Book Review – 2008

Originally Posted: January 21, 2009 

Sadly I’m not a ‘hot-off-the-press’ book guy so this list is going to be the best books I read in 2008, not the best books of 2008.Being honest 2008 wasn’t a great year of reading for me – a lot of my journey time was taken up by the easier option of my PSP (damn you Football Manager 😀 ) but there was plenty of good stuff I did read.

Here we go, in no particular order…

Your Brain On Music – Daniel Levitin

Great book – very interesting. Gives a good insight into how the brain works and the complex nature of the link with music. A must read for anyone interested in music.

Watchmen – Alan Moore

Very enjoyable. First comic book I’ve read since childhood – obviously this is a lot more adult oriented anyway but it was an interesting read and I look forward to the forthcoming film.

Heroes: Saving Charlie – Aury Wallington

Quite a simple read, at first I was quite disappointed as it seemed to be aimed at a slightly younger audience (teens I guess?) but as the story took over I was totally caught up in it. I suspect if it hadn’t featured characters I already knew and liked I may not have enjoyed it as much.

The Road – Cormac McCarthy

This is the bleakest book I have ever read – not a bad thing as the subject is handled so well. The journey of father and son is a touching one, despite some of the disturbing incidents they stumble across. I fear this is what mankind (or what was left of it) would truly become in the event of such a huge event, which is quite depressing in itself!

The Husband – Dean Koontz

A working class man receives a phone call saying his wife has been kidnapped and he must pay $2m to get her back. His can’t see a way to get the cash together but agrees as he has no choice. What follows are a series of twists and turns as the story expands – a great thriller.

Clapton: The Autobiography

Very good book for anyone interested in music. He certainly has a story to tell – what he can remember of it anyway! Recommended.

Thursday Next: First Among Sequels – Jasper Fforde

I love the whole Thursday Next universe. Such a colourful and vivid world created by Fforde. Was a little disappointed with this one at first but once it got going I didn’t want it to end – very cleverly written with lots of great literary references. Looking forward to the ‘Next’  😆   in the series.

The Italian Job – Gianluca Vialli

A look at the differences between football in Italy and England – from the tactics themselves to the style of play and the types of players each fans love. A sociological viewpoint of the two different footballing cultures.

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