Originally Posted: February 11, 2008

Well Ashes To Ashes, the follow up to the superb ‘Life On Mars’, started last week and what a great opening episode.

Gene Hunt was back to his best, shouting abuse all round and the like: “Fire up the Quattro” absolute genius.

Hopefully they’ll be able to maintain it the way they did with Life On Mars, Keeley Hawes was pretty good – you just have to remember that Alex Drake isn’t the same character as Sam Tyler!

Finally getting close to the end of Rainbow Six Vegas, tracked the terrorists down to the Hoover Dam – which I feel is about to end in some quality gun-play!

Should finish it in time to pick up the second game, which is on Pre-Order for next month

Oh and Harry Hill’s TV Burp is the funniest thing on the box at the moment – no question!

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