Top 100 Single Player PS3 Games: Part 3 (80-71)

Top 100 Part 3 Main

Welcome back folks! Time for the third instalment of my Top 100 PS3 single player games. We are hitting the 70’s this week.

Please bear in mind this list doesn’t take into account multiplayer aspects of games, it’s based solely on single player experience.


80. Driver: San Francisco


John Tanner returns to the Driver franchise, along with Tobias Jones (his partner). The villain of Driver 3, Jericho, finds himself locked up in prison in San Francisco. He is being transported from prison when he escapes and Tanner ends up chasing him in his car. Just as he is about to catch him, Jericho rams Tanner’s car into the oncoming path of a truck – leaving Tanner unconscious.

This plot device leads to the introduction of the ‘shift’ mechanic – a means for Tanner to zoom out of the vehicle he is in and select a different car to ‘shift’ back into. Much like Quantum Leap everyone else still sees the original driver of the car rather than Tanner, leading to some great comedy moments.

Driver: San Francisco is by far the best game in the series for a long, long time and it’s one you should definitely give a spin. It’s a bit bloated in terms of length but the driving is good and the story is fun as well.


79. Resistance 2


After saving England in the previous installment Hale is back in business to rescue the U S of A – since his incapacitation the Chimera have launched a full attack on America and Hale, as part of the Sentinal squad (made up of soldiers injected with the Chimera virus but kept under control), have to step in and stop them in their tracks.

Some of the boss encounters here are epic – even the opening is grand in scale and you feel a great sense of achievement getting through some of the battles ahead. Graphically the game is good, no slowdown – even with tons of enemies on screen – and they have gone for a sort of comic book realism which sits well with the content matter.

A hard hitting but fun first person shooter.


78. Borderlands

Borderlands has a distinctive cartoon, tongue in cheek style that is perfectly suited for the game and while the story isn’t particularly amazing, the colourful characters will have you chuckling along.

Borderlands is all about the loot. The game creates random weapons as you go along so it’s unlikely two people will ever get the same set of weapons throughout a playthrough, which is pretty cool.

It’s one of the longer games I’ve played recently – clocking in more towards 20 hours for a first playthrough – but it’s definitely a universe that should be experienced.


77. Mortal Kombat

After a fair few lacklustre versions, culminating in the widely derided Mortal Kombat Vs DC, Nether Realms Studios decided to go back to basics for this, the ninth Mortal Kombat game.

For the first time in a long time the storyline of a fighting game ties together nicely. Rather than choosing a fighter and playing through their story, in Mortal Kombat you play as various characters (usually for 3 or 4 fights each) as the story progresses.

This is a great idea. Firstly because it means the overall story is the focus as opposed to one character, and secondly because it forces you to use characters you may never have chosen and therefore before a better all round player. Recommended, even for people with only a passing interest in fighting games.


76. Army Of Two: 40th Day

In Army Of Two: 40th Day we still follow the exploits of Salem and Rio, picking up a few years after the first game ended. This time they are in Shanghai as the city burns around them having been invaded by a terrorist force.

The story is pretty nonsensical and at times I had no idea what was going on. One nice touch were the Morality Decisions where you had to make a choice on how to deal with certain enemies/characters. These often played out differently than expected which was a welcome twist.

Unfortunately the game has several issues which hold it back – mainly poor AI and terrible checkpointing. Army Of Two: 40th Day isn’t a great game but is most definitely great fun, especially if you like blowing things up.


75. Infamous: Festival Of Blood


Having thoroughly enjoyed both Infamous and Infamous 2, I was really interested in seeing what Sucker Punch would come up with for this stand alone downloadable game. Festival Of Blood tells the story of Cole’s night as a vampire. The story is told by Zeke, Cole’s friend, as he looks to keep a woman in a bar interested in him.

The game takes place during ‘Pyre Night’ a festival held in New Marais every year as a way of warding off vampires and celebrating the death of ‘Bloody Mary’ – a vampire allegedly burnt at the stake long ago. If you’ve played either of the Infamous games previous to this you’ll find yourself in familiar territory as Vampire Cole parkours his way across the terrain of New Marais… but there is a nice twist in traversal because Cole can now transform into a swarm of bats to travel extremely quickly over the city.

