Push – Review (Film)


Push is set in an alternate world where people with superhuman abilities have been ‘helping’ the US Government since 1945.

Starring Chris Evans as main character Nick Grant and Dakota Fanning as wannabe sidekick Cassie Holmes, Push is a large slice of Sci-Fi pie.

Grant and Holmes both have different abilities – he can move objects with his mind and she is a watcher, someone who has brief visions of the future.

Holmes arrives to collect Grant, despite the fact they’ve never met, following a vision that they would find a case containing $6m. And so a twisty tale of Government evasion and superhuman fighting begins.

Being completely honest I wasn’t expecting much from the film but by the end I was quite impressed.

Dakota Fanning in particular gets her teeth into a great support role and the story never veers too far out of it’s comfort zone. The whole notion of the ‘Pushers’ in the film is a great idea and it’s executed really well.

Push is one of those films that you may never even of heard of but that if you find it on TV one evening you probably won’t switch over.

Rating: 6/10

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