What You Watching?

Well to be honest what with the release of certain Playstation 3 first person shooter I haven’t really been watching much in the way of films but I’ve still been managing to keep on top of TV stuff, so here’s what has been gracing my television screen recently…


Well it’s back after it’s mid season hiatius following Christmas and Heroes is back with a bang.

I love the route they are taking it down, with what appears to be the government looking to lock down all the people with special abilities and the Heroes themselves having to fight back vigilante style.

Last night’s espisode saw the untimely death of one of my favourite characters – who I won’t name for those who are yet to see it šŸ˜„

The survivors of the plane crash desperately tried to escape from the wreckage before manhunt style secret agents got to the scene.

It’s cool to see the character’s abilities developing as well – have to say how cool was it to see Parkman force that SWAT dude to shoot his colleagues šŸ˜Ž

I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season pans out and was boosted by news from the US that Heroes has been green lighted for a 4th season.

NB. Any Heroes fans out there should follow @wendilynnmakeup and @jamesprops on Twitter – they work on the show (sure you can guess in what dept by the names!). These guys are SUPER nice and happy to answer questions about their jobs on the show and about the cast/crew etc.


I had fairly high hopes for this ITV1 Saturday night supernatural drama, especially as it features the excellent Phillip Glenister from Life On Mars.

Sadly Demons has been a real let down.

The whole thing feels too contrived and you don’t really sympathise or relate to any of the characters in the show.

It just feels like they have tried to take the best elements from lots of different shows and just chucked them together.

There have been a few good bits and a couple of laughs along the way but this has been a disappointment.


Been a fan of The Guild since discovering the first season via Felicia Day, who was in Dr Horrible and who stars and writes this as well.

Just as a heads up The Guild isn’t strictly for geeks only but it certainly helps to understand the references and terminology the characters use.

It’s about a group of people who all play an online computer game and the majority of the dialogue is played out with each character at their computer screen discussing their personal problems while playing the game.

It’s very well written and I would recommend giving it a watch – each episode is about 5 minutes long and you can find them here:Ā  http://www.watchtheguild.com/


Another series that has really picked up following the writer’s strike is Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Things have taken a more sinister turn with the arrival of John Henry – a supercomputer that can think for itself and has been ‘plugged in’ to a deceased Terminator.

Alongside this Riley’s role as simply John Connor’s girlfriend has come into question after a series of revelations. Along with Reece’s apparent loyalty issues it seems no-one (least of all the audience) is sure who they can trust.

It all adds up to a great viewing experience and hopefully it will continue to impress as the season goes on.


Finally a shout out to something that looks like it could be extremely cool.

Angel of Death stars Zoe Bell – of Death Proof fame – as Eve, an assassin who following on from a near fatal knife wound to the head decides to right all the wrongs she’s done. Her injury means she’s getting visions of past victims.

I watched the first two episodes and I thought it was pretty good. It’s dark and fairly gory but most watchable – you can check out the episodes here: http://crackle.com/c/Angel_Of_Death and there’s a trailer below as well.

So there you go – let me know what you think if you check them out or if you can recommend any good stuff to watch!