Borderlands – Review (PS3)

I was a bit sceptical of Borderlands at first – touted as a mix of RPG and FPS I just didn’t see what it could do differently to Fallout 3 to justify buying it.

Then I played it in split screen at Eurogamer and really enjoyed it. This was followed by positive reviews almost everywhere I looked. So I bought it.

And boy am I glad I did.

I’ll start by answering my own question – Borderlands is similar to Fallout 3 only in mission structure, and in so far as trying to take on a mission you are levelled up for is almost suicide.

One big difference is that Borderlands actually gives you a guide of what level you should be for missions rather than just letting you try and fail. I prefer this as it gives you a chance to weigh up whether or not you want to take a shot at a mission or not.

Fallout 3 is all about the story – the characters you meet and the side missions. Borderlands is all about the loot. The game creates random weapons as you go along so it’s unlikely two people will ever get the same set of weapons throughout a playthrough.

How awesome is that? I’ve probably got weapons no-one else will ever get!

Borderlands distinctive cartoon, tongue in cheek style is perfectly suited for the game and while the story isn’t particularly amazing, the colourful characters will have you chuckling along.

It’s one of the longer games I’ve played recently – clocking in more towards 20 hours for a first playthrough.

As good as the single player is, the main draw for the game is the four player co-op where you all take your levelled up characters online to complete missions.

This is a great idea and is wonderfully executed. You just party up and then can get on with whatever missions the host has to do. Or you can challenge each other to a duel, which is fun. I did have a few connectivity issues and also some problems with headset use while in multiplayer but on the whole it was a positive experience.

Overall, despite what I would class as a fairly weak ending, Borderlands is a game you should definitely play. Even if you plan to just play the single player it’s a worthwhile experience though the online co-op will keep you coming back for more.

Rating: 8/10

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