Clocking in at under 4 hours and with a price tag of £7.99, I’d recommend this to anyone. Obviously it’s not as long as a full Infamous title and one of the main elements (player choice re: Karma) is missing but Infamous: Festival Of Blood is well worth a playthrough.


74. Resistance: Fall Of Man


Another Resistance title graces the Top 100, just ahead of the game that followed it.

Resistance: Fall Of Man was probably one of the best launch titles the PS3 had. The game was impressively graphically but it was the inventiveness of the weapons – the Bullseye in particular that struck me. The Bullseye had a secondary fire mode whereby you could ‘tag’ an opponent. If you hit them with the tag you could fire you gun in any direction and the bullets would redirect straight at the target – brilliant.

The storyline was cool and the gadgets you got were fun to use, generally an interesting and fun game.


73. Fight Night Champion

It was one of those announcements that prompted a double take – EA Sports latest instalment of the Fight Night series would contain a Rocky-esque story mode in which you take on the role of Andre Bishop, a former Gold medalist who finds himself wrongly sent to prison.

Story-wise, it’s a nice little tale – if a bit predictable – with some good voice acting and writing. The story mode isn’t just straight up fights all the time, it will also throw you into various scenarios (only use one hand, defend your cut eye etc) which helps add to the drama and spectacle. Well worth a play through.


72. Shadows Of The Damned

In Shadows Of The Damned you take on the role of Garcia Hotspur – demon hunter – as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend Paula from the clutches of a demon in hell.

My main problem was the marmite humour – it’s very much a case of lowest common denominator. While there were a few funny moments the fact that one of his weapons is called ‘The Boner’ says it all really.

The actual story was interesting and eventually asked some great questions – which I’m guessing we’ll now never find out about due to the poor sales of this title.

And that is a sad state of affairs – Shadows Of The Damned might not be the best game I’ve played this year but it was something different and by the time I got to the end I would’ve been tempted to pick up a sequel had one been announced.


71. Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

Mercenaries 2 takes place in Venezuela and sees you take control of Chris Jacobs, Jennifer Mui or Matthias Nilsson. It’s only a cosmetic choice as the story/dialogue all remains the same. You’re tasked with taking down Ramon Solano, the man behind the current military coup.

While this game has a few glitches (one a game breaker unfortunately) it remains a resolutely fun experience. Being a Mercenary you can call in all kinds of crazy weapons and firepower.

At times you won’t believe the destruction you can wreak on the world around you – whether it’s guns, cars or helicopters you’ll find yourself smiling insanely as you blow up as much stuff as possible. Not a great game then but certainly a fun one.



So there we go! As we edge towards the Top 50 the games are coming thick and fast!

As always comments are welcome, look forward to hearing what you guys think.


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GregHorrorShow’s Top 10 Multiplayer Maps


With the increase of online gaming, and the fact that almost everything released now comes with an online component, the design of multiplayer maps has never been more important.

So I’ve got together a list of the best 10 multiplayer maps out there – the fact that 8 of the 10 maps come from just 4 titles goes to show the excellent work that those designers are doing.


10. VISTA (Red Faction: Guerrilla)

(Apologies for the poor quality of the video this is literally the ONLY video anywhere I could find)

We start our round up, funnily enough, with a map that is actually played offline in local multiplayer.

‘Wrecking Crew’ mode in Red Faction: Guerrilla tasks each player with causing the most damage to the buildings in the area within 1 minute.

The mode is as fun as its sounds and all the maps are pretty well designed but Vista’s mix of the namesake tower and large scale buildings mean this is the most requested map whenever we play.


9. HIGHRISE (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

I’m not a massive fan of MW2 but the multiplayer is pretty fun in short bursts and the Highrise map is one of the highlights.

Set, essentially, in the upper floor of two buildings and on another building’s rooftop inbetween – this is a close quarters map with plenty of scope for sneaking into the enemies’ tower.

