Resistance 2 (PS3) – Review

Nathan Hale returns as the star of Resistance 2, following on immediately from the events of the first game – which saw Hale carted off by the authorities because he was infected with the Chimera virus.  👿

After saving England in the previous installment Hale is back in business to rescue the U S of A – since his incapacitation the Chimera have launched a full attack on America and Hale, as part of the Sentinal squad (made up of soldiers injected with the Chimera virus but kept under control), have to step in and stop them in their tracks.


Firstly let me just say I started the initial Resistance, played two levels and then something else came out and I played that instead. Not because it was bad but because the other things coming out seemed a lot better.

I went back and replayed the whole thing late last year – the thinking being I’d like to finish the first one before starting the second – and I thoroughly enjoyed it. For a start the inventiveness of some of the weapons (the Bullseye and Auger for example) was brilliant.

The storyline was quite cool as well with the retro parallel universe thing going on. So I was looking forward to the next installment.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The game itself is almost like a representation of the USA – they’ve kind of said “well the UK is all well and good but in the USA we do things bigger and better.”

Some of the boss encounters here are epic – even the opening is grand in scale and you feel a great sense of achievement getting through some of the battles ahead.


Graphically the game is good, no slowdown – even with tons of enemies on screen – and they have gone for a sort of comic book realism which sits well with the content matter.

The Chimera themselves seem to be a bit more intelligent, finding cover and hiding themselves a lot better than they did in the previous game.


My only real complaints were the length of the single player, which is somewhere between 6 and 7 hours, and the fact that the game didn’t really set many challenges.

With regard to the game length this wasn’t a particular problem for me – I would rather play a fantastic 7 hour game than a long drawn out 12 hour one – but I imagine for some it might be viewed as a negative.

The second point is slightly more difficult to explain – it’s not that the game was too easy, I just felt everything was fairly predictable with regards to how to get past things. Again, this didn’t hamper my enjoyment of the game – I suppose it’s the same as going to see an action film as opposed to a thriller.  😕

The multi-player is well set out and caters for up to 60 players online at once, although I have not seen more than 30 or so in a room so far. Any worries about the AI being too easy to deal with should be remedied with some online action as there are more than enough human players with great skills to give you a real challenge!

Overall this was a strong game and great fun to play. The campaign mode was well done and is open ended enough to hint at Resistance 3 following on from here. It will be interesting to see which direction they take it in.

Rating: 8/10


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