Still a Just Cause?


Just Cause on PS2 kinda passed me by. After GTA San Andreas I couldn’t face another huge open world game.

It’s a shame really as by all accounts it was a good game with a solid story and some inventive gameplay.

Well after watching GameTrailers pre-E3 special (which can be found here: Just Cause 2 was one of the few games that wasn’t really on my radar.


I remember hearing it announced but I suppose not having played the first one it maybe didn’t register with me.

Having seen the trailer (see below, originally from ) I’m pretty pysched for this game.

As someone who enjoyed the flawed Mercenaries 2 I think this could be really interesting.

The grapple reminds me very much of Pandemic’s blow ’em up but you seem to have a lot more freedom with it in Just Cause 2.


I like the idea of turning factions, or even just individual allies, against you or each other as the game progresses.

Hopefully it’ll live up to the hype when it’s released next year.