One of my favourite tactics was using the lower walkways to get into the opposite tower and launch an attack behind the enemy – that is of course if I could get in without being spotted… easier said than done 😆


8. ROOFTOPS (Resistance: Fall Of Man)

Another roof based map but this time set in the alternate sci-fi universe of Resistance.

Apart from the futuristic weapons this has one major difference from the other games on this list. There are several air cannons on the ground that you can walk over and be boosted skywards and back onto the rooftops.

Unlike Highrise (above) you won’t die if you fall off the building giving you the option of staying up high on the roof and shooting from distance or getting down on the streets & alleyways for a more intense firefight.


7. INVASION (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

Easily my favourite Call Of Duty map, I have had a fair few successful rounds in this small deserted town in Afghanistan.

With plenty of buildings to search and/or hide out in Invasion has just the right mix of open and enclosed areas.

It’s also big enough to have quite a bit of freedom of movement and also has a few different routes to various parts of the map so it’s best not to stay in one place too long.


6. THE FORT (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

This is one of those few occasions where a DLC map (free I might add) turns out to be better than some of the maps the game shipped with.

The Fort is based on a level from the single player of the original Uncharted and it says a lot that this level is fantastic whether you’re playing the standard modes or co-op.

The amount of places you can get to in an attempt to outwit your enemies is great – whether you’re up above the open part of the map or underground near the tombs battling it out (or trying to get the rocket launcher :smile:) you can be sure you’ll be using as much of this brilliant map as possible.


5. THARSIS DEPOT (Killzone 2)

It’s got to the stage, having played over a year’s worth of Killzone (not literally :lol:) that myself and my mates have a few favourite maps to play on.

One of these is Tharsis Depot – big enough to accomodate a full 16 v 16 but at the same time small enough that even 2 v 2 doesn’t feel too spaced out.

Set on the same refinery as the single player mission, Tharsis Depot is full of steel and has an elogated bottleneck between the bases down one side of the map. Co-incidentally 🙂 that is also where one team has to defend in search and destroy – which usually leads to all kinds of chaos.

With two floors to choose from there are plenty of ways to surprise your enemies and I am a HUGE fan of waiting around in the corridor just off the main room in the middle to shotgun any enemies that come my way 😎


4. PORT VALDEZ (Battlefield: Bad Company 2)

This was one of the maps from the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta and it is still one of my favourite maps on the game.

The balance between defence and attack (in Rush mode) in terms of positioning of buildings etc is truly superb.

The last few bases of this massive map are fantastic and you really do have to consider your tactics. Making a run for it is all well good but you can almost guarantee a host of snipers will have their sights trained on the entrance of whichever base you’re at.

A really well designed map, especially considering the size and amount of bases in it.


3. THE SANCTUARY (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

This map is my personal favourite from Uncharted 2. Whether it’s plunder, elimination, deathmatch or whatever – The Sanctuary almost always throws up a great match.

The underground tunnels are a fantastic addition in that they effectively add a third layer to proceedings and the risk/reward of positioning the Hammer on the exposed ledge is a stroke of genius.

In fact you can also climb to the top of the tower in each base, above the main rooftops so technically The Sanctuary has FOUR levels to play with. 😮

A monster of a multiplayer map considering how compact it is.


2. VALPARAISO (Battlefield: Bad Company 2)

As with most of the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 maps Valparaiso has plenty of scope for both long range attacks and also close quarter battles.

It’s even possible to trek up to the top of the massive lighthouse to the side of the map for sniping opportunities – though heaven help you if you get spotted in there as you will be swiftly dealt with 😆

With plenty of hills to fight up/down on, this is a wonderfully varied map boasting four differently styled bases that will keep you entertained for ages.

The mixture of jungle environments just within this map is a testament to how well made it is – you’ll start in dense jungle before breaking into the open for a while until eventually you’ll find yourself in another dense jungle setting for an enclosed final base.

Most definitely my favourite multiplayer map for a long time but even then Valparaiso doesn’t take the number 1 slot…


1. RADEC ACADEMY (Killzone 2)

Yep, the daddy of all multiplayer maps 😎

Radec Academy is a superbly designed map with both open areas and some really tight corridor and stairway areas which lead to some intense firefights.

