GregHorrorShow: The Films Of 2011

So the award/look back season is upon us already!

First up this year is film and in a similar style to 2010 I haven’t really seen a great deal of films. However while the majority of these were on DVD there were some great films in the mix.

So in no particular order here is what I’d recommend from the movies I’ve seen this year:

  • Taken (DVD)
  • Inception (DVD)
  • Expendables (DVD)
  • We Need To Talk About Kevin
  • The Thing (DVD)
  • Cars (DVD)

So pretty far behind the curve on a few of them – especially ‘Cars’, which I really enjoyed. It’s one of those Pixar films that you can watch with your kids and both get it on different levels.

Going back even further was ‘The Thing’, a classic that I’d never seen and it certainly hit the right note – a thoroughly great old skool film with lots of great non-CGI effects. Sure they might look a bit unrealistic at times compared to the super slick stuff we see generated on computer for current day films but for the time they were pretty darn impressive.

Speaking of effects, ‘The Expendables’ was full of spectacular (and real) explosions. While the plot was paper thin this was a massive slice of testosterone that was a great ‘popcorn flick’ as long as you didn’t expect more of it.

The remaining films were the best I saw this year. ‘Inception‘ was a mind bending tour de force which I found thoroughly entertaining, with some great performances – personally I thought Tom Hardy was superb.

Click on the link to read the full review of We Need To Talk about Kevin but it was a film that pulled no punches and I thought Tilda Swinton was amazing. It was nice to see John C Reilly put in a perfomance outside of his ‘Stepbrothers’/’Talledaga Nights’ roles that have become a staple for him.

But the best film I saw was ‘Taken’ – I’d heard it was good but nothing could’ve prepared for me for what is one of the best action films I’ve seen in a long, long time. Liam Neeson shines as the Dad who won’t rest until his daughter is back. Absolutely kick ass 😎

So what did you guys see that was great film-wise? Let me know in the comments so I can get a list of the year’s best to catch up on!

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We Need To Talk About Kevin – Review (Film)

I’m always weary of those books I see *everyone* on the train reading. It’s almost like being constantly bombarded with advertising every single morning/evening.

One of those books was ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin.’

My wife read it and while she enjoyed it she thought the premise was too easy to spot and saw the twist coming a mile off. So I was intrigued to see what the film had to offer.

What I wasn’t expecting was to come out of the cinema having experienced one of the most hard hitting films I’ve ever seen.

Make no mistake ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ isn’t easy to watch. It’s a bleak film which is quick to put down moments of happiness.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has seen this that doesn’t have kids – only because I wonder if fact I have young children is why it effected me so much?

The film is shot fantastically and the performances from all of the main characters are superb – Tilda Swinton is glorious as tortured mother Eva and it was a pleasant surprise to see John C Reilly reigned in from his usual madcap performances.

I already knew the basic plot and still found myself suckered in.

This is a film that pulls no punches but if you’re willing to put yourself through that it is a really rewarding watch. It’s not often that I count coming out of a film feeling a bit like I’ve been punched in the stomach as a good thing but ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ had that effect.

Rating: 9/10

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