Infamous: Festival Of Blood (PS3) – Review

Having thoroughly enjoyed both Infamous and Infamous 2, I was really interested in seeing what Sucker Punch would come up with for this stand alone downloadable game (which doesn’t require a copy of either game to play).

Festival Of Blood tells the story of Cole’s night as a vampire. The story is told by Zeke, Cole’s friend, as he looks to keep a woman in a bar interested in him.

The game takes place during ‘Pyre Night’ a festival held in New Marais every year as a way of warding off vampires and celebrating the death of ‘Bloody Mary’ – a vampire allegedly burnt at the stake long ago.

While investigating screams from the catacombs under a church, Cole is bitten by Bloody Mary herself and he only has until sunrise to find a cure.

If you’ve played either of the Infamous games previous to this you’ll find yourself in familiar territory as Vampire Cole parkours his way across the terrain of New Marais… but there is a nice twist in traversal because Cole can now transform into a swarm of bats to travel extremely quickly over the city.

You’ll need blood to activate this ability though and Cole is able to feed on the citizens of New Marais as often as you need/like. Slightly troubling after I’d played through Infamous 2 as a hero but it’s set me up nicely for my second playthrough as an evil Cole 🙂

Cole can also use a type of Vampire radar that allows him to enter an x-ray vision mode – normal humans are shown with red internal organs and a beating heart while fellow Vampires in disguise are just a blue skeleton. Cole can then attack the Vampires with a one hit kill if you’re close/quick enough.

This is a fantastic downloadable game, one of the better ones I’ve seen – certainly in terms of scope/gameplay. It seems crazy to me that you don’t need a disc to run it but Sucker Punch have done a great job here.

Clocking in at under 4 hours and with a price tag of £7.99, I’d recommend this to anyone. Obviously it’s not as long as a full Infamous title and one of the main elements (player choice re: Karma) is missing but Infamous: Festival Of Blood is well worth a playthrough.

Rating: 8/10

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