The positioning of the search and destroy targets (for both teams) is inspired – essentially requiring you to hold a room that has three or four different entrances.

Meanwhile there is the opportunity to snipe from the balcony overlooking the square – but you’ll have be quick to take those chances as people don’t hang around… unless you’re lucky enough to find an unsuspecting soul taking stock in one of the doorways opposite 😎

Then of course you have the tunnels that run between each base and the building at the back of the map which can get quite crowded if a speaker spawns down there.

Overall for me personally, it’s tough to think of what more they could’ve done to improve Radec Academy – I sincerely hope it makes an appearance in the multiplayer mode of Killzone 3… whenever that appears.


So there you go – my top picks for multiplayer action. Let me know via the comments if you agree? Maybe I’ve missed some out or perhaps you prefer a different map from those games?

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Resistance Retribution – Review (PSP)


Having played and enjoyed the two PS3 Resistance games (reviewed here for the Top 100: Resistance: Fall Of Man and here in full: Resistance 2) I was really pleased when they announced a PSP Resistance game.

I was even more pleased when it was confirmed as third person (first person doesn’t really work on PSP) and soon the screenshots came out looking great.

As I fired it up I’ll admit I was excited. The game bridges the events between the two PS3 games across the other side of the world and into Europe.

You control James Grayson – a deserter in the British Army who has a break down after being forced to kill his brother, who was infected with the Chimera virus.

Grayson’s expertise in Chimera Conversion facilities sees him get a shot at redemption and a chance to avenge his brother’s death.

For a PSP game this is big stuff. The cut scenes are high quality, certainly as good if not better than most PS2 games and the script is pretty strong despite a few forced ‘Britishisms’ from the main character.

ResistancePSP 2

The graphics in game are really good as well and Resistance has little trouble in putting five or six enemies on screen at one time with no sign of slow down. Impressive.

Controls take a while to get used to (stick to move, face buttons to aim) but once you get the hang of it it’s the closest we’ll get to a second stick. Changing weapons with the d-pad can be a chore if you’re also running using the stick but it’s a minor inconvienience.

The levels are actually quite long for a portable game, especially as checkpoints don’t save your progress. The game saves at the end of each chapter. This was a real gripe for me as it meant if a level was 40 mins you had to, effectively, play it in one go as getting up to the third or fourth checkpoint then powering down would mean starting the whole level again 😡

A bad design oversight in my opinion, surely it wouldn’t have been too hard to be able to save wherever you wanted? Or at least at the checkpoints?

The score and general sound effects were really good, I enjoyed the way some of the music really ratcheted up the tension – particularily during boss battles.

The weapons were as inventive as ever, I loved the chaingun – especially as it also had a shield! 🙂

ResistancePSP 3

Some of the levels were very frustrating, be prepared to die quite a few times on some of them, though it’s often a case of rethinking your strategy and maybe using a different approach.

Resistance Retribution is a most welcome addition, not only to the PSP, but also to the Resistance universe. This is definitely up there among the best PSP games I’ve played.

There is even a mode where you can connect your PSP to your PS3, load up Resistance 2 and ‘infect’ your PSP. Grayson becomes infected and some of the cut scenes and character responses to you change. It’s a nice touch.

In fact if it wasn’t for the frustration caused by the lack of proper save points this would probably have got a 9.

Rating 8/10

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GregHorrorShow’s Top 100 Games: 90 – 81

Resistance Fall Of Man

So it’s time for the second part of GregHorrorShow’s Top 100 Games.

A quick recap on how I decided who came where:

I decided, as so many games mean so many different things to me, I should come up with a fair way to judge them. This is what I came up with:

Time Spent Playing




Ground Breaking?

A few provisos before we hit the next ten games…

Firstly this is my list of my Top 100 games. I certainly don’t expect you guys to agree with it (though hopefully you’ll agree with some of the choices 😆 ) and would welcome any comments.

Secondly, I’m not planning on putting the scores or totals up, just listing the games in the order they came out in.

