ve liked to have seen new information on Last Guardian, Batman 2, Resistance 3 (an announcement that it’s actually coming) or Agent but suspect we’ll have more info on those at the Tokyo game show in August.

Also no PSP2! Though perhaps with hindsight they were wise – if they are gonna do it – not to put it up against the Nintendo 3DS (which I won’t be getting but does look like a great bit of kit).

But you can’t have everything.

So to sum up, in order, my Top 10 MOST WANTED of E3:


1 Killzone 3

2 Dead Space 2

3 Metal Gear Rising

4 Twisted Metal

5 Crysis 2

6 God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta

7 Medal Of Honor

8 LittleBigPlanet 2

9 Infamous 2

10 Motorstorm Apocalypse


Let me know what you guys are most looking forward to!



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PSP Car Games Comparison

PSP Car Main

After the recent release of a few driving games on the PSP I thought it might be worth taking a look at them across various sections so that people looking to buy can make a more informed choice.

For full reviews of each see the links below:




So here we go…


Obviously a big part of any gaming experience but boy do people love cars that look good 🙂

Dirt 2 is the least prettiest of the three with Motorstorm’s slightly cartoonish style in second place. Gran Turismo takes the chequered flag in this department, with some lush visuals although the odd screen tear stops it getting a perfect 10.

Motorstorm 8

Gran Turismo 9

Dirt 2 6


Dirt 2 PSP 1Dirt 2: “The least prettiest of the three…”



How your car handles is obviously an important part of any driving game and these titles are no different.

Motorstorm’s use of boost is well implemented and you only ever feel out of control via your own mistakes.

Gran Turismo’s handling is lifelike and if you try to drive like a maniac you will up in the wall before long.

Dirt 2 isn’t too bad in this respect but at times it’s difficult to tell whether the game is keeping tabs on things like grip etc as it’s often possible to just hold down accelerate and take turns.

Motorstorm 8

Gran Turismo 9

Dirt 2 7



No doubt about the winner here – Motorstorm has a fabulous single player campaign of ranking up and tackling different events in different vehicles.

Gran Turismo doesn’t have much in the way of modes for single player, it’s just race where you want to and while Dirt 2 does have a World Tour mode it’s pretty limited and doesn’t have much to keep you coming back.

Motorstorm 9

Gran Turismo 7

Dirt 2 7


Motorstorm PSP MainMotorstorm: “Has a fabulous single player campaign.”



Again Motorstorm takes this hands down – some great tracks on there including the anthem ‘Omen’ by The Prodigy. Good use of music.

Well the other two games are much of a muchness – not a great deal of music, surely they could’ve squeezed some more tunes in there?

Motorstorm 9

Gran Turismo 7

Dirt 2 8



Gran Turismo wins out in the engine stakes – you really can hear the difference in vehicles, even when the cars are similar.

More impressive than Motorstorm because Motorstorm’s engine sounds only vary between different types of vehicles. (i.e cars and trucks)

And sadly Dirt 2’s engines sound the same regardless of what you’re driving.

Motorstorm 8

Gran Turismo 9

Dirt 2 6


Gran Turismo PSP 2Gran Turismo:”You really can hear the difference in vehicles.”



Moving onto the available tracks and Gran Turismo roars into the lead – yes you race each course backwards and forwards but even so there are still a huge amount of tracks to race on.

Motorstorm also has quite a selection and also gets a bonus for mutliple routes through each track.

Dirt 2 lags behind again – boasting in the region of around 8 tracks. 😦

Motorstorm 8

Gran Turismo 9

Dirt 2 6




You can’t argue with 800 cars. Gran Turismo is the undisputed king in this round, regardless of the fact some are just different models of the same car.

One of the main points of Motorstorm is to race different types of vehicles against each other so it wouldn’t be much of a game without a decent selection of vehicles. New snow based vehicles have been added to the usual Motorstorm suspects.

Dirt 2 doesn’t deliver massively on the vehicle front but there is probably just about enough to keep you going.

Motorstorm 8

Gran Turismo 9

Dirt 2 7

Gran Turismo PSP MainGran Turismo: trumps Motorstorm right at the end.


Motorstorm 58 / 70

Gran Turismo 59 / 70

Dirt 2 47 / 70

It’s a very close race between the front two but Dirt 2 is way back in last place.

Gran Turismo trumps Motorstorm right at the end based on Vehicle and Track selection.

My advice would be simply – if you can’t afford both then go with Motorstorm for mindless fun or Gran Turismo for a slightly harder but more rewarding driving experience.

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Gran Turismo – Review (PSP)

Gran Turismo PSP Main

I’ve never been a big fan of the ultra realistic Gran Turismo games. The effort of having to drive in completely real terms just never grabbed me.

Until I played the PSP version.

Polyphony Digital’s masterstroke is creating a game that not only concentrates on the racing but, effectively, makes the cars collectable.

Every ‘day’ in the game (usually after a race or two) you get four different car manufacturers in the dealership. These appear completely randomly. Often the cars in these four lists change as well, and there are over 800 cars in the game.