Lastly, I never owned a Nintendo or Microsoft console so my experiences on these games were limited to friend’s houses etc – bite me 🙂

Let’s go!


90. DESTRUCTION DERBY (Playstation)

Destruction Derby

There’s something alluring about smashing cars up. Whether it’s GTA, GRID or Motorstorm it’s all about the crashes and smashes. So to create a game about Destruction Derby is what’s known as a ‘no-brainer.’ You all start on the ridge of a giant concrete bowl and when the buzzer goes you all drive into the middle and smash each other up. A great pass and play game before all this mutliplayer nonsense 🙂 this was a fixture on my PSOne for ages.


89. PACMAN (Arcade)


One of the true classics. Sadly I was a bit young to get involved when it came out and by the time I was gaming we had moved on to bigger and ‘better’ things. I did play this a fair bit though and it was always really challenging. I liked seeing other people’s tactics… Go for the fruit straight away or try and save it until as late as possible?


88. ROCK BAND (Playstation 3)

Rock Band 

Rock Band is one of those games that you’ll have specific memories of and for me, playing at the launch party with my colleagues is it. After blitzing through Don’t Fear The Reaper I switched to drums and picked Ballroom Blitz – only to fail pretty much before anyone else joined in 😆 Great fun with mates and a solid online mode to boot.


87. SYPHON FILTER (Playstation)

Syphon Filter

Gabe Logan’s first outing was an absolute stunner that rivalled Metal Gear – it just didn’t quite match up to the grand scale and storyline of the Metal Gear world. Being slightly more action based and coming loaded with gadgets Syphon Filter was a great addition to the PSOne and with Splinter Cell currently an XBox exclusive could we see Gabe coming out of retirement and heading to PS3? I hope so 😎


86. TOMB RAIDER (Playstation)

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider was a seminal game that helped put gaming and the Sony Playstation on the map for a lot of the general public. The game itself is a third person action/adventure title which features Lara Croft – the gaming world’s most famous ‘pin-up.’ Tomb Raider was a really enjoyable game but it never really resonated with me as a complete classic.


85. RED DEAD REVOLVER (Playstation 2)

Red Dead Revolver

I’ve always thought the Western was a sadly under-used genre in the gaming world since the arrival of the Playstation but with Red Dead Revolver, Rockstar did a great job of showing the genres strengths. The quick draw mode for shootouts was excellent but sadly a few bad design decisions and some gameplay annoyances meant this didn’t become the classic it could’ve been.


84. OUT RUN (ZX Spectrum)

Out Run

When most people think of driving games Out Run’s red Ferrari with the blonde haired female passenger often springs to mind. Hell, I can still hum some of the tunes from the radio of the car (Magical Sound Shower anyone :lol:) and the game delivered a sense of speed not really seen much previously. I used to spend ages on the ZX Spectrum version although the fact you had to load from the cassette whenever you chose which stretch of road at the end of a level to go for was fairly painful!




Resistance: Fall Of Man was probably one of the best launch titles the PS3 had. The game was impressively graphically but it was the inventiveness of the weapons – the Bullseye in particular that struck me. The Bullseye had a secondary fire mode whereby you could ‘tag’ an opponent. If you hit them with the tag you could fire you gun in any direction and the bullets would redirect straight at the target – brilliant. The storyline was cool and the gadgets you got were fun to use, generally an interesting and fun game.



Time Crisis

Time Crisis was kind of like the step up in home light gun games after Lethal Enforcers and after playing it in the arcades it was nice to see it fairly accurately recreated on the PSOne. Hours of fun blasting through the levels. Although the game was fairly short it had a massive replay value as we all tried to outdo each other in terms of score and cool kills.


81. TOEJAM AND EARL (Sega Mega Drive)

Toejam and Earl

What a crazy, brilliant, messed up game this was! After crash landing their space ship, two aliens called Toejam and Earl have to find all the pieces of their ship to get back home. Much hilarity ensues, packaged within a really testing game. Randomly generated levels made it different all the time leaving Toejam and Earl firmly stuck on the planet for most folks, who didn’t have the time/patience to finish the game.


So that’s another ten down – Top 80 coming soon!

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