This means you’re often wondering whether to splash what little cash you have on various cars – ‘in case they don’t come up again.’ You can share and trade some cars online with your friends which just adds to the fun.

Gran Turismo PSP 1

Graphically the game is amazing, however playing it on an original PSP 1000 there is occasionally some tearing on the screen which is disappointing.

Going back to what it’s (supposed to be) all about, the racing is good but pretty taxing in that a lot of goes against the driving skills I’ve aquired so far in my gaming career.

You slam on the brakes to take a corner and you’ll find your wheels locked, with you heading straight ahead instead of taking the turn. On the plus side there is a good set of challenges for you to hone your skills on before the racing itself.

Gran Turismo PSP 2

The races are all single races, there is no career mode as such. It’s all about beating your own times (Time Trial) and obtaining the best rank on each track – every time you win on a track you unlock the next rank up.

Overall Gran Turismo is a game you will get a lot of value from if you invest in the car side of things. I am not even a car person but have found the entire thing to be very enjoyable.

The lack of a single player career may put some off but the deicision to give the player control over where, and in which of their cars, they are racing is a good mechanic for a game of this style.

Rating: 9/10

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PSP Go!ing To Be Reborn?


Well while the dust is settling on E3 I thought now would be a good time to do a piece on the PSP that I’ve meant to do for a few months.

My PSP gets plenty of use, I have a long journey into work (2hrs each way) so I have lots of time to play.

I would say 85% of my time has been spent on Football Manager. Firstly because it’s addictive as hell and secondly because there isn’t much else I’m bothered about playing on PSP.

Most of my friends with PSP’s barely use them nowadays and they sit unused and unloved in a corner somewhere.

Basically us PSP’ers get a handful of shoddy PS3 ports and loads of retro games (which I love but bloody hell could Midway squeeze any more of the same games on a slightly different compilation?! :mad:).


The last decent game was God Of War: Chains Of Olympus which was short but immensely awesome 😎 That was released in 2008. 😦

Then all of a sudden a few months back a shedload of games were announced:

Assassin’s Creed Blood Line


Motorstorm: Arctic Rift

Indiana Jones: Staff Of Kings

Madden 10


I honestly thought it was joke. At this late stage in it’s lifecycle (almost 4 years in!) we are being treating to a plethora of excellent games? 😐

There were even a few other games that didn’t interest me but some people would be excited about (Final Fantasy and the like).

I googled and checked my favourite game sites… It seemed to be a genuine announcement. As a last precaution I checked the date wasn’t April 1st.

Nope, it was true. Brilliant. 😎


And then further down the line the rumour mill went into overdrive about a new PSP – ‘PSP Go!’ It doesn’t need UMD’s – it’s completely digital. I saw the mock up photo (which was pretty much what the final product looks like) and I liked it very much 🙂

Since then we’ve had E3 and the full PSP Go! announcement.


My reaction had many stages:

1) Seeing it – Yay! Looks great 🙂

2) Closer inspection – Ah, it doesn’t have a second analogue stick 😦

3) Hope and digital confirmation – Still looks great and I’m used to one analogue stick now. Digital is cool, don’t care how I get my games and longer battery life is sweet. Think I’ll replace my old (original) PSP with one of these 😎

4) Epic fail – $250???!!!!!!! 😡 That’s £150 directly converted but I imagine it will retail at £200 here in the UK. For a new digital version of a device I already own? FAIL 😥

If you don’t already own a PSP and are cool with getting your games digitally this (possibly) isn’t so bad.

I certainly won’t be getting one until it drops dramatically in price (I’m talking dropping to £120 at least) and I should think even people who want a PSP and don’t have one may think twice about a handheld that costs more than an XBox 360!

PSP Go! looks like a lovely piece of kit but the price has killed it for me (for the time being). Maybe if I get my hands on one and it’s loads more comfortable etc I might reconsider.

But that wasn’t the only PSP news at E3, we also had the following announced:


Gran Turismo


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Oh yes.

A new Metal Gear game 😎

I’m not a huge fan of Gran Turismo on PS3 – it’s ok and 5 looks sweet but I don’t have the commitment to stick with it. But PSP could be a different matter as I could (technically) play it everyday.

These games (and the inital list above – except Madden) aren’t ports, they are being specifically designed for PSP.

Jade Raymond confirmed in an interview that Assassin’s Creed on PSP will reveal the link between Ailtair and Enzo. This is exactly the kind of content and side story that is perfect for the PSP platform.

We’ve also had the (slightly) limited but very fun Resistance Retribution in the meantime – again not a port but a Resistance game in it’s own right.


So to put it bluntly after nearly 4 years of moaning that there are no decent PSP games on the horizon I find myself excited to own a PSP going through the rest of this year and into 2010 – rumours of another God Of War game make me smile and I hope they are true but even if they aren’t there is enough coming up to keep me satisfied.

And Football Manager 2010 should be out towards the end of the year as well 😉